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Jens Byggmark vs Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson MMA (EngSub) – Byggis & Mackan – EP01

Jens Byggmark vs Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson MMA (EngSub) – Byggis & Mackan – EP01

– …three, four, five, six! So… we’re outside the
All-Stars training centre where “The Mauler”, Alexander, resides. Jens and Alex have this old bet. – If you miss this shot, you owe me a new rifle silencer. – If I make it, we’ll do three rounds in the cage. Game on? – Let’s do it. – He did hit the deer. – And I’m here to honor my bet.
– Right. – Mauler is fighting for the title in Vegas
in a few weeks so this is as good as it gets. That’s what I think anyway,
you’re probably freaking out. – Let’s go in and say hi! – Hey Alex, what’s up? – All good here. And you?
– Great to see you! – ‘sup?
– All good! – Are you OK?
– Yeah, I’m fine. That’s UFC in three seconds! – How’s the training going?
– Great! – So if you’re supposed to be at
peak performance at the fight how hard do you hit now, in comparison? – Really hard! But it’s about speed and precision,
which usually beats out pure strength. And if you’re facing someone really strong, you’d
want to be faster and more precise than that person. – Anyway, the two of you’ve got this bet… Remember when we were out hunting a while back? – Right, you f****r! *laughs* – This is how it’s done. – I’ve never been in better shape,
and I’ve never been more excited. So go get changed so that we can get this going. – This’ll be great, I’m excited too!
– Great! – I’ll go and prepare some stuff! – We want to make the fight look
good in front of the cameras. So that it looks like… you know. – I mean, look good…
We’re doing this for real. Here at All-Stars we don’t pretend to fight. We’re going all in. I was expecting real sparring,
that’s what we bet on. – But you can’t beat me to pieces just bec-
– Nah, let’s go! Go get changed.
I’m ready. – But really now. Mauler doesn’t think this is
supposed to be a pretend fight. – No… – He’ll beat the crap out of me, can’t you see that? – Isn’t that the great part, though? – *sighs* But he’ll send me straight to the hospital… – Look… he can’t hit your balls and he can’t punch you in the eyes. That’s what I believe anyway.
Those are UFC rules. Just punch back. Think of something that makes ju really angry. – Have you seen his arms?! He has a reach of… I can barely reach his
elbow if I stretch out like this. – Come on, it’ll be fun! – No, it won’t… – It’ll be great! – I told him we were doing this for real. He looked terrified. – He looked like he was going to soil himself! – I’ve never seen a person so small and scared before. You know that he’s just messing around, right? – Oh, come on… – Of course we’re not gonna fight for real. I’ve got an important fight ahead of me, and I don’t hit friends. – Me neither! I was really thinking I’d be leaving this place wrapped in casts. – When are you leaving for Vegas?
– Next Saturday. – And what happens then,
do you live in some UFC place? – No, we’re renting a place.
Me, Ilir and the rest of the team. – Right, Ilir is going there to fight too?
– Yep! So, 2 weeks before the fight we’re
on-site, mostly just doing… The really tough training is really done
by then, and there’s no sparring. It’s just about keeping things going, while also recovering a bit. And… basically just focusing on the weigh-in. – How much media coverage do you have over there? – I’ve got a day or two booked for media. – The press conference too, and the weigh-in? – That, but also a lot of US media that want their share of me. – Do you get pumped up for the press conference with some trash talk, too? – I’m not a big fan of trash talk.
I just like being me. If he trashtalks me, I’ll trashtalk him. But I’ll never really… If I’d sit there and try doing a McGregor,
people would laugh at me. They see right through me. So it’s all just about…
I’m just trying to keep things real. And not trying to be anything I’m not. And with the tactics…
We know who I’m up against. I’ve faced him before, and we’ve
been checking out a lot of his fights. I just don’t want to center things
around what he can do to me, but more on what I can do to him. I’m in great condition, so it’s all about
having everything else ready at this point. But enough of that – how about you
join me in Vegas to watch the fight? – That’d be awesome!
– I’ve got a couple of tickets to spare. – You’re kidding?! You guys take them, and join! On one condition – I need to hear you
scream your lungs out when I go out to fight. – We’ll be your strongest and greatest supporters ever. I promise! How do we dress for the occasion? Should we wear those cool robes that the fighters use? – Can we get some of the ones you have? – Well, there are some nice Mauler t-shirts that you can have. – Do you get to pick what to wear when you enter? – No, we’ve got uniforms that are a UFC standard. It’ll be a bit blue and yellow though,
so that’s everything you need to match with. – Do you get to pick the music at least? – Yeah, I do. But I won’t say which
one I’ve picked here. It’s a secret. – That’s a cliffhanger. And we’re going there to see it! – I’ve been excited to see it since it was announced! – Don’t leave me hanging! – Of course! Let’s go! See you there! – I’m so happy that I didn’t get beat up today. – And we’ll see you in Vegas!
We’ve just got to sort out the trip there. That’s no problem though.
– Great! – I’ve been looking forward
to watching this fight on TV and now we get to go there!
– It’ll be awesome! But going there isn’t cheap.
– No… how do we sort that out? – We’ll fix it. I’ll fix it.
– Alright, cool. Thanks for today! Oh – and I’m not a sellout. I won’t do
anything just to get the money we need. So clear everything with me first.
– Sure thing! – Hey!
– Right, so… we’re creating this new YouTube channel, me and Jens Byggmark. The idea is that we visit exctiting people
we know and do stuff with them. And then we film everything. We were just talking to The Mauler,
and he invited us over. We actually got tickets to the fight. And basically, we want you guys as
the main sponsors for this episode. – Absolutely, but then
we kind of need to own Byggmark. – Sounds fair to me – thanks for the help!
– Great, talk to you later!

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36 thoughts on “Jens Byggmark vs Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson MMA (EngSub) – Byggis & Mackan – EP01

  1. Heja Äntligen Jens har väntat på detta. hur mycket har du blivit påverkad av Janni och Jon tro. dett verkar lovande.

  2. Hoppas verkligen han vinner, så välförtjänt de vore. Kul kanal ni har också, visa gärna allt runtomkring det här spektaklet- GO MAULER!

  3. Jens versus Alexander is like the contrasting stereotypes of a modern liberal Swede versus the glorified Vikings of the past

  4. skulle vara kul att få testa att låtsassparra med mauler. skulle till 100% åka på däng men skulle ändå vara kul att känna på hur det känns när han ändå inte går in 100% för det. för skulle han så skulle man vara mos på 2 röda 😀

  5. Hur fan kan man hata en sån underbar kille som Alex, han har aldrig snackat skit om andra, han är en sån kämpe och en underbar papp till sina barn. Go Alex kom dags och ta tbx bälten ❤️

  6. Alex's boxning kommer avgöra denna fighten. Han såg ut som en karaktär från Tekken eller Street Fighter vs Glover Texiera. 🙂

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