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Joe Lauzon MMA Jiu jitsu Top 5 UFC fight highlight 2015

Joe Lauzon MMA Jiu jitsu Top 5 UFC fight highlight 2015

Joe Lauzon, the leader in UFC post fight bonuses. When he’s on the ground he’s always looking for the submission. Here are my top 5. If you’re going to do something, you should do it. You know you shouldn’t just kind of you know just kind of jump in a little bit. You should jump in 100% and go with it as much as you can and put every bit of energy and effort you have into it. And so that’s how I was with jiujitsu. I was here early, always training hard and I did really really well and had good results so because of that I applied that to everything. Who would you like to see Joe Lauzon fight next? Leave your comments below. If you like this video give it a like and subscribe. Also check out our other videos by clicking the video link above. Thank you for watching.

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22 thoughts on “Joe Lauzon MMA Jiu jitsu Top 5 UFC fight highlight 2015

  1. I would love to watch Joe Lauzon vs Jim Miller 2. Joe gained a lot of fans after that fight. Not sure if he has enough blood for that one though lol.

  2. When it comes to applying BJJ to MMA I struggle to think of guys much better than Joe Lauzon. Always an exciting fighter. Hope he can make a run one day.

  3. i'm from the same area as this guy. he seems like a great dude and is from what i hear, but just seeing him back stage at a regional promotion. even if you had no idea who he was you could tell from the look in his eye he's a fucking maniac lol.

  4. joe is my cousin and i can tell you as a relative and a fan that he excells and strives for perfection in everything he does,if im correct clay guida is in for a rude awakening on nov 11 th

  5. Lauzon is a warrior and respectable fighter with sportmsmanship. Its good to see him continue his dreams in career MMA.

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