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Intervista Mirko Flumeri campione europeo K1 [Podcast 08] Clappit

Intervista Mirko Flumeri campione europeo K1  [Podcast 08] Clappit

Good morning, good morning to all and welcome back to the Clappit podcast channel, today it is a special because, as promised, we have Mirko Flumeri. Fresh champion, victorious at the last Petrosyan Mania in Monza now he will tell us better. First of all, we thank him for being here with us, Hi Mirko. Mirko:
“Hi, hello, good morning everyone.” Then, Mirko, I will ask you a lot of questions, but first of all, maybe we can introduce the situation, the discipline, how long you fight, the category, tell us a little about your story in the K1, right? Mirko:
“Yes, yes, the discipline that I practice is the K1, for 8 years now, I have played 50 matches of which 26 as a professional.” 50 matches are many matches. Mirko:
“Quite, yes, but of which 26 as a professional, I won 19 matches and 8 by KO before the limit.” Congratulations because, as we said earlier while we are having a chat, in short, the 60 kg KOs are not on the agenda. Mirko:
“Exactly, yes, being lightweights, it becomes a bit more difficult to KO.” So good that we have a KO punch ready, as they always say. Mirko:
“Yes, yes.” So what’s interesting to ask Mirko Flumeri, as well as clarify all the information, of what is his background, of his story. We, I for one, want to know a bit like your feelings, especially when maybe you’re about to get in the ring, tell us a little about how the tension is. Mirko:
“Well, certainly in the locker room you can breathe a little tension, a little anxiety pre-match here, but let’s say that you need that too, it makes us be careful, it keeps us up, on guard”. A curiosity, how long do you warm up before the meeting? Mirko:
“Eh, let’s say that at least a 30-40 minutes before the match we start the bland warming up with repetitions and then go to warm up all the parts of the body, the center and finally move on to the specific work to the hitters, in order to climb when it’s time already warm and ready”. Yeah, yes, you have to climb up to it, it’s already pretty hot. Mirko:
“Exactly, yes”. I have seen you before going up. And how is the catwalk? For example in Petrosyan Mania for the entrance, there is some music. What is it like, a moment that is still beautiful, exciting? Mirko:
“Yes, yes, these are super exciting moments. Yes, exactly the catwalk let’s say it’s the hardest part of the fight. Yes once we are in the ring”. You forget everything we say, you’re focused. Mirko:
“Yes exactly, you are focused, you have such a strong mental focus that you only have to think about what you have to do at that moment. The hard part for every athlete, I think, is the catwalk, to get inside the ring, then once you are there…” Let’s say the wait. Mirko:
“Exactly”. Among other things, we say a banality, sorry, but always out of curiosity. You choose the music you want, the one you want it to be made? Mirko:
“Yes exactly, we choose it, I like my entry music, I have a personal song that made me a boy I used to teach. He sings raps and we decided together to make this song.” Let’s mention it then. Mirko:
“Yes, it’s called Davide.” I’ll maybe put the song in the description. Mirko:
“Yes, the song is also on YouTube, so if you want you can.” Ah, OK, amazing. Mirko:
“That song gives me a lot of charges, every time I go up.” Well, by now, it will be yours forever, at least until it brings you luck. Mirko:
“Exactly!”. As long as it brings you luck, we’ll keep it, then he’ll compose another one for you! So Mirko this meeting what brought you to the bulletin board, because in any case, you won with the most beautiful KO of the evening let’s say, according to the experts. Mirko:
“Yes, I was awarded the best KO of the evening, I won the third round, and nothing, I became the new European WKU champion in the 60 kg category”. Eh well, we say absolutely a beautiful goal. So talking about the upcoming meetings, we at Clappit obviously are selling the tickets for the return of Oktagon, which is one of the most, if not the most prestigious, of combat sports events. Mirko, I don’t know if we would like to see you in the ring again? Mirko:
“We’ll see. Something boiling in the pot but there is still nothing official, we will leave the organizer Carlo Di Blasi to announce the eventual match”. And then we hope to see you again in the fight card. Anyway, in any case, there will be a part of your gym, because Armen still fights, our friend Armen Petrosyan who we say hello to, and wait for our microphones – you promised me Armen! And he will fight for keeping the world title. Mirko:
“Yes he will fight an Englishman, he will fight against Jordan Watson, a tough and tough athlete, for the ISKA world title. But Armen is already on training.” Yes, of course the British are never an easy match in the ring. So Oktagon, there will be 18 professional meetings also the appointment with the international Thai boxing, it will be a wonderful evening and Mirko we will certainly see each other there. Mirko
“Surely.” This little but sure, I hope to see you in the ring, not in the audience you will let us know, please. Exclusive tickets from directly on the official website of Oktagon. The ringside tickets, I see, are as always finishing quickly, for those who want to spend a very special evening, an important evening, with beautiful memories. There is also limited availability of tables at the ringside in the very first row, with a delicious dinner with Champagne, the limited edition t-shirt, Petrosyan gloves with his autograph, and a meet and greet with our friend Giorgio Petrosyan, a souvenir photo, the VIP pass for a guided tour in the locker room. An amazing experience in a complete Full Ticketing mode, so we are waiting for you at Oktagon to cheer, hopefully also for Mirko. Mirko:
“Let’s hope! Surely we will be there”. So we will see each other there, and now we say goodbye! We let him go because he has to go to one of his boys’ fight. Therefore always, always on the game, always with the gloves! Mirko:
“Seven days a week, that’s right”. Okay so we’ll wait for the next title. MIRKO
“Thank you, thanks Clappit for the interview, see you next time, bye!” Bye Mirko.

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