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JAPAN VLOG Vlog #4 | Moving to Tokyo

JAPAN VLOG Vlog #4 | Moving to Tokyo

Today is Day 4. And we are going to get some breakfast at Dotonburi. – Imm: And the weather’s hot as usual.
– Milk: Right! Imm: It’s just like Thailand’s weather. Today we are moving to a new apartment. We have all our luggages. Today we are changing the place we’re staying at. So we’ve got all our stuff with us. Right now Dotonburi is very quiet. Unlike last night, where it’s still crowded at almost midnight, Pan: Let’s eat. Zon’s gonna like what she’s about to see. Pan: Fill the background the all the food. So we are now at Godiva. We’re waiting for the time to get on Sinkansen. We are going to Tokyo. And we’re gonna get some breakfast. There’re a lot of interesting food in this station, actually, in any station. Hi! Deciding what to eat. It’s our breakfast/lunch. Second breakfast! The first was Godiva. Oh! Melon Pan! Pan: This is crazy! I wanna taste everything. Everything looks good. Pan, check out this Melon Pan. This is cute. Pan: PHOTO TIME!! It’s melon bread. – So we’re gonna get this to eat on the train. right?
– Yeah. Something to eat on the train Looking good. Hold on. It reminds me of what we had to throw away at the airport. Imm: I know, right? *cries* What’s this? Mushroom? Look what I just won! Imm: Really, Milk? – Yeah, did you get to lucky-draw? / You didn’t?
– Imm: I didn’t. I guess you have to reach some price limit. Imm: Probably Yeah, cause Pan and I bought a lot of things. So at the cashier I got to lucky-draw. And then I got this! Got a free drink again! After Coke at Universal Studios. But Pan didn’t. Pan We can share. Welcome to the Shinkansen This is a Hikari … So we got on the train just in time. 20 seconds before it started moving. Tempura, chicken Some meatball? Salmon And bambooshoot Konyaku Free drink! Pretty-looking rice! We’re on our way from Osaka to Tokyo. It’s gonna take about 3 hours. I’m gonna spend this time to charge my phones and cameras. So … I’mma see you in Tokyo. Ok, we are now in Tokyo. Going to our apartment. We’re living near a staton on Yama … … note Line. – Is it Yamanote or Yamatone?
– Tid: Yamanote. Yamanote Line Which is good. It’s close to everything we wanna go. Imm: Extreme condition. Look at the stairs and our suitcases. Pan: Fit perfectly? It was that moment he knew he needed motivation Thank you! This place looks nice. It’s looking … … not bad at all What’s up here? This is not bad. Didn’t Imm startle you at all? We’re going there. Ameyoko – Imm: Nice, nice.
– Pan: Take some more for me. Let me try again. We’re here at Ameyoko. We’ve been … Ooh! What did you get? We’ve been shopping. And I got … umm. – Tid: Milk, wanna try?
– An overshirt. Yeah let me get a bite. – Imm: It’s very juicy, Milk.
– Tid: Yeah. Tid: Look how much juice came out! Imm: It’s pretty amazing. Yeah, so refreshing! That’s one juicy melon. Or cantaloupe? – Excuse me.
– Yes? – A stick of strawberries, please.
– That’ll be 200 Yen. Thank you. How’s this “strawberries on sticks”? Maybe good? Let’s see. Tid: Milk, let me try, too. I’ll take one whole strawberry, ok? Please do. You guys, take on each. This is, like, much sweeter than Thai strawberries. – Try it!
– Tid: Delicious. Thai strawberries are, like, sour. This is sweet. It’s like condensed milk! And much bigger than Thai strawberries, too. Staff: Touch (his muscles) – We just had Yakiniku (grilled beef).
– Tid: So full right now. So, so full right now – Sweet potato was great though.
It’s incredible! I mostly ate that. So we just had our dinner. It’s Yakiniku. I am really guilty of eating too much fat. I should workout soon. We found a Thai boxing gym. Muay Thai And there’s Thai music playing. Oh, really? – Is this a Karaoke place, a Thai restaurant …
– Was that song being sung by customers? Or … And a Thai Boxing gym? I guess it’s an actual music. We should have eaten that on the day we walked a lot. We just sat all day today in Shinkansen, and … Yeah, we just came and ate a big meal. Let’s blend with the local. Don’t talk.
Straight face. Walk fast. But with this camera, I’m a freaking tourist! Imm: You gotta walk in a more random fashion. – Jam roll?
– Tid: It tastes nice. Japanese 7-11 This is pizza toast. Pizza toast – Instant noodle.
– I want to try. What do web have here? Tid: This flavor is so good. I guarantee
with all my credibility. Tidtee recomended Beef jerky Even the donuts here look good. Lunch pack peanut This is such a big pudding. So tempting. I really wanna try this one. – But …
– What’s this? So high in calories. Milk , uhh … – Pan: Is this what they call …
– Egg and milk. Creme Brule? This is creme brule cheesecake. But I’m fat now. Everything here looks so good. I’m getting kiwi juice. Tonight we’re sleeping in Tokyo. And our apartment is very close to the train station. – Imm: We didn’t really go sightseeing today.
– But we sure ate a lot. It’s all the fat and grease in grilled beef. Ouch! My arm! Imm: Bro … bro. – Imm: You ok, bro?
– I got hooked. No matter how full we are … There’s room for dessert.

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