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Interview with Bangkok Based Asian MMA Fighter Javier Trujillo – Asian MMA Podcast Episode 6

Interview with Bangkok Based Asian MMA Fighter Javier Trujillo – Asian MMA Podcast Episode 6

what’s going on everyone you listen to
the Asian MMA podcast where we talk about everything and anything going on
in the world of Asian MMA this episode is brought to you by five-second
knockouts and we’ll talk about why in a minute now this is a special episode
this is actually my first guest coming on so I’ve got Xavier Olo Tyrell Oh
through heel Trujillo I’m not Mexican so I can’t say it’s alright manager Helio –
jello javi man thank you for coming by yeah brother thank you for having me man
so if you guys don’t know I don’t know even know why you’re listening to my
podcast if you don’t know who javi is but he is a staple on the scene for
Asian MMA the past couple years essentially stand out in full metal dojo
but I know you’re looking to expand that reach a bit yeah yeah like especially
after coming off a win this last FMD I’m really trying to look to get so I went
by one of these bigger organizations you know I mean I I can argue that hey like
I’m one of the most exciting fighters I think in the Asian MMA scene for sure
three first-round finishes and a five second knockout if you guys haven’t seen
the video of javi I actually shared the link before I went to do the preview of
FMD of you knocking out a Ryan veteran is that a zinc Feltner Bell yeah
five-second knockout just one of the most amazing knockouts I’ve ever seen
but then what makes the video even better as Jason mayhem Miller is the
commentator oh my he just does this maniacal laugh as soon as you hit it is
like Ryan ran his fist his face into your fist yeah yeah I did
I mean it was funny remember talking to Jason afterwards and he’s like yeah it’s
just like you guys were like super like intense you know looking at each other
it was like some like you know this is right when the Trump thing happens he’s
just like that is just like this redneck boy going against this Mexican guy dude
who’s just like epic you know like making never made great again that’s why
I wanted to say that crazy is I remember him walking out for that fight and he’s
like looking at you like flipping you off he’s like doing the fun with the
throw I’m like man this guy’s confident he’s got it you know he’s doing
something yeah man and then it was funny because you know how all the FMVs are
set up like you I mean that was at the old
so there was a little bit more space so we didn’t quite see the your your
opponent but I remember you know Nick Lee right yeah he was in the other
corner and he’d run over he’s like pro this guy is just talking mad shit about
you – he wanted to do it this guy really wants to mess you up yeah you know it’s
funny because you know when you think about that fight like I don’t think
anyone especially not in Asia really knew who he was beforehand no I think
that was what your third fight or second my second my second profile so like you
were still kind of like people from Bangkok knew you but I would say over
Asia like you weren’t really well-known no and then that was I want to say that
was the next to last or third from last fight on that card and it was just bang
like nothing was gonna top that that night no man that wasn’t that was an
epic epic moment for sure an MMA man I mean was crazy about that – it’s like I
mean being a jujitsu guy that’s the last thing you’re ever gonna do got it like
five seconds everybody was bit all my buddies we’re betting his like bro we
all thought you were gonna submit them and like the first round at some point
yeah and then just like everybody lost money man thanks yeah you had a more
chance of hitting like a flying armbar the knockout yeah it was just not
expecting that at all it’s not too bad for a grappler you know be up there with
Conor McGregor and doing leg wig and all those top guys that’s cool
now you just had had a pretty hard fought with it the most recent FMD yeah
and I think a lot of people you know you look at that fight and you’re fighting
uh but not who is coming off of his amateur career so this is pro debut well
a lot of people don’t understand the depth that his amateur correctly went to
because he’s been through the Mima tournament a few times and fought some
guys who have gone on to a lot of success so that was you know a pretty
tough fight in general he’s done really well I mean I thought matchup wise I
thought that was probably one of the closer fights I’ve ever had yeah
honestly I was more nervous for that one than the Kerr fight yeah honest you know
I’ll tell you that I thought you know I was I I said in my preview that I
thought that was gonna be a tough fight for him because you’re not the guy that
I would want to make my protein you against you know and then going up away
class so cuz the ham did there was straight balls I wouldn’t do that I was
taught no and I know now you know FMD essentially is done right for the most
part well we say what they saying they want to do at least an
annual event or something like pull off one a year yeah which is sad yeah it’s
sad but you know I understand from a business perspective they get a they get
a look at the market yeah and you know they were gonna go for that kind of less
edgy kumite 3000 show but that kind of leaves you out in the in the dark yeah
exactly and I mean that’s why I’m trying to reach out and trying to get on with
many podcasts to do as many interviews as I can because um well that I am still
hot yeah just want to want to I feel I’ve
never felt this good I feel better now than I did one in my early twenties you
came away injury free from the fiery free I mean outside of like maybe maybe
a foot injury like that held up in a couple days and you know I’m feeling
pretty good man yeah so you could turn around and fight for like arisen or like
a risen our dream Road any of those guys man rebel Bama rebel anybody so it’s
just like a be a CV a CV yeah definitely fight for them as well that’d be I I
mean I I love risen from just like the look the production-wise that was my
dream when I wanted to do this when I was fifteen all my favourite fights were
watching pride right dream page slamming dudes watching show gonna do the freakin
stomps to everybody like when was your favorite guy back in the pride day man
did Shogun yeah I love Shogun really yeah I liked Shogun I like obviously
rampage at that time when he was fighting I just thought he was psycho
dude just who was a loony fighting with it with the triangle did and he locks
him up in triangle just freakin body slam was that that wasn’t Shogun no it
was another Brazilian guy yeah really tough I can’t remember his name
Oh Ricardo Arona there you go yeah he slammed him back tomorrow
did you ever see rampages first fight in king of the cage with Marvin Eastman
know the old school fight and like old old school probably like a year before
he even went to Pride and it’s funny because I think that was his pro debut
and like his interview afterwards he’s not like the character we know as
rampage today is a completely different person and I think a lot of that came
from the pride coaching like pride wanted a certain look pride wanted a sir
in you know Jimmy said qua about other foreign fighters I mean walk out with
like the big chain yeah yeah just do all that crazy stuff I mean and then mayhem
that’s always watching mayhem find out in those cards and and and the Nick Nick
Diaz you know just that’s the way I always wanted to fight I just felt like
Japan and then my kicks in back in the original pride you know the Hickson days
yeah man I always just wanted to share the stadium with all my heroes you know
I was a huge Genki sudo fan oh yeah loved Genki sudo and not just for his
walk outs and he’s a great fighter and like very entertaining to walk yeah yeah
man we just up before the progress we were talking about catcher us anyway
yeah honestly hands-down my favorite fighter all-time Sakuraba Pro Wrestling
cat wrestling yeah just craftiness background yeah yeah I think he’s still
fighting like a few years ago you know I’ll taped up like a mummy you probably
smoking cigarette you never would his air ripped off that was that was one of
the most gruesome things I’ve ever seen up to that point you remember when he
broke his shoulder fly in uh Wanda Lee rondelay he did there’s like I think it
was their first fight and remember they had the 10 minute first round yes
and so he he broke it it looked like it broke during a soccer kick like early in
the first round and in between the first when the first round ended he sat up and
he could see the bone like not sticking out but like poking through the skin I’m
gonna look it up and yeah I think it was the first or a fight yeah man and I
missed that style of rule set because it’s like it did help out the grappler
at least there the first round knowing that you have a ten minute round like
that and you could still do an old jujitsu strategy yeah that’s what’s kind
of not that’s what sucks about modern MMA but all the ruleset does benefit the
striker yeah you know it well you see like one of the things that I like and
dislike with one championship is they’re making the move to the ring right and I
think it makes it a little bit more palatable especially
for a wider audience in Asia which is their target demographic where
Cagefighting might still have a negative connotation where you know the ring
makes it much more palatable the difference is that it makes it a much
strike or friendly sport right so you’re essentially taking the most dangerous
techniques for long term brain health in the sport and saying that hey our
environment makes it so that these are what you should be doing and you know
it’s tough to where you obviously can’t work the ropes like you kind of cage you
can’t hit takedowns with a lot of pressure
yeah everybody has to open takedowns again yeah just shooting from the middle
you know luring someone into the middle then trying to hit a takedown from there
a lot of shoot box style type style being able to punch and set up your
takedowns yeah I mean that’s that’s a good thing I mean it’s it you have to
adapt to the environment that you’re fighting in but by the same token
someone from a grappling background I really enjoy what the cage does so in a
sport technically yeah you know I like to watch guys work against the cage I
like to watch them fighting for to either to get up or to secure a position
you know against the cage I think that makes it more interesting I think those
two I mean I could also see why the ring would be powerful too because at least
for the the viewer they can see a little bit better yeah but you know what I wish
it I wish somebody would set up a promotion where like you fight in a pit
though they had something like that where was a karate tournament yeah well
I was boss room announcer was also kind of like Chuck Norris’s before that you
ever seen that one as well I don’t know what’s his name Uriah is a Uriah Hall crazy kick yeah yeah he fought in that
as well and I remember watching him in that and it is also a little dome but
I’m thinking like why don’t they just set up like where it’s like a pit and
they have like the cage like you so that at least from your perspective you kind
of have like a more of a lower view like you can look into it yeah that kind of
makes it tough though from two if you’re watching it to really get a good angle
on the viewing you think so yes at least with the cage you can see through the
cage right so if they’re in a pit in there
against the wall unless it’s like Plexiglas lower them into a Plexiglas
pit or raise them up in a Plexiglas enclosure a karate combat organization a
full-contact fight league yeah that’s what it’s called and they they fight and
like a pit with like angled walls yeah so it’s it’s they go into a pit and it’s
like the walls are angled like 45 degrees or something it’s interesting
that they can work off of that learning how to take the high ground talk about
the Showtime kick right imagine running up the the incline Jesus dude and just
like a line in sight for like a roundhouse kick for a head kick it’s
gonna be tough to film as well though I’ve seen someone YouTube where they’re
they’re actually like they’re in the pit but they’re that the angles are a bit
weird I really only watch it because Baz Luhrmann was commentating and he’s
hilarious yeah and like sometimes you can tell he has no idea who the guy is
coming out he’s just like yeah I don’t know who this guy is but he looks tough
I saw him warming up but yeah like so we were talking about so you you came from
a cat wrestling background so yeah when I when I first started getting into it
like I said I didn’t really do wrestling in high school I didn’t do folk
wrestling and then when I was living in North Carolina I studied with a guy for
a little bit doing catch wrestling and no pedigree like you you were telling me
you studied under want to thank shamrocks guys yeah they’re just a dude
who was teaching cat cat wrestling out in uh in Carolina and then I moved up to
Rhode Island and I started training at a guy who was doing he had a system there
was like what was it called the Brazilian Japanese American or American
Brazilian Japanese Jiu Jitsu is what he was teaching it was essentially the same
thing it was cat wrestling yeah so there’s a lot more like a lot of that
folk style type of writing and takedowns with a lot more of like very rudimentary
basic Japanese missions but then you would chain them
the same way you change submissions in style and well is that you’re doing
catch to you SEP training and getting a flow going yeah exactly
and that’s what I think when I when I decided to start studying tenth planet
stuff is very similar and then kind of starting to figure out that half of the
tenth planet system is folk style wrestling is it really well if you think
about it the truck is just like riding a ride four points and once I figured out
I was like oh it’s just a wrestlers guillotine is a twister alright you know
if we can cap cranks SS all it is is just submission wrestling catch
wrestling and they can completely noogie attempt planet right yeah yeah well I
mean and why started started a like becoming I guess like a tenth planet
Ronit and because at the time there was no tenth planet schools where I was at
okay um I like how that got started was my friend Glenn cordosa so like where
were you in Cali I was in know and I was in Chico in California at the time was
that it’s like two hours north of Sacramento it’s like in the middle of
the state yeah it’s a it’s it’s a college town those kind of big state
university used to be like a huge party school back in the day but um
surprisingly no one knows about that place is that like that’s where CrossFit
was first like discovered or really became a thing yeah at Northwest
CrossFit know if that’s a good or a bad thing yeah and then Rob Wolfe who who
came up with the Paleo diet so like all that whole thing came from that area and
also right outside there is Susanville and that’s where the Shamrocks had their
their gym a lion’s den oh is that where well yeah yeah a little town called
Susanville I used to live up in Monterey for about a year or so yeah yeah just
south of the valley yeah yeah yeah but um my friend Glen he’s like a new like
in Newark that’s time sell selling author he wrote this book called
becoming a supple leopard with Kelly Starrett coming of supple leper yeah
yeah it’s all about all that foam roll and stuff all the stuff with the
lacrosse balls that’s all their concepts and their ideas and everything like that
but he also wrote all of Eddie Bravo’s instructional manuals so like title
publishing which is the or victory they all those books you think fate or elemen
Co BJ and Randy Couture all those all those
books back in the day before YouTube was popular that’s how everybody was getting
their information I remember I used to get some of the BJJ instructional books
and yeah you know beautiful books I’d be like all like high class and I miss them
yeah that was like before the YouTube days no like when when I was in high
school and I wanted to know this what I wouldn’t do that was the only way I was
getting info yeah and the next thing you know I’m friends with the guy who writes
all the books and he told me when he’s when I was an amateur he gave me the
master in the rubber guard but he’s like bro if you want to be a grappler and
stay relevant in MMA you got to understand the Ted planet system I like
yeah I mean you can’t argue with the results that Eddie Bravo’s definitely
accomplished yeah in jiu-jitsu and his students have accomplished which speaks
I think more to actually what he’s then what he’s accomplished is that his
students have gone on to have a lot of success I don’t know I just don’t think
my joints have the flexibility for that system yeah man I mean even with like
the rubber guard says I’m not the most flexible guy in the world but there are
ways to modify it there are ways and it’s just taking
deeper angles you know just just being able to shift your hips a little bit
more I remember when Eddie tapped coiler yeah
it was a ground shed more like a watershed moment in jujitsu oh yeah man
I mean I think I can’t remember if it was like the first American or if it was
like I forget what exactly it is but I mean being the first guy to time for
Gracie yeah and a Mexican descent the brothel is not his real name yeah Eddie
probably I believe so I believe is this real name yeah but uh yeah so I just
kind of became a fan of it after that and honestly in my amateur career it
saved me a lot of times from getting my ass whupped on bottom yeah you know
really really stops from taking damage yeah for sure you can see the defensive
benefits of that system but it’s I think it’s a deceptively offensive oh you know
while being defensive as well when you see like these high-level guys when I
got an opportunity to train over at headquarters last December with got to
stay with you know you know Ricardo yeah yeah he let me stay at his place he’s
like 15 minutes down from HQ so I just go every day and just to see that oh man
there are levels to this game and you sees the his
high level Black Belts man just just snapping on these rubber guard or
everybody what what I like about it too is that tenth planet there is a
curriculum but nobody’s cookie cutter like it’s like we have the template but
then everybody has their own unique style to it you know like Nathan orchard
style is way different than Marva castile style mark a style style was way
different than you know Jeremiah there’s definitely a lot of creative guys coming
out of town yeah and what I like about it is that it’s a non dogmatic approach
to Jitsu hmm you know there if it works they incorporate it and that’s what I
always liked about any any system you know so when you’re training at the
headquarters it’s what in West Hollywood right downtown Los Angeles downtown I
like so when you’re training there right what does the roster of guys running
through there look like yes you just roll them with guys who are gonna murk
you like every five seconds yeah yeah definitely I mean I felt it gave me a
definitely a confidence boost especially after losing a to Mehdi unit getting
choked yeah like you know be feeling I’d be a proud to just you guys to happen to
submit yeah doesn’t help out the ego but go in there and everybody that was at my
level I can hang with ya you know but at the time they had nogi worlds in Los
Angeles know so everybody who was good was in that gym nice yeah guys all from
Europe and Japan and this not and I just saw out there there are definitely
levels to to this game that many play that was what a year during a full year
that was your first loss as a pro yeah and you know what what was that like for
you walking away from that I was disappointing myself I mean I’m
not making excuses but I had a lot going on outside yeah outside of that I I was
a separation from my girlfriend at the time we’re supposed to get married and
this and that so I had a lot of a lot of issues dealing with and and with the
transition of fight lab from its old location to the new location we didn’t
really have any of the equipment nor almost most of the teammates all either
left but down to Phuket or they went somewhere else until the gym was
completed and I felt if I probably had a proper camp
maybe that would have gone different hell maybe if I didn’t break his cup it
would have been different you know I mean you got a 10-minute break and got
his win back yeah but did you know who met he was going into that fight no I
just knew that he was a good wrestler yeah well I felt confident
I mean I didn’t get out wrestle bar yeah you know that’s true you didn’t and one
of the things that I think was interesting was that you know in Bangkok
no one really knew Mehdi he was kind of like at the same point you were up until
the Ryan fight where that knockout kind of propelled you he’d only fought in in
Malaysia and like really really small shows like ultimate beatdown and stuff
like that yeah so if you haven’t spent time in the Malaysian seen a lot of
people didn’t know who he was and what his pedigree was yeah he’s we saw his
fight with Glenn spar very good first round you know it was very surprised by
striking yes and he was snapping Glenn’s head back at times and he was pushing
the pace against Glenn who was clearly like it looked like a heavyweight
weigh-ins and he just like you look like a raisin bro like damn man then yeah I
seen him the next day is like whoa bro like a master of weight cut if he was or
if he was under 100 kg I would be surprised I would have been surprised to
a man he look like they waited at each weight in 84 yeah and I’m like there’s
no way how is that physically possible no way you can do you can tell like I
mean what he was 9 he’s 19 and 5 that’s the sign of a true veteran 25 oh yeah
yeah I mean to make a weight cut like that and then come back the next day and
look like you weren’t in even phase dude how much do you cut to get down to 77 I
really cut down probably about 5 kgs 5 to 6 kgs that’s not a bad cut
no no it’s actually pretty easy and I wanted to make it as a I’m actually
walking around lighter these days than I previously used to do
ok are you so probably walk around around 90 kgs to 95 kgs and make the cut
down to 77 then it’s a big cut that’s a big cut you know but coming from a
wrestling background you know I mean you see that yeah yeah but I told myself
last year even with the met that whole years like I was very active
you know and had the Feltner fight I had the previous fight as well for FMB and I
competed actively in jiu-jitsu yeah and I wanted to just maintain a lower weight
just because if that opportunity for a big organization was there like hey we
have three weeks to get ready for this fight can you do it I wanted to be
prepared to make him drop to 77 and so you’re walking around like 80 82 in
right now 80 82 nice yeah and so let’s see you could like even on like because
you’re always trained into because you run the fight team at elite so you gotta
at least be in like a decent baseline of conditioning yeah always so you could
make a cut in like on a weeks notice exactly you know I could definitely make
the cut no problem in 77 so risen calls you and like hey we need
you in Japan next week for a fight at 77 whoo yeah especially right now I still
feel fresh man I can go I can write my last hard sparring day I did seven
rounds and I felt good by the seventh round you know so I know when you go
hard sparring you talking about like actual heart heavy contact and it’s hard
cardio heavy contact with just once a week though we used to do twice a week
and I feel like that’s too much and I like I took a little too much damage and
I mean this is my 10th year training MMA I know I’m tough I don’t need to get
beat up like that no more you know I think once a week is enough and I just
do a lot of pad work yeah a lot of muy Thai guys do it they they do heavy pads
all the time well they do a lot of body work to their knee and each other in the
body kicks punches and but they let it off a little bit enough to condition the
body to prepare for them they’re not like trying to murder each other you
know and that’s definitely what like living and training here in Thailand I
have picked up from the ties that like yeah dude why why break down the body
you know it is I mean you need that for they also a lot of those guys played
twice exactly you know because the same mentality I think a lot of MMA guys got
to start looking at it like – because if you want that big opportunity yeah it’s
gonna be on a two or three-week date and notice and if you’re broken
yeah you get paid to make it to the show you don’t get paid for to get busted up
in the gym very true you missed the fight you missed the payday exactly you
know you know and yeah I I saw that you had a huge you had a huge following at
the last FMD a lot of guys showed out for you there’s
that mostly the elite guys or like what was your father I mean from Ali from
fight labs so you know I got a lot of a lot of people there that support me and
just the community man like I mean a lot of people I’m out and about not like you
know and and and a lot of people support me they like my story and what I do and
and it’s your school man this is a tough transition from fight lab over to Ali or
was I think that kind of transition of moving locations is that kind of make it
easier yeah I mean it made it easier and but I guess the the beginning of the
transition just like any new place it’s like trying to start the routine the
schedule what can we do what can’t we do and yeah and but like after I would say
like a few months we kind of figured out a process and and and now we have the
team kind of set up properly so I’m really excited also if if for some
reason I don’t get another fight for a while
and I have I have projects going on like I want to build the team and we wanted
us to be like a Phuket talk to him I want us to be like tiger like a
destination spot but in the city in the city because not everybody wants to go
to the beach some guys get bored out there I hear it all the time from guys
downtown since I bro it’s just the same piece of strip of yeah one Street and
some beaches and some beaches you know I mean maybe if you’re there for a
training you’re trying to stay healthy and this and that but if some of those
dudes I hear that too from guys who’ve lived in Phuket for extended periods who
have been training you know down there a long time the guys who have had like
like you look at Glen who’s had a very long career with Tiger yeah but he goes
away a lot yeah I think you need that yeah that kind of island island syndrome
yeah I would be very yeah you know yeah there really isn’t much in Phuket
whereas in Bangkok there’s there’s the most visited city in the world found and
there’s a good reason for it so it’s like if if you’re somebody who doesn’t
like the beaches or maybe you’re just kind of burnt out on that scene you’ve
been doing it for a long time I think Bangkok’s is an excellent not only for
that to build yourself I mean like you said yeah I had a big following there
I’ve built a network here of a lot of people yeah you know I saw it and I made
something here and so if people want that opportunity I can help them and
when you came in you definitely heard it like the crowd popped yeah right and you
know I but I think at the same time like you said with elite like you want to
build a destination there is no real destination facility in Bangkok now you
know there is from white-eye there’s a few more type laces that have set up but
there’s no MMA no and then I even for our gym for the more Thai scene I mean
having guys like trainer gay enjoy and I was in I mean who’s basically kind of
taking over for our MMA Muay Thai program is a topic ooh okay and me and
him been friends for a while but then after you know with with with Tommy
leaving the gym there was kind of a hole and I mean I was running my home camp
but at times you need somebody else that can step is that Ben and he stepped in
and really helped my strike yes you saw enough I was I was surprised at myself
at times and I and the clinch and the knees and everything kind of started
flowing naturally and that was the game plan we originally had for curve I got a
strike I had answers for him you know yeah you know you really did look like
you were putting pieces together better than I had seen in the past in the past
like a you or you’re a grappler you took guys down other than your five-second
knock out that yeah you know but we didn’t really see much of you in that
fight except a couple punches yeah and I mean good punches don’t get me wrong but
you know that’s all we saw yeah this this last fight with vinod you really
strung it together yeah and in being able to chain it together and I think
that’s where like a lot of not that the muy Thai guys are missing but it’s like
if you’re an MMA guy and you come out here you’re learning more time for more
time you’re not learning more Thai for MMA you know and I think that’s a big
hole still we see that a lot with Muay Thai guys who are early in the
transition where even they don’t throw hands because in muy Thai a lot of guys
don’t throw a lot of hands with their setups or you know they can stop a
takedown or they can get a trip but then they don’t know what to do
yeah yeah exactly it’s it’s a adaptive thing that they need to pick up yeah so
I mean that’s why I’m happy to have Zeit off because look at like a good example
team alpha-male they bring in they bring in Duane Ludwig and they bring in who’s
the guy that’s here now yeah I can’t think of his name but yeah like
a Levay they bring in they bring in proper more attire coaches for more tie
you know and then they adapted to MMA and that’s everywhere in the states and
and still here is a big hole yeah I think I remember early on when I was
training in in Rhode Island and the guy who was running the gym was doing quite
a bit of like a crossover training with Mark Seliger otic masataka but uh so the
guy who’s running the gym I was training at the JB a place was doing a lot of
training with Mach delle grazie who runs City ontong in America and they
were doing a ton of work I’m like striking from the clinch and like
hitting takedowns and it wasn’t long after that you saw mark start to work
with Kenny Florian yeah in the UFC and then Georges st. Pierre and a lot of
guys were coming to Boston to train at City ontong with mark and you saw that
style start to drip more into the MMA scene which I think I mean I mean with
with like guys with Conor McGregor’s kind of changed the idea that oh like
flat-footed more tired doesn’t work but real mortai works mmm and then
corporations and knees and elbows particularly for a guy who’s a grappler
who doesn’t mind getting into the clinch to have weapons in there and then have
the ability to take them down that just makes you twice as much of a dangerous
fighter and to understand the mechanics of that Muay Thai clinch yeah it’s very
powerful very powerful I noticed that in that fight man I was just like just
following we drilled that a lot a lot being stuck in the clinches well won’t
happen if he locked up cuz a coeur d’coeurs really nasty in the clinch he
had some dead of the elbow so we had like I said we had to have some answers
for that yeah and man it was just kind of nice to feel like though man I feel
on fire it was like second nature to me right now
I’m sure for a wrestling clinch perspective you don’t care like you that
comes second nature to ya but what was it like transitioning over to that muy
Thai clinch and understanding like the double kind of neck the palm and then as
opposed to like a collar tie an arm yeah exactly I mean just locking up the plumb
just kind of getting used to to getting that frame clean the elbows and the
elbows in and then especially after the Medi fight like I felt like that knee
cost me I bet if I trained more in the clinch
for that fight things probably would’ve been a little bit different hmm so like
really getting accurate with them like z-table said something to me that’s like
I guess PJ told him when he was fighting which is don’t strike unless you’re sure
hmm if you don’t know if you can hit the
strike don’t throw it because it muy Thai if you throw a thing and the guy
checks it or kicks it hurts man yeah just as bad for you so you have to be
really really sure you’re gonna land these strikes just don’t throw a wild
out there oh by the same token though a lot of
times you can throw strikes as setups and Phenix and yeah yeah yeah you get
everything you throw can’t land everything you throw can’t be a knockout
right right so there’s this levels to this there’s levels for sure yeah no but
and then like like I was saying we want to make that a destination because the
the quality of muy Thai that they have there their world champions in there and
they’re you know we have a lot of guys you fight for max you’ve got a lot of
guys that are fighting them for like high-level championship belts and and to
incorporate that into our MMA program I think is gonna be huge for anybody that
wants to come here where are you guys that now you’re you’re right off the
train right yeah we’re right off of the pong pong BTS at sick of 8:30 1-1 or
30-1 you’re like smack in the middle right in the heart of the city man and I
mean it’s ask we have like a we’re ten stories up it’s a beautiful sky view
outside and we have an Jiu Jitsu gym we have aircon
I get know what I don’t like training in aircon all the time well I say that but
then when I don’t train in there calm I really appreciate I appreciate it but I
get nervous training in gyms that are high up yeah cuz like I know someone’s
gonna bump a window at some point it’s just gonna happen
do I want to trust that they were put in properly no but yeah man so this next
year that’s the goal is to build the team I mean right after this last fight
I’ve already got calls from people from Malaysia who are interested in training
with those people from the States the shoulder hunters didn’t come in and
train with us now and smack in the middle of the city there yeah you know
it’s good location so I think it’d be a good opportunity and being handed the
whole program it’s kind of nice they Kevin give me the freedom it’s like so
now I’m thinking of my head it’s like well well how did I always wanted a
proper camp to be run and what would make me feel confident if I was if I was
the one here and training and so I’m just
excited now are you saying before that you were running your own camp before
this right and that’s gonna be tough like to to run your own camp because you
don’t really you don’t have anyone to give you perspective exactly of what
you’re doing or if you’re improving right yeah that’s gonna be a challenge
there was a challenge and that’s why it was nice for Zito to step up at least
particularly for the striking area and then I brought in Lee Livingstone from
oh yeah yeah just because I mean I’m the head of the jujitsu program there this
and that but I still need somebody to watch me and I trust them yeah Lee’s
legit hey man I like when when I choose a jujitsu instructor I have a few things
I always requires like either they’ve had to compete at a high level of
jujitsu and they’ve had to have fought some reason I just I have to know that
they fought we fought before he fought like 12 times pretty good record too
yeah and then and I like it cuz he’s honest yeah you know he’s not gonna be
like oh yeah I did a great job he’ll say yeah straight guy and he’s actually he’s
very critical in the way like I’ve talked to him about like him breaking
down stuff before he’s very critical about it and I really like that the way
he looks at it with a critical eyes okay look at this look at this exactly so
it’s like I thought that was nice to bring him in being like hey man I need
help for this can do that the cruise ship fights I was telling you about
before Lee was one of the other rafts on now really yeah
the night before we left me and him had to share a room in the hotel before we
went and they only had a room with one bed left I woke up the next day he was a
bit too far on my side like damn Lee like that was the best nap I ever had likely a lot he still he still trains on
Shannon arica – right you still Tran Enrica and funny how that works yeah
yeah but it’s good hey I mean it’s good for him I mean the reason why everybody
trains with him because he’s a really excellent coach yes you help me with
boxing for MMA for this fight as well oh wow really to help me get my footwork
down because you know he said it was shit yeah I remember when um when he was
head coach at fight lab for a while and he left he had the opportunity to open
big foot and I think is just a good move for him I think so too
and like right as right now just being like a 10th planner guy in the noogie
guy obviously that’s always my specialty but I still want to continue to work
towards getting my black belt in jujitsu so I chose to train under him okay nice
so I hate when I hate you in general it’s like like I think it was go awry
instead of best it was like GG gypsies like having sex with a condom on it
takes a lot longer to finish and it’s not as fun exactly perfect analogy you
know but but I sent my girlfriend trains at Q 23 so we have the mats here we
throw these out on the terrace a little yeah she gets mad if I like power
slammer or something I don’t know I told him you want to roll with the big dog
but yeah so like sometimes I’ll pop in over there and train by just I’m really
fighting X I’m really fighting like biggie here yeah and yet that’s all they
do there yeah and Adams fantastic he is an amazing teacher I appreciate like the
way that he breaks things down and he goes through and he has that that Gracie
curriculum that he runs through and my girlfriend did the what’s it called
women’s women empowerment with a Bev oh yeah well they do the greasy women in
power yeah she’s a great friend of mine and of jibs and but yes a jib is really
into it now but she’s still waiting for the one day she can get a choke on me
it’ll come soon one day yeah she’s good with it she’s gotten close a few times I
don’t tell her how close she’s going but she’s gotten close
I don’t mandate I mean I mean especially now being like a full-time instructor I
like I remember when Kurt Ozzy and it was in town he said something whereas
like teaching jiu-jitsu is like teaching a snake how to bite you better especially with stanbro right
yeah well hesita to keep teaching him stuff I told you I was I was critical
of his jiu-jitsu when I saw him I Copa de Bangkok you know and because he
really was you know not not great but he had a freak of a human being and granite
he’s starting February yeah what was that like September was the Copa de
Bangkok yeah yeah or August but he’s a freak of a human being so how old is he
like 20s I think he’s 29 so he’s 29 he looked
like he’s shredded he’s a natural heavyweight he was 107 kg for that fight
at FMD yeah and he’s fast for a heavyweight I haven’t seen a lot of
heavyweights move as quick as he can yeah yeah not not at all and he looks
like Zangief from a street fighter he when he walks in my gym I mean he looks
freakishly strong and the way I saw a manhandling people at the cocoanut
Bangkok you could tell that’s why he got by and he has a lot of room to grow but
what I was so impressed by I hadn’t seen him fight until FMD and we were talking
about this before is how measured he is right and like a lot of it amateur debut
right I remember my first fight and when I fought this is back in the early 2000s
there was no amateur scene I had to fight Pro my first fight like so I was
fighting a guy whose record on Sherdog was like one in three but I had seen him
fight like six times right so like I like like I know this guy’s had a ton of
experience I was so nervous I remember going out and I was a grappler no one
expected me to get a knockout I went out and I just start pumping my job and the
guy fell over and I just started hammer fist in him I mean like five seconds
later fights done I remember I’m trying to like run out it was in a ring it
wasn’t even in a cage I’m trying to run out of the ring so I can go to the
bathroom my coach had to stop me from coming through the ropes like you have
to wait and get your hand raised go make sure he’s okay we’re gonna peace like I
don’t care that you have to be on your short you know and all up into that
fight I thought I was gonna puke I mean it was a man in my throw up yeah I felt
like I had to take a shit like exactly I thought looking back on I feel bad for
my coach he’s just that’s the kind of babysit me yeah but um in that was just
me being rushed I didn’t know to control my strikes or
anything like that and what I saw in Stan was he didn’t have that he didn’t
have that nervousness I could see that no problem I punch in the face yeah I
eat the borscht but no I’m excited to see how he does against an actual
heavyweight yeah cuz I mean look I was a welterweight that he fought that just
like so much Taco Bell yeah or Burger King whatever they got down there and he
was he’s had a lot of experience he’s good but if you’re a fat welterweight
that’s playing that heavyweight you don’t stand a chance against any
heavyweight that’s a natural heavyweight yeah just a different frame and a
different body type that’s that’s not even true yes yeah yeah what when he was
hitting him you could you could feel the hit so you verb through the cage that’s
what I was thinking I mean I couldn’t go up to coach him so I was still about
downstairs warming up myself but just watching the stream I was just like owl
give his opponent first and standing the whole time though man I don’t think even
landed a punch thought I don’t think it’s over into a single punch and but
every punch stand through was measured and timed and landed yeah and I mean
that’s work with Paul and that’s work with the muy Thai guys and he’d off you
know they having really good strike in there and then yeah like you said I also
noticed you at Copa he does have some holes still in his game but I’m trying
to teach him how to stay heavy on top yeah if he learns that it’s gonna be
super key for him at least for the first four or five you know heavyweight he’s
gonna end up fighting a wrestler at some point he’s gonna learn to stand up yeah
yeah he’s gotta learn how to get off his back but you know I gotta imagine he’s
not gonna be able to get many amateur fights he’s gonna have to go pro sooner
rather than I told him that as well as like listen man I’m probably gonna give
you maybe one or two if that yeah I know he’s definitely has another fight
December 1st but it’s not entangled oh yeah is that gonna be MMA that’s gonna
be an interesting one I remember what angle Merck that uh that
roided-up cop dude Tyson yes and I look like cartoonish it you know
in like cartoonish knockouts Tyson guy because he clearly looks like he’s on
juice and he comes out and he just gets marked by like a 300-pound Tang mom just
smiling yeah afterwards that was judging that
fight tango who’s never won a fight he’s never won a fight up into that point and
he gets like a first-round knockout against a guy who just looks freakishly
yeah strong yeah yeah yeah man so we’ll see and then I would like to get him one
more just to focus on his ground skills it would be I mean it would definitely
be good for him to I I would love to see him get like four five amateur fights
this is the thing though he’s 20 if you said he’s 29 years old right he’s a
little bit older especially for a heavyweight heavyweights don’t generally
get too far into their 30s you know not everyone’s a Daniel Cormier or like a
Randy Couture we can fight later on and there’s just not a he’s not gonna get a
challenge amateur heavyweight I mean Darren low is
the only other amateur heavyweight I can think of a fighter he’s Malaysian he’s
like a four-time unbeaten Mima champion really so he’s one that Mima tournament
year after year after year just because he’s a real heavyweight but I don’t
think he’s fighting anymore and like that would be a fantastic fight because
Darren’s got it will it be kind of unfair first and because Darren does
have a lot more experience he won the entire tournament the first year and
then I’ve seen him stop guys like on one punch and just you know and and their
nights and he’s got that power that Stan has yeah but he’s just more experienced
where I think like in the amateur ranks you shouldn’t be putting guys who are
like the same build same body type and one guy has 12 fights and there’s one
yeah yeah so like said man he’s definitely one of my projects like I
think I think he has a skill set obviously has the athleticism and he’s
pretty smart yeah grannie he’s like every training session he’s filming
everything and then afterwards so I was send me
clips and he’s like what should I do here which I do that so you
he’s very analytical nice and I guess he has like access to all these like
Russian YouTube channels where apparently I didn’t know Russia was so
obsessed with MMA but he’ll just send me these like Russian YouTube clips of
training and and just there I’m learning stuff because I never understood that
Russian style training methods yeah there another level yeah so I just
watched Icarus last night okay nights ago or the the drug doping country I
haven’t seen I just saw the Rogan podcast with a guy but I thought it was
a very interesting for him to say that if you want to win a gold medal there is
no way you’re gonna win it as an atom natural without any P well at the same
time you know here here in Asia right I don’t know a lot of natural a lot of
guys who are fighting that aren’t using peds in one one way or another you know
whether it’s for recovery or for actual performance enhancement you know that
there’s just way too many dudes who are completely shredded you know with no
cardio like a bodybuilder yeah if you have no cardio how do you even look like
that it’s just impossible you know but I mean even it’s interesting in the States
even with USANA and all that like I mean like I said I’ve been in the game for a
long time I know a lot of guys at the high level and I mean nobody’s taking
steroids anymore but there’s there’s other ways around this stuff they’re
taking something you know and and John Jones is taking everything well you know
I think you know this is I think a lot of people are still taking steroids in
the UFC and they’re just getting better better than passionate better people to
work with them on how to be clean yeah when they test yeah whereas here in Asia
I mean you know risen doesn’t test one championship doesn’t test for peds and
yeah I kind of feel like that’s the better approach to the extent that you
have to make the assumption as a fighter that everyone’s and so on something yeah
well the thing is to like what I feel bad in the States like Todd what’s his
name Sean O’Malley hmm you know but you know is that guy in on steroids yeah but
the name gets popped for something that’s in a supplement and it’s just
like you know and then it’s like okay so you know ban all supplements yeah you
know and then what’s an advantage you know what’s if a guy takes DHEA which is
a natural thing that promotes – is that an event like where does the line draw
well I think he’s definitely a unique case it’s very obvious from
looking at he I don’t know what he was taken but it wasn’t working anyway yeah
they said it’s like a tainted supplement that is what they were saying this is a
problem I have with the whole taint disciplines have become too much of an
excuse people really go you know I tested positive for steroids after I
knocked out someone and you know there’s a tainted supplement yeah you know
that’s where I feel bad like like I like DC a lot and as a fighter as
technique-wise I like Jones yeah as a person I have a lot of questions about
his character and I you say even when he was a shitty person I was still a fan
after this last one ran I was like come on bro you’re gonna wrap you gonna turn
rats together wearing a wire in the gym so did you ever watch Tommy toehold oh I
love Tommy toe right after they announced that John was a snitch he made
a video where like John Jones was calling a DC at like midnight or
something for a avid said you sada either he’s like hey Daniel man if
you’re on something you can tell me bro it’s okay that show is so funny oh man
yeah we used to wash it back in the day when it was like GSP and the Diaz
brothers ones I mean my dark please the GSP ones are family yeah anytime you
showed the Diaz it just feel smoky it was like oh he shows up it’s like it’s
all smoke coming out of Diaz his house yeah what’s going on you copy he’s like before I go I gotta shout outs
the pizza strips tomatoes being so delicious that show is fantastic for
having clowns Michael Jackson that boy blow one of the
best things in the don’t know who he is you guys gonna look
that up yeah I’ll put a link to his channel just because anyone who listens
should know I mean if you don’t know you punch yourself in the face
well it’s my favorite way to get MMA news even though I know half of this
bullcrap just my favorite wait again forget the news dude my favorite is
whenever he has Dana White on is a guy shut the fuck up you goofs I’m really
disappointed I made a lot of money off this could be fight but I just can’t
count it right now I’m just the governor was there guys I’m about to win like 40
million dollars of blackjack so we count how much money we made I’m so
disappointed the black guy on the sport it’s such a it’s such a critical
commentary but done in such a fun way yeah yeah it’s a great show when one
side Eddie Alvarez they announce it about a week before the DJ announcement
and they did an episode he’s like in other news Eddie Alvarez assigned with
one championship he’s about to go get jacked it was just like that one like
he’s supposed to go fight in Asia and be jacked but you look at a lot of the guys
in who fight in one or fight in risen fight in road you look at their bodies
and you’re like I wonder Manny’s on that good acai dude yeah some Mexican
supplements right there for sure but you don’t want me the one heavyweight
division is got the softest looking heavyweights in the world man even brain
devera look soft these days oh yeah he’s pretty old now – yeah I saw him in
Singapore in May at the one Nielsen media conference and I almost didn’t
recognize him and I was like Brandon berries again I took a photo with him
but I mean he’s a big dude he still muscular it’s still you know Merck and
you know most of the guys in Asia blood he’s just like you remember when he was
light heavyweight and you really leave Mike John John man I used to love him
back then he was a murder until John Jones frickin John Jones smash his face
freaking elbow from holiday things destroyed his orbital yeah okay that was
a does the top fight yeah that was a really tough fight and in his hometown
man I remember I was in San Diego we were watching out on TV written for him
you know is he from Sandy relocate to San Diego I think he relocated there cuz
he was trained out of Alliance for a long time he was a lloyd irvin guy
wasn’t he I believe I don’t remember man cuz I remember he was in the Air Force
and then I remember when I was in San Diego going to school he was down
training at Alliance that in Chula Vista cuz I’m Lloyd everyone was in Maryland
or something Baltimore and of course this is before lloyd irvin was all rapey
and stuff yeah yeah the whole cult cult great the great thing going on but he
had he had been separated from lloyd irvin for a long time anyway before all
that came out master marketer though yeah you know you know so you know who
robbed a Ferguson is limp Olympic judo player heavyweight he was like one of
the loiter and disciples and I had like the same marketing plan like when he
first got out he fought once in a Strikeforce fought once an MMA in
Strikeforce it’s like light heavyweight and he had he gone to Abu Dhabi and I
didn’t do so well like back when Abu Dhabi used to issue like invitation yeah
before they had the whole trials and like pre-qualified type thing and he
didn’t do so well against like Jeff Monson was you know back then was like
the king of the heavyweight division and uh paid upon oh and who else was the big
heavyweight Dean Lister world heavyweight one year ago yeah I used to
train a name I remember when he was like a welterweight
at one point yes yeah and then like he was a heavyweight did that guy had like
no net when I would when I would go training at his classes in the evening I
was just trip out it’s like this guy has it’s just traps it’s just like there’s a
middle way already used to play the 84 yeah that would make more sense I could
definitely see my 84 but like well to eight I thought this one for sure he was
a welterweight when he first started yeah man the book
did I use all of my escapes are still underway what he taught me is that my
pal early 2000s he was like the guy yeah like he was just marking everyone I mean
I think up into up until that Josh Barnett fight I think he was undefeated
they were saying really yeah we can’t remember how many years he had
strung up undefeated but up until I believe when he got scarf hold no it
looks like he lost his second fight no I mean Joe in jujitsu just yeah I know he
didn’t do too well in MMA but I think he lost in 2002 a grapplers quest to more
claim and marg Lehmann was that was the finish points
he was just submission I don’t know I remember there on that uh met what does
it metamoris or whatever that’s what they were saying yeah he doesn’t have
let me see when’s his first loss by anything other than points yeah Josh
Barnett oh I remember this yeah that was sick dude there’s another catch guy you
had super excited when he saw this was that heavyweight this is back in 2015 so
that was his first submission loss yeah and uh of the scarf hold yeah Josh
Barnett man I love that guy I did remember when he came back as the war
master and that was in Strikeforce right early Dec see ya Murph it was I think
was Strikeforce all right and then Daniel call me I just murked them yeah
yeah it had to been Strikeforce yeah so let’s say uh so he was always grappling
at like 98 kg 99 kg-99 kg so I guess he never fought it welterweight he just
looked I just remember him looking small for probably a brief time and every time
I seen him that did look like just a ball of muscle man
I saw something the other day we’re like a meth addict broke into his house and
he like pulled his gun on the boogie man do the gun on him well the guy grabbed
like a pipe oh okay yeah there you go let me see how find it yeah I mean and
nobody gives him as much love as they should because he’s the one who inspired
Danaher to do all the foot locks you know dead I was like taking it to
another level though and I’m sure you saw him on on Joe Rogan yeah and it’s
funny like I always knew he had an issue with his leg I didn’t realize that he
had like fake hips fake knees and like is all dude like a botched surgery when
he was a kid so I didn’t know that I just thought it was because he was
overtraining or something no no he had a bot surgery when he was a kid on his
knees camera so deep deep deep Lister filled it this is a real this is not
like a bro this guy looks like Voldemort yeah he should not be named for sure oh
my god like so the guy you see at the very end of the video the guy picks up
like a a pipe so this kind of like he doesn’t even look you know he doesn’t
look like a person at all dude he looks like a straight a lien he looks like
James Irvin when he cut down to middleweight remember remember when he
cut to middleweight he look like this dude oh my god would he would he fight
you I understand let’s see he grabs the pipe and that’s when he pulls half the
Capitals that gone out and the guy laughed and if you read the article Dean
Lister’s like all the cops said I would have been in the right to shoot him
buddy’s like that’s not what I’m about but yeah man uh yeah murder James Irvin
fought went on to middle wages the Sandman didn’t he had a fast ko two is
in like six eight seven seconds or something like that or yeah didn’t he
knock out um Teddy something yeah and I remembered that was the height build up
to when Anderson show up to light heavyweight remembered in James Irvin
get murked by what’s-his-name Houston Alexander yes he did
who app man then that was after he gosh what’s the guy’s name
he had that herky-jerky style I can’t remember his name right now Jeter Dean
Dean I mean Marky Mark Maret am too yeah he had some weird movement yeah yeah
that herky-jerky style yeah unless you us a car I had to be at lay head no that
was that had to be his or Igor poor reject one of those had to be at a
middleweight cuz that was after Anderson yeah man cuz I don’t know James beat a
Houston Alexander oh he beat him yeah TKO in the second round
who’s the guy Terry Martin he beat Terry Martin was like a flying knee nine
seconds into round that’s it that’s it that’s what I remembered from all the
promos yeah no that was like his one big like shot no this is UFC debut yeah I
remember like after that I understand fight because he I think he trains out
in NorCal as well and uh on the NorCal circuit you see everybody and that was
right after the fight he still had a black eye from when Anderson hit him
like it was like a permanent black back like a Richmond like black guy thing
going on respect let’s look at that yeah it was just it was crazy you’re like hey
Citrus Heights California’s where yeah yeah so that’s um that’s right outside
Rocklin which is all right like like a outer district or sac okay so this is
that this central California Sacramento yeah yeah I really I always liked
watching a fight but like you always get the impression like yeah he’s gonna just
go home and drink this money away yeah for sure you know I mean I was
always cool about like trading out in Northern California like as an amateur
that’s where most of my career was out of Chico
yeah and we’re always like sparring with guy or fighting against like a team
alpha-male guys and and all of like the detox mills in Sacramento yeah
instrumento and you have like a DM freaking out Stockton Stockton the Diaz
brothers that’s way up in northern Cali though right well yeah their gyms out of
Lodi but we were always that those are the guys we used to fight their Abbey’s
and our Emmys were always fighting each other so
like is it in ER California it’s like it’s like kind of in between Sacramento
and the Bay Area it’s like desert did if you want to go
skydiving out there you can do it for less than a hundred bucks really in
shorts to wanted to I’m not gonna do it yeah see it here on the map it’s like
it’s like central California yes it’s like in the inland it’s not yeah yeah
it’s like all desert II Highline players it’s pretty crazy
I remember when I lived in Monterey as always weird if you go like north or if
you get like north of San Francisco things get really weird in California
yeah where you go like if you go a little bit too far east things get
really weird it’s really weird you know like there’s one area you know where’s
producing a lot of great fighters it’s called Orville it just took over
Stockton as the worst place in America to live really yeah
Orville California it’s like right it’s probably an hour south of Chico Orville
Orville but they’re there they’re dishing out some badass fighters like my
buddy Benita Lopez he just got signed by the UFC like a
year ago yeah man did like he’s a killer he’s
still undefeated I think he’s like eight you know you know me I I think like just
bad blow yeah it’s like north and inland it’s northing easting health it’s a dude
and then well that’s where we used to have amateur fights because they had a
casino out there an Indian Reservation so that’s where most of us were getting
all of our fights at and the crowds were freakin crazy dude when you’re in
California for those guys who don’t know like if everyone watches and it was an
Asian MMA fan you don’t understand the local scene in the u.s. Indian
reservations don’t have to abide by state sanction yeah Catholic especially
if you’re trying to fight in in California dude the SI saket saw brutal
like I try to go pro therefore for a year and just to get the licensing and
everything like that was just a just a headache round really just an absolute
headache I would have needed 1,200 dollars just to get my medicals done and
my licensing done and all that and so my first fight I would would have fought
for free essentially yeah yeah so it’s just Chris so the only fights you get
her I mean reservations see get out there and this
is no licensing no no no I was just like fighting here bro it’s just you know
like most of my first amateurs we had al bows we had knees thank you well we’re
gonna get you guys ready for pro fights but you’re not gonna pay us like pros
yup well you here for the experience here’s 100 bucks things silly did they
even do blood testing or no they made us blood tests okay I mean just making sure
but not for drugs is Johnny got HIV a make sure you not happen yeah that was
it sometimes you don’t even get that out here yeah so I mean it was it was a cool
place the cool place to develop as an amateur and they come out here felt
pretty confident so your first half from deep I was your
first pro fight yeah I could not I tried I took one year off a fire fighting man
I saved up all my money I came out here focused on my tie for six months and
then I went back trying to fight professional and for I did four or five
camps back-to-back with each opponent pulling out a week out oh man yeah and
you’ve already paid for your medical yeah yeah that’s brutal it was hard man
and then I was actually very close to quitting so you’re out here full-time
now though yeah what made you leave being a firefighter and come out here to
pursue Asian MMA full-time well after the fight with Feltner I got a big
following and and then I want to get you tournament and and I don’t know just my
confidence felt really high and you know a lot of people that fight lab were
saying maybe we should just stay and and fight and and see what comes of it man
and at that time I was a firefighter out in Oregon okay and I was like basically
like a like a like a captain okay and I’m I called my boss and I got a message
to a few of my fire buddy and I was like hey you know I have an opportunity to to
train out here full-time and do this and they’re like land do it you know you
like how how many how long you been doing fire fighters like probably my 9th
or 10th season and fire fighting yeah it’s like dude you have the experience
you know you you’re you were a captain at 26 you know or they call it a
forestry officer in Oregon and you know how many people can say
that and you have an opportunity to pursue your dream like this is something
you’ve always wanted to do you know in when I wasn’t firefighting I was at the
gym training just cuz that’s what I love man
and I said yeah you know there’s like if they’re gonna get mad at you for having
a job gap because you’re out in Southeast Asia fighting in these crazy
underground bloodsport type leagues dude and I mean that’s probably somebody
you’ll want to work for anyway so some of these anti bloodsport leagues and
yeah yeah but I mean and then in the fire community they like that because
one it shows that I have discipline that you know obviously I can work hard you
know I mean to do this you do have to have those things true at least to make
it far I’ve seen some guys where they have a lot of talent but they don’t give
a crap but eventually you run into do to last count and works hard yeah those
guys get washed out real quick you know yeah it’s tough when you think about
like the fire being a firefighter I think everyone knows you know steeping
me okay yes a a firefighter is a firefighter yeah this could be a tough
job to train at full time if you really want to make a run as a professional
because it’s crazy hours right yeah I mean and then I’m not sure how it goes
in Cleveland but like a job like how he has he’s like a he works for a city
department so majority of those guys they work like either 48 on and then
they have 72 off so they have like work two days on and then three days off two
days on three days off and listen and Chris Lytle was also a firefighter yeah
and he made it work you know so that’s why I always thought that both of these
career options were a good idea for me because you do get pay you get an hour
of PT every day and you get paid to work out and okay that works out not wrong
with that I remember the the time I lived in Rhode Island I stepped into the
fire department one day and they were all sleeping I don’t know maybe those
guys were out on a late shift you know yeah they look honest it not like they
really call like in bed sleep and they were all passed out in chairs and
couches I just assumed they were exhausted and crashed
yeah I probably get like that was the weird thing when when you’re working
sometimes cuz it because of the weird hours you know and and they’re finding
out that’s where a lot of the guys health problems are actually coming from
oh really they always thought it was diet there was
okay we can’t have pasta more it can’t be had in this we’ll start eating
healthier but then they still have a lot of heart disease and now they found a
correlation with heart disease with if you get less than six hours of sleep
really you’re the the possibility of heart disease it gets raised have you
ever heard of a guy named Rip Esselstyn he wrote a book called the engine to
diet No so his father is a famous vegan nutritionists from Cleveland Clinic he
was a cardiac surgeon named Caldwell Esselstyn
and our rip is his son he was a firefighter in Austin I believe and he
was a professional triathlon and let’s so like Caldwell has a scenes I would
imagine the majority of his family is all vegan but ripp is as well and he
wrote this book called the engine to diet I guess like they made a small
documentary about it but all the guys who used to work in his firehouse
I guess they called engine 2 we’re like overweight had heart disease had
cholesterol issues and he built he made all these recipes to give these guys see
healthy out there and it was funny because some of the things he talks
about in the book is like the foods they normally eat like in the firehouse he
like blah garbage I mean I mean Mike my specialty my background is mainly
wildland because in the western states that’s that’s what we’re dealing with
every so you would be like out there right now in California fight in the
well that were the words burning right now is in Chico dude ok the whole the
whole outer perimeter like there’s a city called Paradise that has completely
burned to the ground really just done so that’s the type of
stuff you were doing file types of fires yeah and we don’t get that out east no
no it’s as unique western state thing it’s usually from Montana to Wyoming
everything west it’s usually affected by wildfires you know it’s heavy is it so
like you’re not responding to like you’re not responding to like building
fires no I mean I did that for a while as a volunteer but I I realized I didn’t
right away I didn’t like it I didn’t like because like you also have to be an
EMT as well because majority of the times when you’re on calls 80% of the
calls are medical heroin addicts or old people falling over yeah man and that
stuff just makes you sad and and it sticks with you you see something
messed up and it sticks with you for a while so it’s just like it’s not for me
and it’s not what I signed up for so it was a movie a few years ago called only
the brave yeah it was about the Granite Mountain hotshots yeah yeah 19 of them
yeah they all got burned a lot yeah in the movie anyway they were all burned
alone I know they were the when when they found them they’re not all the only
thing they could find was the elastic piece that was melted to their their
bodies from their underwear Wow and they deployed shelters and and I mean because
I was a hotshot yeah like that that was what I did for two years during some of
like the hardest fire seasons in the western states like we were in Colorado
when we heard about what happened them in Arizona and man that was that’s
because like a hotshot man it’s like I mean we’re all pretty humble guys and we
don’t like to say this about us but we are like the special forces are like the
Navy SEALs of fire fighters we go where nobody will go we do the things that
nobody will do now you talk about they deploy shelters right so in the movie
they pull these little like foil things over yeah so called a fire shelter and
it’s basically it’s it’s aluminum foil that’s wrapped in two sheets and then
it’s like a like a like almost like a chicken wire
yeah in between it and if you got to pull one of those that means somebody
fucked up yeah I’m gonna be really pissed off at somebody if I have to pull
one of those because because that means that we did not we have this thing
called tens and 18 so there are fire orders and there and there I guess like
directions so it’s like one of them is like do not fight a fire head-on yeah
okay another one is don’t fight fire when fires downhill of you because fire
goes up easily you know things like that make sure you have a lookout so you have
somebody on the other side while you’re you’re doing the fire assignment you
have somebody else seeing what the fire is doing so just in case there is a
change we can we can escape and then reassess yeah right so then you have to
have communications you have to have what they call an xscape route and in a
safety zone a safety zone is an area that has to be I think shoot it’s been a
while now but I think it’s about four times the size of the flame lengths of
the fire and that means you don’t have to deploy
a shelter which is almost impossible to find when you’re out there so if you
deploy the shelter how’s that how is that supposed to save you this little
boy they do I mean and then there’s debates in the in the community whether
or not we should carry them or not because it’s an extra two and a half
pounds that we have to carry on our pack and usually our packs I mean I used to
be the medic for my squad and my pack when we used to weigh on four I think it
was about 200 or 275 pounds with all my gear holy shit yeah and I used to hike
that every day for six months so if you have to pull that shelter right is that
really gonna save you if like fire is coming over you sometimes it does save
people but the thing is is that if you find an area to deploy where there’s not
a lot of vegetation yeah and you basically saw what happens is is that
you and we drill this every year you have to do it every year at the
beginning of the year in the middle of the year just because when I mean it’s
just like a fight dude you and your Adrenaline’s up you you got to go with
what you’ve what you’re trained with and you find the little little tags and you
got to like whip it around you and you just clear a little space and you dig a
little hole for your mouth and you’re put in there you’re if you have a radio
you bring in your radio you put on your gloves yeah and you and you and you put
the little the straps have little hooks so you wrap that around like this and
you hold tight and you dig a hole to bring to breathe colder air in yeah and
I think I think it gets up to about like a thousand degrees in there something
like that but most of the time your legs gonna be burnt your arms gonna be burnt
you’re still gonna get a little bit burnt but guys do get safe from them
really guys dude they’re there a lot of stories where guys do get safe from them
yeah I mean but but it just seems like so crazy cuz you think about like all
this fire burning around you and just like roaring fire like yeah man and they
try and simulate it when you’re doing the trainings at the beginning of the
year like though they’ll have people like grabbing the bag and shake it
because that’s how it’s gonna be it’s really violent and you’re just getting
whipped around and you got to hold on at the sucker cuz the moment it flows up
and there’s a flame that goes in there boom you feel that hot air when it when
it hits when you breathe in that’s when most people die you don’t die from the
burning you die from an association so the air is so hot that you’re that
you’re you’re a viola the the pockets where you exchange air and the thing
reverse and they fill up with water and you
basically Cho sounds so horrible like the most horrible death I could imagine
yeah yeah and and and and that’s just a crazy thing and but like there there was
even talk from some people that maybe we shouldn’t carry him because it gives
sometimes a crew a false sense of security I was like oh we got a fire
shelter burn and that’s not the case you know that you’d I wouldn’t feel so
secure with a little piece of aluminum foil man no I mean how to save people we
can look up stories would save some guys but I mean if you got like I said if you
got to deploy one of those that means your superior fucked up or whoever
that’s in the division who’s in charge of that area fucked up that’s crazy
you know that’s not yeah so I assume there’s a lot less danger as a pro
fighter and I think so man I mean I mean that’s why I wouldn’t like people who
that like thinking if you get really nervous or this or that and it’s like
Brody knows I mean I’m fighting a man I’m not fighting
mother nature on my bad nature don’t give a fuck about you I don’t care what
your dreams are what your plans are and only give a fuck you know so the next
step in your looking for a bigger organization who you eyeballin arisen
man like I was telling you before that I really want to get signed by risen you
know like my dream was always to fight in Japan you know and share that same
same arena with the guys like Hickson and Sakuraba and the Nick Diaz and and
and and and Shogun and Danny Anderson and I think my cell I think I’m made for
Japan I think guys will love me there I put on how I’ll always go on and put on
a good show for sure you do I mean you bring it every time I’ll bring it every
time who-who do they have it welterweight right now shoe man even
know who they have a welterweight and risen I’ll definitely take a fight
against anybody they got super heavyweights they got female openweight you can fight
Gabriel Gabriel Garcia you give me a wig bro let’s do it they don’t have they
don’t have welterweight listed on there I’m on the roster hands are making one
reason you gotta go up to 93 you got to cut down to 70 I’m trying to try and
make it down a lightweight yeah because I mean this this cut those
last cut to welterweight was so easy for me that I think I can I can make the
cuts if you’re walking around at 8080 yeah I mean some guys cut down from 200
pounds yeah so if you get to the point where you’re walking around at 77 right
then I got to imagine 70s not far off no I I think I think in the next couple
months I’m gonna try and make a test cut yeah down to it down to 70 yeah I mean
especially in Asia there’s more opportunities at lightweight for for
sure I mean it’s just weird I’m looking at their roster and I see they’ve got
light heavyweight and then they saw they’ve got 93 and they’ve got 70 and
that’s it yeah and I’m a bit surprised 77 I mean it’s that’s kind of the top
and for Southeast Asia air size-wise right you might as well be a heavyweight
yeah at 77 you know and I think that’s a great way to sort of be at because no
late like we saw with Stan’s fight you start to get above welterweight and guys
are just bigger versions of welterweights or lightweights yeah and
so it’s tough to get a good fight but it’s 77 you get a lot of great fights
because there are a lot of guys who were actually grown into that size and a lot
of them don’t make like crazy cuts and so you know they really fill out nicely
and then they’re at like their peak yes Cala T yeah I mean I go most of my
amateur fights almost my career evolved all been at welterweight I have tooken
like three fights at middleweight and obviously events against Maddie and then
too when I was a a mature but they’re just a little too big for me how do you
feel at how do you feel at a welterweight I’d sorry at a middleweight
I feel slow and and I think it’s because uh I think the diet down helps to kind
of keep me a little bit more fit yeah and I think the the process of the cut
also kind of helps me mentally you know just just reminds me of the days in high
school wrestling and just kind of getting in that competitive mode so yeah
you think you would do well at a light weight I think so man I think I think
it’s better to fight on an empty stomach you know every time I’m aware every time
I go up a weight class I feel I just don’t feel as hungry you know and then
my but like I cuz I have to eat so much and I have
to like I just feel slower you know like there was old I think I had a jiu-jitsu
coach a Brazilian coach told me this one time when I was like 95 kgs and that’s
just cuz firefighter and I did they feed you crap food on the fire line yeah
so I would always get big and then when I come back in the fall to get back to
the training there’s always heavy something like
trying to get my body back used to but I’m not used to being that big and he’s
like you got a big Cadillac body but you still small Honda engine good time to
cut down when you get yeah it’s funny like to think about going down to
lightweight right you depends on you know what the cut looks like least you
have a wrestling background you’ve been probably cut and wait longer than most
people even want to think about yeah 7 kgs if you if you get to the point where
you walk around at welterweight it’s not a horrible cup it’s not that horrible of
a cut and I mean being at 80 now or 81 depending on how I’m feeling it’s I feel
good and I think you know with just a little
bit more moderation in my diet I think I can make that cut down to 77 a little
bit easier and then cut from there should be no problem yeah because even
in this fight I still had a little bit of a little bit of fat on me so I felt
like okay I think I can make light weight easily if you think about like
light weight I mean I don’t know if it’s that way that you could make him like a
weeks notice though no I mean I think that one would definitely have to be a
little bit more but like I said I’m gonna definitely try and make a test cut
and see how I feel do it man yeah not that I’ll be ready for 77 right away
whoever needs a call whoever needs it man I’m here well then I hope folks in
frong need spice too man I’m in here out here in Asia yeah I hope listen cause I
mean but you know they don’t have a lot of shows so they don’t man I mean dream
option Road you know rebel rebel obviously I think there’s a new
organization in Australia as well that I saw a Jason pone a five-four okay so I’m
gonna try and reach out to them I think they’re called hex or cactus or
something like that hex fighting something like I gotta look
it up he fighting MMA for them or was he fightin kickbox you fought MMA okay oh
hey a hex fight series yeah Victoria yeah so so any of those organ entire
land actually if you were able to get a the nice thing to be if you could get
fight in Perth / it’s the same so I don’t know if the only do Victoria if
they travel around but earth the whole western part of Australia is the same
timezone his talent oh yeah so I mean it’s still like a six hour flight but
you’re not time shifting yeah you gotta fly AirAsia yeah yeah man so I’m
definitely gonna try and stay busy and I mean if for some reason the PI’s don’t
show up like I think jujitsu wise I I’m gonna focus competitively on that nice
you know we just got a few guys in from Brazil training with us at elite one of
them’s a high level black belt and just being have I have good partners like
that I think I can definitely make lluvia take the Asian a grappling scene
by storm nice you know but I mean I understand it’s a fighter you want to be
able to get fights one real sign somewhere you know there’s limited
opportunity I know we were talking before you said one’s not interested
I mean maybe now me because when I came to him I was only two and oh okay
so maybe if I reach out again Rica well oh and oh yeah but but I mean the the
the the woman’s division is not bad all the dynamics oh yeah yeah you know and
yeah there’s other dynamics going but I got that lightweight Grand Prix coming
up yeah that would definitely be an opportunity for sure ya know if they
want you know I mean for being a foreigner and they’re saying that I
bring a crowd if they have a foot if they have a thing in Bangkok I guarantee
you I can get show people to come show up they do three or four a year here
yeah in Bangkok so so no doubt you got a following no doubt you move the needle
and they’re all about metrics yeah so I mean you make that case maybe it happens
yeah exactly I mean now I I think also too maybe they’re a little hesitant
because all my fights ended so quickly so they don’t really get a chance to see
what my game is like yeah hey man I can strike as well as submit people I think
this last fight I demonstrated that I can do the full gamut I could wrestle I
can grapple for sure and I can strike you should hit up Bashar yeah I ran into
him afterwards I said hey man you let me know and he’s like all right just keep
bugging me so I’m gonna try and keep up if he said keep bugging him keep bugging
him he means it yeah one things uh bashar if you know him if he says do
something he means it like if he says bother me bug me he wants you to yeah so
was it will see you now man maybe they’ll be interested now now that
I have a little bit more of a record being more foreign ones I mean it’s
getting into that veteran stylist if you tell them you want to go to lightweight
and yeah into that Grant pretty more opportunities for sure I’m excited for
those Grand Prix’s I’m excited too man I think I mean granted one in the last
couple weeks is definitely he was stepping it up I will give him last week
alone I’m so much a whole episode about like just last week because there’s so
much going on yeah so I’ll definitely give them that man they’re there they’re
definitely stepping up to the plate and right and we’re definitely rivaling URC
so there you go put down the map there you go all right brother well I’m gonna
let you get going all right man thank you so much for having me on
yeah thanks for coming by anytime you want to combine absolutely dude this is
fun all right Jesus

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