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IRONFIST: Hanging out with Ole Baguio Laursen (4K English subtitles)

IRONFIST: Hanging out with Ole Baguio Laursen (4K English subtitles)

– Can you just say,
My name is Ole Baguio Laursen? – What’s up, gimme five,
my rap career’s not for wine drinkers… – What’s going on? – I have a present for you Ole… – Can you guess what it is? – I’m guessing it’s a t-shirt of yours?
– Almost… – Let’s see. – Boooyaah! – Wow… Crazy! – Amazing, how did you get your hands on this? – I had to go hunting for it. – But you have to explain what it is. – It’s the ‘Ironfist’… – The comic book… – The comic… – The magazine… – I used to read these as a kid,
my brother turned me unto them. – Yeah we read these… – So we could learn how to… – Do it. – Back then we would go to the 2nd hand shops… – We would have boxes filled with Kung Fu magazines,
and all sorts of stuff. – So we would go there… – And exchange our old magazines,
for other (fewer) ones. – Like videogames?
– I don’t know about that… – But then you would get some
you hadn’t read yet. – This is to dope. – Yeah, thank you man.
– You are welcome. – Do you know the story about him? – It’s this kid… An only child,
living with his single mother. – In New York, I think. – A normal but hard everyday life for this mother,
who has to take care of her son. – Who is only 10 years old. – She takes care of this kid, she has some boyfriends.
So the kid has a stepdad. – Who has this great idea to go to the Himalayas,
to look for this… – The entrance to… – I can’t remember the name… – Entrance to this sacred world. – Where he want’s to… – Reap some financial gain from this world,
that only opens up… – Every 10 years. – So he drags this family, a mother and her son… – So they are running around these snowy mountains… – Completely lost, and they never find this gate. – And then… – They get ditched… – By the stepdad. – If I remember correctly, he ditches them. – And he he is lost up there in the mountains,
almost freezing to death with his mom. – And ofcourse this pack of wolves show up. – Show up to eat them. – So the mom. – Throws herself to these wolves. – To save her son.
It gives me the chills! – And then… – Saves her son who is now alone… – On this snowy mountain. – But then… – The gates open to this world. – No there is a monk. – From this world that takes him with him. – And saves him, so now he is there… – yeah well… – a 10 year old orphan. – Who is then trained in the ‘Ironfist’. – Year for year he grows older… – He goes through this training.
So first he is punching… – Sand. – After a while it’s gravel. – Then just rock.
Then at last… – The ultimate test,
he dips his hands into… – Liquid metal. – So now all of a sudden… – He’s the highest level, he IS the ‘Ironfist’ – He can control his fists, when he gets pissed.
And really… – Needs it.
He can turn his hands into metal. – And then he merks everything,
plus he’s got mad kung fu skills. – And then he just beats up all… – And everyone. – Who’s a bad person. – Is that where you got your name?
– That is where I got my name yes… – My brother gave me that name, when I was a kid. – Yeah… – So these… – We’ve read alot of these. – What is that thing?
– It’s a deep fryer. – The thing about a deep fryer is,
it boils at… – It boils oil you know?
It brings oil to a boil. – Whatever that is… – Oil’s boiling point is higher than water.
Water is 100 degrees. – And for oil it is… – Something else.
So when you… – Pour your liquid in there,
with all your herbs and stuff… – Legal herbs, of course. – Turmeric and lemongrass. – So it keeps boiling,
if I use a waterboiler it stops. – When I use this one it just keeps boiling. – This way I get all the steam,
and I’m in this stand up tent. – You know it’s like… – Well it’s a tent that designed for… – Showering or a toilet
when you are out camping. – But I use it as a sauna. – Is there a special reason you put in all the herbs? – Yes, they are supposed to… – Help clean out your system,
I’m not really sure what excactly. – It’s just something I brought with me from Thailand,
I do it every sunday back in Ubon. – And that is this herbal steam sauna. – They let the steam into this little… – So how long can you sit there? – Well it depends on how hot the fire is burning… – How much it’s boiling. – It’s also a small room with no windows… – It’s a trip, you’re sitting there,
it’s hot and all foggy from the steam… – And the other people in the dark like… – You hear all kinds of weird sounds like,
what’s going on here? – But it’s very very cool. – Can you tell something about that
tournament… – That you are going to soon? – What is that about? – Well it’s… – There is something going on right now,
and I’m not sure it will happen… – I don’t know if you saw the trailer?
They made this trailer. – That looked like this hollywood production. – Now they’re doing this tournament
regardless of style, weight, whatever. – And 6.5 kilos of gold and… – And the prince of Bahrain says
he wants to find the ultimate ultimate. – That in itself sounds… – Crazy dope, so I thought… – I want in!
It sounds like Kumite for real. – So I write them, which I’m sure alot of
people all over the planet did. – Then after about… – 14 days later they write me,
saying I’ve been chosen longside… – 15 other fighters.
Or we were 15 in total… – Then my manager asks me,
‘Hey did you know that…’ – That you are not getting paid. – It just got out,
that you won’t get paid if you… – Get beat up, don’t win anything,
you leave emptyhanded. – Even if you win your first fight. – Lose the second one, same thing. – Not a dime. – What are you sure? – So right now I’m sorta in limbo,
I’m not sure… – Will I get paid or not.
Because one thing is sure, I’m not doing it for free. – Have you ever fought more than once in 1 night? – Yeah, I fought in K1-Max against… – Duane Ludwig in the final. – In Denver, Colorado.
I won my first fight, KO. – And the second fight was against… – Duane. – I dropped him in the first or second… – Then after 3 rounds, they call it a… – Draw, and we have to go to sudden death,
an extra round. – In my opinion I won that fight… – You mean the draw or the sudden death? – No, I mean… – I shouldn’t have gone to a draw.
I thought I won it. – I dropped him. – They gave him an 8 count. – It’s cool, Duane is cool. – So… – Yeah, but I definitely think I should have won that fight. – I’m looking foward to watching it,
I haven’t watched it since I was 23. – But Duane and I are cool.
He came down… – And lived with me in Ubon, to train for a fight,
before he left for… – He was going to Japan to face… – Ramon Dekkers, he fought Ramon Dekkers!
Crazy. – So he came down and trained with me in Ubon. – After all the K1-Max thing with Duane… – I was in San Diego.
I was living in this gym… – Well this… – This sucks! – Suddenly I get this email… – From JD…
JD Penn. – He ask if I wanted to come train with BJ,
who was training for… – A rematch with Jens Pulver… – You know he lost the first fight. – He asked if I wanted to come to Hawaii
and help… – Train BJ and get him ready for this rematch. – How did he get a hold of you? – Did you know him?
– No, I didn’t know him. – I just got this email saying he had heard of me. – …Of me, through… – You know, internet news,
and I fought – Well maybe he heard of me because of my fight with… – Because there was some drama back then. – Some people thought I won the fight against Duane… – Some people thought he won it. – Whatever, there wasn’t that much internet back then. – But people talked a little
about our fight on some forums. – Anyways, he got in touch with me. – I got this email and just said,
sure I’m game. – Ok Ole, if we meet up tomorrow,
we can film you train for a bit… – Make some build-up for this tournament
thing if it goes through. – I’m game. – Google maps, can’t leave without it. – Good workout? – Yeah, it’s been ok.
Moved around a little. – Sweat a little,
get the pulse going. – It’s ok. – Was it hard?
– Yeah it was a bit harder than I’d like to admit. – It was pretty hard,
I’ve been chilling too much. – What are you training for?
– Right now I’m training for potentially… – A… – Open weight tournament in Bahrain,
it’s some crazy stuff… – There are some really big guys in there.
there are some… – Big money in it… – It’s a open weight MMA tournament.
That’s pretty extreme. – That’s what I’m training for right now. – When are you training again?
– The day after tomorrow. – Maybe tomorrow, it depends. – But the day after tomorrow for sure,
I need to start running aswell. – I haven’t gone for a run in… – It’s been months. – I have to… – Get to it,
I feel it when I’m down here. – The last pressure. – I’m not quite in it,
like I would be if I had been running. – I have to do it. – A couple of times this week at least. – Cool! – I don’t have any questions so…
Great practice everyone. – What are you doing now? – I’m going home to eat.
– Anything special? – I think she said I would get tom kha gai… – That’s one of my favorites.
– What is it? – Tom kha gai,
roughly translated it means… – Coconut chicken soup. – But it’s more like a curry,
like a coconut chicken curry. – It’s amazing. – It tastes good. – I tell myself it’s good for me. – Mentally it definently is,
‘good vibes’.

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  1. Lidt Trantino over redigeringen. Interessant, hvor købte du Iron Fist tegneserien? Har lyst til at købe nogle klassiske Batman og måske også Iron Fist eller andet :p

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