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Interview: AOMG Talks Creative Process, SMTM, Future Plans and More

Interview: AOMG Talks Creative Process, SMTM, Future Plans and More

What’s good Soompiers? This is AOMG. We are on the USA World Tour 2016 in San Francisco. How y’all doing? AOMG! They were all good! – They were all good!
– All of them! All of them. So they’re saying all the cities. Same. I mean, it’s just, how can you pick a specific city when just every city you go to, just, people come out and show you love and like, it’s just our first- well I mean it’s not our first tour but it’s our first US tour to this magnitude and it’s just kinda like, we’re just overwhelmed, y’know? With a… and we just feel really thankful and blessed for sure. It really varies. And there are a lot of different methods. Right. It’s usually just like suddenly, “oh Loco, wanna try this?” Or someone will say “if you two do this it would be good.” A lot of times it’s impromptu. Like we just do it while hanging around and although there are some cases when it’s planned out, most of the time it isn’t. It usually happens while we’re just messing around. The most planned person is here. The rest of us don’t really plan them. Yeah so it just comes very natural, very organically, like it’s just like “oh, I think Loco would be dope on this track.” “Loco, you wanna feature?” It’s like “Oh yeah, let’s do it.” Or y’know like, I think Simon D and Hoody should be on this track. And they’re like “oh you wanna do it?” “Yeah” so, it kinda happens very, very naturally. Just like, since last year I’ve received offers and last year Jay and Loco represented AOMG really well so I started to think of SMTM more in a more positive light because of it. So… yeah. Um, yeah I mean you know, it’s cool that they wanna go out, you know? I think it’ll be definitely a good experience for them and I think it’ll be fun for them. Also I think it’ll be good for AOMG just to y’know kind of keep our name out there and kind of just be relevant. As far as the show goes, y’know the show, it has its ups and downs and it definitely has its advantages and disadvantages, pluses and minuses for sure. And y’know, we witnessed that firsthand last year so my overall stance about the show is like, I don’t know, I’m still kinda like, eh it’s whatever, y’know? I don’t know how Loco feels about it? Yeah, for me because filming is really tiring, I just told them that it’s going to be difficult. It was definitely a fun experience though, for sure. It was definitely fun. Yeah, fun as well. Well the one with the best reaction is… But they’re all good! But still for me right now, “감아.” “Hold Me Tight” is the best. That’s the best? You’re saying it’s the best? Everyone should answer? You go first. “RESPECT”? The best song. For me, watching from the back, the most fun…. “I Like 2 Party” and “No Manners.” Lastly? “Money Don’t Lie.” “Money Don’t Lie.” Simon D, “Money Don’t Lie.” “하기나해,” “Just Do It.” For me, I think it’d probably just be-
– “Whatever I Do.” I think it’d just be “Mommae.” Just because it’s, yeah, it’s just, the response is just, the energy is crazy when that song comes on and also, you know, I think the fans really enjoy when we’re dancing to it and stuff like that. And it’s very easy to sing along to, so. – It’s really good.
– “Solo”! – “Solo.”
– Yeah, “Solo” as well. I was very, very surprised you know in New York it was like- I think there was like 2,000 people but y’know, everyone was singing along to Hoody’s part, the second verse. And I think 85% of the crowd wasn’t even Korean so, it was kinda crazy. – First, well…
– In the summer,Show Me The Money.” We’ll be doing SMTM until around July so after that hyung is preparing a new album. That’s planned. And I think I’ll be doing some personal releases as well if I can. Last year, though I did SMTM, I didn’t release many songs. This year I want to release a lot. Me? I don’t have any album plans. “Running Man”! You have plans to go out on “Running Man” again. Doesn’t he have to go out on “Infinite Challenge”? You don’t have any album plans? Yes you do! You said you were going to drop an album. – DJ album?
– Like DJ Cannon. That thing, the date… I think it’ll come out around Halloween. Really? Ah, pumpkin. And for me, I’m planning on, y’know, going to be a contestant on “Show Me The Money” 16. – So, that’ll probably be in-
– With me. 2020? “SMTM” 16?? – SMTM 16,
– You said 9 last time! 2025, so, look out for that! I’mma ready for that! I’m definitely gonna win that! Yeah, y’know, and AOMG 2016, just gonna keep on hustlin’. Always on our grind, for sure. Thank you Soompi!

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73 thoughts on “Interview: AOMG Talks Creative Process, SMTM, Future Plans and More

  1. Ah~ I want them to come back in 2017 for another tour. Heck, I want Jay and AOMG to come EVERY YEAR! Maybe in 2017, the ENTIRE AOMG can come, complete with Hoody, Elo and Ugly Duck!

    I also wish that Jay could have a solo concert before 2016 is up. Ooh, and maybe AOMG could have fan meetings? That'd be really nice. 🙂

  2. hahahahaha they have a good sense of humor. Hope you guys will get much much more this year! #wegotyouAOMG

  3. AOMG boys are really awesome…😎☺
    they look tired,but still do'n their part… this is why I love them.😍💞
    AOMG 💪

  4. ssamdiii why r u so quiet lol. anyway ill be expecting ssamdi's new album, smtm5 , and also smtm16 hahah u gotta win it jay 😂

  5. Can AOMG make AOMG tv become true because I can't handle waiting for them… simon d why are you so quiet tho

  6. In an different interview Jay said him & Loco would be on smtm9 as judges and now he says he's gonna be on smtm16 as a contestant 😂

  7. lol dj pumkin must be a huge running man fan cuz everytime hes asked about his plans, they will always say 'hes trying/wants to appear on running man again' this is like the 3rd time theyre saying the same thing😂 hopefully he will appear on rm soon lol

  8. Simon D why you so quiet dude … he's my fav rapper and we are waiting for an album but no news 🙁 AOMG are awesome 🙂

  9. If only they could come to CO😭💔But it's okay!! I'll see you guys in Korea in a few years especially Jay park

  10. @5:28 this had me ROFL so hard! They just had to tease DJ Pumpkin abt appearing in RM, it been mentioned in another interview too looool its so adorable! and Jay you dorkkk, I'll be rooting for ya in smtm16!!

  11. all of them look awkward , only jay who is trying to lighten up the mood and on the other side my Ssamm D💘 don't give a fuck but u got my 👀 on u the whole time 😍 PETITION FOR AN AOMG TV !!!

  12. Their concert in SF was literally the best experience that I have ever had as a fan of Korean music. It was so laid back and hyphy. Haha. It sucks that Simon was sick around that time but he saved all his energy for his performances.

  13. I dont like group kpop like bts exo or whatever but krap khiphop is so good 🙏🏻 dpr h1ghr aomg fanxy child those group are just🔥🔥🔥🔥

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