100 thoughts on “Insane dives off the entrance set: WWE Top 10, Aug. 3, 2019

  1. shane has done a lot for this company ..he could be back stage producer as being son of the boss but still he entertain us ..he is really besttt in the worlddddddd❤

  2. But what about the people who jump out of planes

  3. Boi we could make a top 10 judt Jeff lol. And bruh why you put jeff on the thumbnail and not make him number one?

  4. Ofc Jeff was the thumbnail
    Jeff is the most extreme wrestler ever in WWE
    And nothing will change my mind 💓

  5. actual random wwe superstar :"i can be cool"
    wwe univers: we want jeff
    wwe creative team: "you gonna get some guys who no one care about!

  6. Jeff Hardy, RVD, etc … best high flyers all time. But lets not deny that Shane O Mac definitely did the highest falls multiple times. He's the Boss's son and he's outshining the talent. Billionaire that flys, always wins.

  7. Vince: "Shane, my son, you are my successor in this company, I will grant you any position you want, executive officer? general manager?"
    Shane: "I'll wrestle"
    Vince: "well that's fine, you have creative control upon your character and your match"
    Shane: "I'll jump off the ceiling"

  8. Jeff and Shane were and will be life riskers forever. I like that, but it hurts even to me at the same time.

  9. This video is a prime example why I always say that Shane and Jeff were the two biggest and still are the two biggest daredevils in the company.

  10. I don't know why but I am seeing Kevin Owens as Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shane as Vince to get rid of AEW and build a strong storyline and mark the beginning of a new era of WWE

  11. How about Eddie Guerrero who did a frog splash all the way on top of the hell in a cell for his mom. He did it to JBL. RIP Latino Heat. Don’t forget the legend.

  12. Nowadays everyone is doing the top rope moonsault, middle and top rope suicide dive just about all the cruiserweight moves…and despite getting hit with supposedly high impact moves still kick out of pin attempt and not be hurt then come back and win the match… basically having marathon matches that go on longer than they should….and audience calls it awesome..

  13. y cito: que lastima que la clasificacion que tienen ahora ya no permita que hagan cosas tan espectaculares como esas

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