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Intimate Time of Boss and Mistress, Wife Comes Suddenly!

Intimate Time of Boss and Mistress, Wife Comes Suddenly!

Oh, Big Sister Why are you here? Where is Gu Xinhao? Boss is taking a rest there Ah. Big Sister, you can’t go there Damn it, Is he doing bad thing? Did he arrange you here to drag my feet No…Absolutely not Ah…Big Sister Get out my way Bareheaded Qiang, the big Sister is coming Yeah Alright Boss… What’s the hell? The Big Sister is coming up now She is at the door soon Get up hurry, hurry! Didn’t she go back to her parents’s home? Why is she here? She is coming Get up… Don’t hide Didn’t you say that you would divorce her? Today she is coming, So just show to her Ah my god sister…my grandmother Get up hurry please My wife is a famous dragon even the fowls in village feared her Shit You, as a man, fear your wife like this You can’t act as a big boss any more Mistress Oh no, Second Sister-in-law. you don’t know how cruel our Big Sister is. Our boss fears nothing but our Big Sister. She can fight She is a woman. Can she beat your boss? She will beat you Former girlfriends of our boss One was beaten then had endocrine disorders and infertility Finally she was frigid The other one was beaten to incontinence then she couldn’t control her lower body Now she is a disabled Really? She will pay the medical fee of your whole life! Damn it You…you did this to me You son of a bitch Why you two? What are you doing? Big Sister, I am doing Pa-Pa-Pa here Assholes Hey, honey How do you know I am here? I track you by your cellphone Go to sit there What are you doing here? Catch the adultery Catch the chickens? Where are the chickens Oh, I ordered a service for my little brother I tell you If I find your affairs I will break your third leg Please don’t. Honey, I dare not! Don’t forget What your father said before he passed away He said you were my lucky star Anything can be replaced except you Good, you know it I am the door-god of this family I am here and the family wouldn’t break down The members wouldn’t leave Yes, Honey Go home with me Tartar, I will kick you out sooner or later Go I am coming

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