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Interview with Stanislav Renita and Marin Vetrila !!!

Interview with Stanislav Renita and Marin Vetrila !!!

I feel good. The preparation phase is still underway. I trained with Marin Vetrilă in a gym. He is a young, experienced sportsman. He is ambitious. Today was like between fighters, a face to face. The ring will show. I go through the preparation stage, I do my best, I work on my mistakes and on March the 28th I will display my mastery in the ring. I can’t anticipate, I think it will be difficult, because he’s taller, he’s 178 cm. Plus, he’s younger and following his principles he will fight until the end. So, I’m getting ready for all 5 rounds. And the ring will already show. I’m not going to a training camp, I will be here at home, with my coach, with my team. We’ll work side by side and I will reap the fruits on March the 28th. Come on March the 28th to support us, the local athletes. It will be very interesting, many spectacular fights. Those who don’t have the opportunity to come to Ciorescu, Futsal Arena. Watch us at Nothing personal against Renita. He doesn’t need this belt anymore. I’m starting to build my own path. I have a road that I am walking on It is not smooth, right now Stas is standing in my way. I need this belt. I plan to win. I confidently take on any matter. You can’t do it otherwise. I will give my best in each round, until the end. I will fight like a lion. The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory. My motto is “Be strong, there are enough weak people”. I invite everyone. It will be very spectacular. Come or watch us at

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