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Interviste a Carlo Molfetta e Margherita Granbassi

Interviste a Carlo Molfetta e Margherita Granbassi

I’m Carlo Molfetta, gold medal winner in Taekwondo at the 2012 London Olympics. The Mediterranean diet is excellent for athletes since it is very balanced It is important to follow a healthy balanced diet, especially if you play sports at competitive level. It’s a bit of a problem when we go abroad, not because of the lack of Italian food, but because it is adapted to the local diet, so it’s not always easy to find a good plate of pasta. There are two items of food that are indispensable when you’re doing a competition, especially Taekwondo: pasta and Parmesan cheese. Parmesan on the day of the competition, and pasta the previous evening to load up on carbohydrates to get you through competition day. I’m Margherita Granbassi, world champion in foil fencing. Food is of fundamental importance for sportspersons. I may have learned this a bit late but I must say that the Mediterranean diet has always been very important for me. When I learned to eat well all the main ingredients in our diet were crucial to ensure that good fuel was going into my body since an athlete’s body is their work instrument after all. Even though I really enjoy trying local food in the foreign countries that I visit, there is one dish in particular that I miss well, it’s not actually a dish but a type of food when I’m abroad, and that’s fish. Nobody cooks fish the way that we do. The food that I absolutely have to have before a competition is pasta, if cooked simply with just a drizzle of excellent olive oil and some Parmesan. This was crucial. I remember even eating it before the Olympic final.

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