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Jean Claude Van Damme kicks – Best KICKS

Jean Claude Van Damme kicks – Best KICKS

as you can guess by the video title this
is going to be a top six of jean-claude Van Damme’s best kicks from his films so I’m
going to do my top six which is Nick and then Neil is going to do his top six let
us know afterwards who you think had the best top six make sure you give us a
like and subscribe thanks guys so that was a kick from double-team the
reason I love this kick and put it on number six was that the first time
I saw the kick was on a picture they say now and I loved the shimmer blur on the
kick and the way that just stops him with the hand the pulls off that kick I
really liked it okay so number five as you can see from
hard-target the reason I put this one at number five was I liked the build-up to
the kick so you could see the anger in Jean Claude’s face and then just a
brought up just before the kick comes in is brilliant and you can really feel the
impact of the kick and the way the person’s falling off the bike and
everything else around that scene just makes the kick even better so yeah
that’s the reason why this is number five okay so number four from bloodsport so
many kicks in this film succeeds from but the reason why I chose this one was
this is one that kicks when I was younger I was trying to perfect and get
it or nice and straight get the high off the floor from jumping and just get the
positioning of the feet in the right angles and I just loved the way that
it’s filmed and you can see the height of where jean-claude is jumping in the
air and then just BAM straight into bolos face love it
yeah number four okay so number three nothing too fancy
in terms of kicking it’s a very basic kick but the reason why this is number
three on my list is again is the final kick of the fight and just the way that
jean-claude just really slowly brings his leg up and then follows it through
with that kick straight to Tom pays a head and then just holds his leg there
affords a brilliant finishing you don’t really see them kicks in films anymore
with such perfection the straightness of the leg and the slowness of the kick we
can just see everything but yeah I looked at as a final kick to the five
and then just him holding that leg there it was brilliant okay so number two from Lionheart
a/k/a well from where I am in the UK so the reason I chose this one is again
it’s the build-up to the kick where he’s just screaming his eye ready for the
fire so he’s going in and then that just kick just after he screams Lionheart and
just the replay of the kick just makes it even looking even better like Street
Fighter kick and again it’s just the the perfection of the kick the angle from
where it’s filmed from so you can see the perfect angle of where he’s kicking
no so Van Damme look took like a arrived badass in this film so yeah this is the
reason why I’m anima to you okay so number one is from the quest
which you’ve just seen I really struggled with my number one I wanted it
to be Van Dam’s famous 360 kick and he’s done that many of them that have a look
through which one do I like the most and I was really torn between this one which
is newborn the quest and there was wanted double impact that he pulls on
bono kickboxer where he pulls off one in there there’s also blood sport which is
he does about three in a row which is perfection
but the reason why I like to request one it’s the way it’s filmed just from the
ground you can see him pulling off the split kick the classic Van Damme
screaming other day it just looks nice visually on the camera double impact
cake the first 360 kick that he pulls on bolo would have been very close to being
number one but I felt like this one would be the classic 360 from Van Damme
for me and that’s the reason why it’s number one coming in as number six is somewhat of a
rarity from from jean-claude these days but we got one in Expendables 2 and my
number six pick is the splits kick at the end of Expendables 2 on Sylvester
Stallone’s face the reason I picked these kicks off lose not see now I kick
like this from Van Damme for a number of years didn’t think he had it in him
anymore and then he just passed this out riding and then you just yeah as a fun
it was really satisfying to see this one and coming in at number five is this
kick from hard target I enjoy this kick I realize kicks him
off it starts off one of my favorite vice it’s just everything about it the
way he walks over the wave and um it’s just such a badass in this film he just
sort of goes up to these guys to sort them out they’re like who are you moves
his jacket across he’s like Lord I ain’t got no weapons and then BAM just
straight in the face straight in the face and he starts off probably one of
my favorite fighters just badass a lot the music everything about the fire but
the kick just the cheeky way he does it the way he shows he ain’t got a weapon
and then his weapon is he’s fought and his foot moves his face nice I’m coming in at number four is this
beauty from Double Impact which is chant versus bolo round two I like this kick
because for the first time therefore in the movie Chad gets his ass absolutely
handed to him in that storage container this is his chance for the gate revenge
because the nice little cheeky punch beforehand and then unleashes this
absolute beast of a splits kick and then after he connects we just look at look
at Burroughs face he’s shocked to the core and he’s got so he got no chance
after this one brilliant kick miss monomer for pick and here we have my number three pick
which is the flying splits kick at the end of the quest now honestly uh I’m
gonna be honest it isn’t one of my favorite Jean Claude Van Damme films
won’t go into the reasons why but the final fight for me really made it all
for me it was really enjoyable the turning point in the fire thing was this
absolute beast of a split skier coming I think the way that ye he launches it the
way that it’s caught to make it look like he’s he’s really flying like this
is definition of a flying split kick and the connection nothingness the sounds
really nice on this kick as well that’s why they’re firmly place this one in at
number three and coming in at number 2 well it would
not be a list of good kicks Luanne to involve kick boxer in some way or
another absolutely love this film great bad guy you really really really improve
and I’m in this one and then the the final fight second round first round
vandals got his ass obviously handed to him gets the revelation that his missus
was played around with by mr. Poe and Van Damme retorts with yeah this this
nice splits get you can really feel the you know the anger from Van Damme in
this one when he connects with the face and it pretty much just ends the fire
absolutely brilliant and here we are my number one pick is
the splits kick from the end of bloodsport I don’t think I’m gonna get
many arguments for this one I mean it’s an iconic kick it’s the it’s the movie
that the launch fun dance career I remember the fire will never forget the
first time I saw this and I like I’ve never seen anything like this before and
this guy just pulls off this amazing splits kick again it’s against bolo
yeung you see his face when it gets connected with it like it’s like those
blitz kicks are like kryptonite to bolo man they just absolutely devastating but
just the states in the fire it’s just you know the way he’s tried to cheat him
and I was just like now you can try and blame me but I’m still gonna hit you in
the face it’s brilliant so that’s that rounds off
my top six let me know what you think in the comments if there’s anything that
I’ve missed or you feel that I’m an idiot and I’ve picked the wrong fights
give us a like and uh give us a like if you liked the video and hit that
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