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Joe Rogan : Darren Till was Stabbed Twice; Till “I’ll shut Mike Perry ‘s lights out.” 2017 Video

Joe Rogan : Darren Till was Stabbed Twice; Till “I’ll shut Mike Perry ‘s lights out.” 2017 Video

So let me tell you what Vinnie Shoreman says
about this guy Darren Till because Vinnie Shoreman is very high on him, you know Vinnie
is a big time Muay Thai commentator, he knows a lot of Stuff about Muay Thai. He says, “He says Darren Till was beating
men at 15 years of age. Went to Romania, won a 8 man tournament. Fought two fights with a broken foot at 17. Started training under Colin Heiron from Kaboon. A guy who is a super thai boxer himself. Now has a successful MMA gym he’s a top
coach. Till is super determined, lived in Brazil
too and is a real Rags to Riches story. He got stabbed twice. He had to go to Brazil because he got stabbed. He was stabbed in Liverpool. His coach was like, yo man if you want to
be successful you need to move to brazil. He moved to Brazil and went undefeated there. But yeah he got stabbed at a party. I was just telling him that he’s a lightweight
and he needs to stick to his own division. Don’t be coming into this welterweight division
that I rule already because I’m not welterweight I’m a lightheavyweight fighting at welterweight
just get back to your division stop trying to make a fight with me cuz I’ll shut his
lights straight out. And you know, he was saying that know one
has hit me like he’s going to. We were both going back and forth which was
fun. I enjoy it. [How much do you weigh?] 90kg 200lbs. I ain’t no welterweight. I’m a light heavy weight fighting in the
welterweight division. It should be illegal what I’m doing. The UFC should ban it but they can’t because
I do it naturally and I do it professionally and no one can do a effing thing about it. So, F them all. I’m definitely moving up to 185 and wanting
to move up to light heavy weight I’ve got plans and that’s what I’m going to do. Conor took it by storm. He took the feather weight and light weight. People might think this is arrogance, Ariel. It’s not arrogance it’s just confidence. I know I’m going to take every division
by storm. I know this. I can see it already. Hey, Darren Till. Congratulations my brother. But, maybe it’ll sound better if I do it
in Scouse. Sound fight lab, effing proud of you lad. I’m effing proud. But, you didn’t say Stuff about your uncle
Renato! You said thanks to everyone. You said nothing about your coach. You’re a effing inspiration but don’t
worry. Effing celebrate, have some lambrini, some
effing conozli, get cabbage and then get back to work or I’ll effing bop you. I’ll end you lad. Now EFF off.

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63 thoughts on “Joe Rogan : Darren Till was Stabbed Twice; Till “I’ll shut Mike Perry ‘s lights out.” 2017 Video

  1. the only juicing Mr till does to all the wankers out there is carrot juicing and the like . platinum is in over his likkle hed .gonna get worked over

  2. Lol Covington is right, Darren Till was breaking up a fight, then gets stabbed. Filthy animals. And Covington is a filthy animal himself

  3. if till is cutting from 220 to 170 he isnt going to last long at welterweight. true LHW walk around at more than what i weight which is like 215ish. if he is a LHW fighting at welterweight his career will be short lived.

  4. UFC is now just as FAKE as WWE….fuck u too UFC…. Thanks for bending over the fans that made u what u are….I fart in your general direction….

  5. It's funny watching those Joe Rogan knees where they look like someone would have to jump into his legs to get hit. It looks like the guy is telling him "Joe you have to put your knee out front of you, you cant keep your knee behind your body like that" lol. What the hell kind of knee is that?

  6. Renato Laranja..go to Stockton, think Nate Diaz have some issues to equalize with you, fucking are not funny but just stupid

  7. Lol Brandon is such a dick rider, he said till will get knocked out in his last fight and now he’s saying he’s a “MONSTER” ride that dick any harder bruv

  8. Whenever you hear about a young teenager beating grown men, best believe most were drunk off their ass. Unless that teenager is big for their age, has training, and heart (all 3 not 1 or the other)

  9. Renato 😁
    Liverpool can be a tough place to grow up, almost guaranteed life of crime/fighting..
    So I'm not surprised about he's past, and to get from there to were he is now shows he's determination/motivation.. He's 1 for the future.

  10. GunSlinger JWP get back to Aussie! Who takes over Boonchu when John's gone? Angie? Miss training with that man!

  11. Move to every division above you? Good luck getting out of welterweight. Wonderboy will whoop that ass and Woodley will eat him alive

  12. Hahaha the best scouse accent iv ever heard he's better than most scouse do yeahhhhhhhh #darrentills gotta be impressed 😂😂😂😂😂🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧UK we in this bitch

  13. I've been stabbed and couldn't beat up anybody in the UFC. If I knew being stabbed could give me the skill to beat wonderboy I would call the UFC lol.

  14. LOL "He moved to Brazil because he got stabbed twice." How fucked up is Liverpool that you have to move to Brazil to feel safe?

  15. That Scouse impression was absolutely spot on. The U.K. produces great fighters man what can I say. Till is the future

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