Joe Rogan’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@joerogan)

– What would the hero of your life’s movie do right now, do that. Unless you’re kind and
friendly and warm and loving, you’re not going to enjoy
this life, you’re just not. Everyone encounters difficulties. There is no easy road, it does not exist. Oftentimes, people make the
mistake of getting stuck. And it is just a tactical mistake. – He’s an American Comedian
and Sports Color Commentator. As a fan of comedy, he started his stand up career in 1988 in the Boston Area. In 2009, he began his podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience. He’s Joe Rogan and here’s my take on his top ten rules for success. Rule number three is my personal favorite and make sure to stick
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as well so other people can be inspired as well, enjoy. (whooshing)
(basketball bounces) (upbeat music) (whooshing)
(intense music) – Be the hero of your own movie. If your life was a movie
and it started now, forget about whatever
financial disasters you’ve had, personal failures, relationship failures, what would the hero of your life’s movie do right now, do that, do those things. We define ourselves far too
often by our past failures. We look at our past and
we say, well, that’s me. That’s not you, you are
this person right now. You’re the person who’s
learned from those failures and you can choose to be
the hero of your own movie right now, write down your goals. Write down things you want to improve. Write down things you won’t
tolerate from yourself. Write down things that
you’ve done in the past that you never want to see
yourself do again and go forth from here as the hero of your own movie. Build momentum, build
confidence and momentum with each good decision that
you make from here on out. You can do it, anyone can do it. We live in unique times, we
live in one of the rarest times in human history where
you can choose almost all of the input that comes your
way, whether its the movies that you watch, the books you
read, the podcasts you listen to, you can choose to be
inspired, do that, do that. And be the hero of your own movie. It’s good to treat other
people the way you would like to be treated yourself. It’s like a golden rule and
there’s a reason for it. And that reason is that
we’re connected in some strange way that we
don’t totally understand. And unless you are good to
other people around you, unless you’re a kind and
friendly and warm and loving, you’re not going to enjoy
this life, you’re just not. You’re going to be
problems everywhere you go. You’re going to have
problems everywhere you go. You got to figure out a
way to enjoy this life. It’s not because of Jesus,
it’s not because of Moses. It’s not because of anybody
that may or may not have ever existed, it’s
because that’s how you fit in better in the world,
that’s how you stay positive. And it doesn’t have to be
some that written 5,000 years ago on animal skins, that
doesn’t have to be the golden rule because it’s old, that’s dumb. We need to figure out
like now, today what is, the best way to live your life, what is. There’s got to be ways
you could be putting forth the most positive energy, I mean. We know objectively
what’s causing pollution. We know objectively what’s
causing birth defects and we’re taking in too much
chemicals and not enough vitamins, we know
objectively all this stuff. We know how to organize our
world and yet we don’t do it. We know how to organize our health and yet very few people do
it, we know all these things. The right path to being
a happy, healthy person is to do all the that we already
know you’re supposed to do. Take care of your body,
take care of your health. Take care of your mind,
your stress, meditate, be kind to people, we all know that. I mean, you ask anybody,
they know how to get by and to be the most evolved
version of you that you can be. It’s not like a magical checklist. If you talk to people
about it and you said, okay, you got a person,
you want to improve them. What are the things that
you’re going to do to ’em? Okay, well if I was a life
coach, the first thing I would say is this guy’s got to get on a diet that makes him healthy. I don’t mean a diet just to lose weight. I mean just healthy foods in your body, many, many vegetables,
vegetables, a lot of good, good quality protein, a lot
of water, stop the sodas, stop the bull, start
workin’ out your body. And get a better sense
of like how this machine feels when it’s moving,
it’s flowing better. There’s less tension in it,
your mind feels like relaxed and you enjoy every single
moment of the day better. Step one, everybody
knows that step, right? What’s step two, be cool to people. Be nice to as many people as you can. Smile at as many people as you can. Have them smile back at
you, tip well when you go to restaurants, just do the most you can. Be as nice as you can and
just still manage to not have people walk all over you. Just get through this
life as nice as you can. What else, do what you
want to do with your life. Don’t be doing something you don’t enjoy. Don’t do something that’s,
don’t get locked into a car that you can’t afford
and doing something crazy because you need the money, don’t do that. Do what you want to do, do
what the is it that you really want to do, ’cause if someone
else is doin’ it, you can do it. Everybody makes their own
path through this world but a lot of people don’t
follow the path that they really feel pulled to, ya know. ‘Cause for whatever reason
they got negative programming. When they were kids, someone
told ’em they couldn’t do it or told them to take the
shortcut or take the sure route. That’s a sad thing, man,
when you talk to dudes, especially like talented
dudes and they don’t follow up with what they want to do, ya know. There’s a bunch of people
that will say, yeah, well I have a family so
it’s all great idea for you to just go out there and go crazy. I have people to support,
you need to listen. Stop sayin’ that, stop
sayin’ any of those things. Every single person who
has ever done anything worthwhile or exceptional or
difficult or extraordinary, anyone, whether it’s
great artists or authors or mathematicians or
whatever the it is, everyone encounters difficulties,
there is no easy road. It does not exist, it is
impossible, everyone has issues. If you have time to pursue
a hobby, if you have time to do anything in your life,
you can better yourself. And here’s one way you
never better yourself, when you come up with
excuses for why other people are successful and you’re
not, that is dangerous. When you give yourself an escape. Well, that’s easy for you to say, ya know you do this or do do do do do, trust me. Everybody has a hard
road, I wanted to jump out a window several times
during my young life. I wanted to jump in front
of a train, just end it because it’s just too
much pressure, not really. But you know what I’m
sayin’, theoretically. We all go through hard times,
we all go through depression. We all go through doubt and
moments in your life where it’s really difficult and
you’re trying to figure what the your path is
going to be, it’s hard as. But Steph and I, we were
talking about this before the podcast starts that that
is what makes you a person. And those difficult moments
are what build your character. Show me a great man who’s
the son of a great man. That’s what we were saying,
these kids that are born billionaires, you’re,
you’re, you’re never going to be a self made person,
you have a back up trust for your back up trust for
your trust, and you’re man. I’m fascinated by Marshall
Arts, I’m fascinated by comedy. I’m fascinated by many,
many different things. I don’t understand when
people say they’re bored. Because if I had the
time to live 100 lives, I’d be speaking different languages. I’d be living in different countries. I would try a number of different careers. ‘Cause I think there’s a lot
of unbelievable fascinating, puzzling, complex things that
you could study in this world. But that’s just me and my
personality but that’s the personality also that I’ve cultivated over the years of challenges. – [Interviewer] Were you
like that as a kid too? – Well, I was involved in
Marshall Arts very early. And I think that is one of
the things that motivated me to explore difficult tasks
because through difficult tasks, you learn an incredible
amount about yourself. And you, through the
fire of competition, you get to understand, you get
to understand motivation. You get to understand the
resistance that you have inside your mind to doing hard work. You get to understand the
rewards of discipline. Like you don’t truly appreciate
relaxation unless you’ve worked hard and that is the
ying and the yang of life. And I’ve said this to the
point of people getting sick of it but one of the worst
decisions a man can make, I can only speak for men,
obviously, is to be comfortable. I don’t think you should
try to be comfortable. I think what you should try
to do is try to earn comfort. And if you can get a day
off where you’ve worked hard and you’ve accomplished goals, that day off would be so sweet. When I work hard and I
sit in front of the TV, I enjoy the out of it, I put my feet up. I have a nice drink, I enjoy my free time. – [Interviewer] Get one of those chairs that kneads your back
or something like that. – I do have one of those.
– Do you really? – Those are great.
– They’re great, right? – I don’t use it that
much though, honestly. I’m more of a workaholic
than I should be, probably. If the balance was, I probably
should relax more than I do. But I never feel like I earned it. But that’s part of the reason
whey when I do feel like I earned it, I can enjoy it. It’s ’cause I am more connected
to the idea that I need to accomplish things and it’s
not like for anybody else’s benefit other than my own
or anybody else’s approval other than my own, I
just, when I have a task, whether it’s, like today I’m
going to write 1,000 words or 2,000 or whatever the number is. If I don’t do that, I’m
not, I write things down. Like I’ll write down a
list of things to get accomplished that day and
if I don’t accomplish that, I’ll get sick, like it’ll drive me crazy. If I can’t fill out that
list, that drives me nuts. But that’s what led me to
be a championship level Marshall Artist, that’s
what led me to achieve the, it’s like that, it’s the
reinforcement of those goals. Like understanding that you
can achieve those goals. It’s going to be difficult,
you’re going to push through the difficulty and then you’re
going to understand what difficulty truly is and how
much of it is just mental, how much of it is just in your mind. This adversity to difficult
task or to struggle and a lot of people have
that, they’re scared. They’re scared of complications,
they’re scared of failure. Failure’s a big one that
people are afraid of but failure is one of the
most important things you could ever have as far as like the motivation to do things differently. One of the reasons why I think
that I’m good at friendships and relationships is because I’ve failed at them in the past. One of things that I’m good at, comedy, is because I bombed on stage. One of the reasons why I’m
good at work is because I’ve been a worker in the
past and I know the feeling of failure, the feeling of
shame of being like a weak non motivated, lazy person,
it’s a weak feeling. You don’t respect yourself
and I have this phrase that I use all the time to
people to try to motivate people, I say that, be the
hero in your own movie. Pretend that if your life
was a movie and your life started now, what would the hero do? What would the person that you respect do? What would the person that you admire, the person that inspires
you, what would they do. Well, do that and if you
do that, you slowly build momentum, you like, today
I did what I wanted to do. Today I started a class
in Yoga, I did this. I did all these things I was
saying I wasn’t going to do. And now I feel momentum and
momentum is a very important point in people’s lives,
that’s why some folks don’t like to take days off because
they feel like they’re losing momentum and they
sort of have to restart the wheel up again after a vacation. And there’s a lot of folks that live life on a cushy cloud of marshmallows and bull and then one day something
goes wrong and I mean, that’s why spoiled kids are so sad. Like a spoiled young boy is
one of the saddest things ever. A young boy that becomes a
man and can’t take care of himself and his dad has
to keep on rescuing him. His dad has to keep on
bailing him out of situations and giving him money,
I’ve met guys like that. And that is a crippling
affliction when they don’t have the character themselves to
be able to get by in life. They constantly need someone
to help them and bail them out. Even as a grown man, I’ve
met guys in their 40s that still need help from their parents. I’m like what the, man, you’re
never going to get it right. Because somewhere along
the line they didn’t face enough of the adversity
to realize that there’s sometimes you just got
to get up and get done. That sometimes we have to pull yourself up and you have to push forward
even if you want to stay in bed. And if you don’t do and you
just calling on your daddy and your daddy keeps rescuing you, you never develop those tools. You never develop that
ability to recognize what you’re doing wrong with your
life ’cause you’re soft. You got it cushiony, you got a safety net, a safety net for your safety net. If you had a kid, obviously
you do have a kid. But say if you had like a 20 year old and he’s just a doper
where he wake and bakes and doesn’t get anything
done, he’s just always like hangin’ out with his friends
and playing video games and he’s just a loser, I
wish there was a way you could show someone like
that, like I know that you’re getting some comfort and
satisfaction out of just laying around, doin’
nothing, eating, getting fat. But your life would feel
better and richer if you had a goal, you chased that
goal, you accomplished some things, you would get
this boost of confidence. You would get this boost of self esteem. Like whatever it is
that you’re into doin’. Maybe you’re into drawing comic books. Maybe you’re into making
pottery or sculptures or, but find whatever the
that is and pursue that instead of doing nothing,
like the people that are doing nothing, those
are the real people. Look, doing something
might be as simple as that Alex Honnold guy, he just climbs rocks. But he’s world class rock climber. – It’s something, though.
– It’s something. – And it’s also a goal of his and he’s also the best at it, right. But those people who smoke pot all day. Those are also the guys
who hate on Joe Rogan for being in shape, you
know what I’m saying or being disciplined or get
on Kevin Hart’s Instagram and hate on, you know what I’m saying? Because they don’t, it’s
their own insecurities. I see what you’re saying
but I would assume they would get motivated by seeing
other people do something with their lives, like
that should be motivating not discouraging.
– Yeah. But if you grew up with losers
and you’re around a bunch of people with attitudes,
especially if it’s in your household, I was very lucky
that both my mom and my stepdad, they’re not, they are the
least hater people I’ve ever met in my life, they are
just not haters in any way. Like if someone’s doing
well, they’re always like, wow, look at this guy
or like wow, look at her or wow, look at him, there was
never any hate in my house. In terms of other people’s
success but if you grew up with a dad and your
dad’s like, yeah, these, all these assholes, this
thinks she’s a bad ass. And there’s people that look
at other people’s success and instead of saying, wow,
that guy did a lot of work. The way, I’m a successful
person but the way I look at Kevin Hart, he exhausts me, ya know. Or The Rock, those guys exhaust me. I’m like Jesus Christ, I
feel lazy next to those guys. They do so much, like those
guys are so overbearingly ambitious but some people, they see that and they compare themselves
and they don’t like it so they start getting really
and it’s like a natural feeling to try to chip
away at that person. And the worst people that
you know are the people that don’t have a good
self judge, that everything they do is awesome, those
never grow anywhere. And that’s a huge issue with comedy. When you run into people who
have terrible comedy sets but think they did great. We would always, Greg
Fitzsimmons and I would always talk about that with like open mic-ers. Like there’s people that
hear phantom laughs. Like they think they’re
doin’ great and they have this delusional self opinion
where everything they do is awesome and they don’t know why they’re not successful already. They don’t know why they’re not famous. And those people, I
believe, I mean, in some sort of a weird, narcissist
way, you could look at this way, that those people are there to teach you. This is the consequences
of not feeling that awful feeling when you fail. I was talkin’ to Burr a couple weeks ago. He did a set at The Comedy
Store and I saw part of it. He was killin’ and then I
ran into him in the hallway and I go, ah man, main
room show was great, right? And he goes, yeah, I up the end though. I tried to hang in there too
long and the last bit bombed. Like he was just, it was rottin’
at him that the last bit, he goes, I hung in there too long. I should’ve got off of
that bit before that. But ya know, when I was
in there he was killing. But that wasn’t in his mind, the success was not in his mind. It was like okay, whatever
that happened at the end, don’t do that again, ya know. But that’s why he’s Bill Burr. That’s why he’s really good. When you’re alone with your thoughts, you get an idea of what
your thoughts actually are. If you live your life
just acting constantly on the momentum of other
people’s expectations, of you wanting to be liked
by these other people, you can run into a trap
and you set up a life that you didn’t really want, you’re. You’re trapped in this
situation where you have a mortgage, you have credit card bills. You got student loans you have to pay. You have a bunch of going
on that you have to continue to feed and all that, and
especially if you have a family. And you have to feed them, oh my goodness. Then you’re fully locked in,
you can’t take any chances whatsoever and often times,
people make the mistake of getting stuck and it
is just a tactical mistake just like it would be a
mistake if you got stuck in a video game, just
like it would be a mistake if you followed a map incorrectly and you got stuck in the woods. Your life is certainly
some sort of a journey. It’s certainly some sort
of journey and we have to all be aware that when
we’re making journeys, we’re not going to always
make the right steps. And sometimes you have
to back up and try again and if you’re in a position
where you can’t back up and try again, you’ve trapped yourself. And the system will set
out honey pots for people to get trapped in, the
system will set out ideas of retirement, the ideas
of the golden years, providing you benefits, providing you a healthy work environment, why? Well, because they want
people to work for them. They don’t want people to
realize their own dreams and escape and that’s a pain
in the ass so you got to hire more people and train them. They want to set it up
so that you stick around. Stick around in some sort
of an unsatisfying world. It’s up to you to see
that video game problem, to see that issue as
it comes up on the map. And no, I think this is a right turn. To see all the problems that
could potentially lay in front of you and calculate your future. And also look around all
the people that didn’t do it and look at the misery that they’re in and learn that you don’t
want to be like them. And then look at the people
that have kind of taken chances and navigated their way. What did they do differently than you? What objectivity do they
have that maybe you lack? What insight into their own
mistakes are they willing to delve into that you’re
not, that you step back and go, I just don’t want to
look at myself that closely? But the person who’s able
to look at themselves the closest is going to get
the more rational results. One of the things that’s
causing this funk that people are in is that we’re living
our lives, many of us at least in these very unfulfilling
ways where you’re going to this office with artificial light and you’re doing something you
don’t want to do all day long and then you get home and you’re tired. And on top of that, you’re
eating, you’re eating potato chips and you’re drinking soda. And your body is just
like what in the is this? We’re supposed to be out in the fields. We’re supposed to be walking up hills. We’re supposed to be looking for animals or gathering vegetables,
we’re supposed to be doing all these things that our
body’s designed to do. We’re supposed to be in
nature and nature is like a medicine, like it literally
is a medicine to you. Like people that go, you
don’t have to go hunting. You don’t have to go
fishing, just go hike man. Just go hike up to the top of a mountain and look out, ya know,
there’s a reward that you get from that is intensely like soul filling. There’s like something
about, when I was in Colorado and there was this area of
Boulder where you drive up one of these roads and there
was this area where you could park and it was
this incredible view, man. And these people just
park and just go out there and just look but you get
there and you park and you go, ’cause you would see,
you’re literally seeing the Continental Divide,
these snow capped mountains in July, in July it’s covered in snow ’cause those mountains don’t give a. One thing that we are, we’re an animal. But we’re also the next
stage of animals where we’re aware of who we are
and we contemplate our existence and when you
contemplate your existence and you’re an intelligent
life form, you should always be seeking to improve. If you’re always seeking
to improve, the thing that you look at, like what has brought me the most positive results? So it’s kindness, it’s
kindness, it’s friendship. The connection with human
beings on a very positive level where you like build up like a trust and you have warmth and
friendship and you route for each other and you
share in each other’s bounty and you build together,
that, we all know inherently in our heads that kindness
is like one of the best gifts you can bestow another
human being whether it’s giving them food and they
don’t have any or helping them out or hooking them up or
doing something to help ’em, just, or being around them
and complimenting them, whatever the it is, we know that inherently that feels great. We know it, we know that that’s the next, we have to figure out how to
use our resources together so that we can be like that all the time. I think it’s always about
doin’ what you actually want to be doin’ with
your life as far as if you have an inner creative
expression to get out. There’s a lot of people who
just always wanted to be singers and they just for
whatever reason, never pursued it. So they just sing around
their house and they always wonder what could’ve been
if they just tried to be a singer, that’s one form
of, that could bum you out. That’s one form of a
road block in your life, the depressed feeling that you didn’t try, that you didn’t try to
reach your potential. You didn’t go after what
is intriguing to you. We all have almost like
a beacon that pulls us in a certain direction, for
some people it’s nursing. For some people it’s
construction and architecture. – [Man] Being a parent for some people. – [Joe] Yeah, for some,
for us it was stand up. It was really simple
and there’s something, the happiness that’s involved
in pursuing your inherent desires is unavoidable, I mean, it’s not, it’s unappreciated,
it’s under appreciated. People think well all you
have to do find a career. Yes, all you have to do is find a career. But I guarantee you
there’s one out there that you really, really want to do. – Yeah the key is.
– Unless it’s just like, I want to be famous,
then you’re an asshole. – [Man] Well, that’s
what I was going to say. – Thank you guys so much for watching. I made this video because
Cee SayDee asked me to. So if there’s a famous
entrepreneur that you want me to profile next, leave
it in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do. I’d also love to know what
did Joe say that had the biggest impact on you, what
change are you going to make in your life or business
after watching this video. Please leave it in the comments. I’m going to join in the discussion. I also want to give a quick
shout out to Tuan Nguyen, thank you so much for
picking up a copy of my book, Your One Word, it really,
really, really means a lot to me. So thank you guys again for
watching, I believe in you. I hope you continue to believe in yourself and whatever Your One Word is,
much love, I’ll see you soon. (whooshing)
(ball bounces) – [Joe] The idea that
we live literally on a gigantic organic space
ship, ya know, that’s just too up, it’s too crazy to think. It’s so much easier to
think about Tiger Woods and what was Jesse James
thinking and it’s so much easier to distract yourself
with who wears this dress better in US Magazine, 76% say this girl. It’s, I think as human beings,
we have, we’re in a weird sort of an adolescent stage of evolution and we have these incredible,
technical and technological capabilities and this insane
ability to communicate with people all over the
world and this insane ability to exchange
information but we’re still trapped in this monkey body
and we still have these monkey instincts and we
work like incredible hours. And if you see kids in
school now, they have insane amounts of homework,
they’re training you to be a God damn drone, I mean,
you work all day in school. And then you come home and
you have hours and hours of homework, three and four
hours of homework a night to the point where you’re
just accustomed to like doing things you don’t want
to do and then you’re going to take that and you’re
going to go to college. You’re going to work on
it there and eventually you’re going to get a job
and that job is going to require hours and hours
of your day to the point where you don’t have time
to thing about space. You don’t have time to
think about is there some sort of a weird connection
between every human being on the planet and every
single action that you do. Is life itself really
some sort of a gigantic mathematical equation, it’s too bizarre and unrecognizable to the average person. But those thoughts,
there’s no room for those when you have to get up
for work in five hours and your baby’s crying
and you got to get gas. And there’s all sort of
issues that people have that keep them from
thinking about the real weird aspects of this life,
this life is incredibly bizarre. JBS Haldane said it best,
not only is the world stranger than you suppose, it’s stranger than you can
suppose, it really is. When you start getting into
like, you start getting into Quantum Physics and
the idea of particles and super divisions where
they can exist in motion and be still at the same
time and then there’s subatomic particles that
link in and out of existence and they exist in two different
places at the same time, what the is going on?
(laughing) Ya know, it’s too much, it’s too crazy. In order for you to take
care of your mortgage, in order for you to be a
good neighbor and chill for the Homeowner’s Association
meeting on Tuesday night and gossip with the
neighbors about who’s losin’ their house, there’s too many variables. There’s too much things
going on that people gravitate towards stupid
meaningless because it’s easy to absorb and because
it jives well with our monkey instincts, the Large
Hadron Collider doesn’t nearly as much weight in the news. There’s a bunch of,
there’s 10,000 scientists that are making black holes. That’s not getting the news, that’s not getting
nearly as much attention. We’re so strange that we’re like a movie. We, the whole human
race is like a God damn Coen Brothers Movie,
there’s a certain amount of programming that the media does especially if you watch stuff like Fox News. There’s a certain amount
where they’re sort of conditioning people to
think a certain way. But for the most part, it’s
what people are interested in. I think, the really deep
scary stuff is too daunting for a lot of people, there’s
something about people that it’s like, they don’t want to
know what’s behind the door. They don’t want to know what’s outside. It’s too scary, they want to
control their micro world. And they, that’s why people
like having a small group of friends and living in a small community and they like to know their environment. And when you get into really
crazy like Quantum Physics and you get into the
universe and infinity, the idea of an infinite
universe and perhaps not even just one universe
but infinite numbers of universes, it’s just too nuts. It’s too crazy to think that above you literally goes on
forever, there is no roof. You step outside your
house and there is no, you can make a straight
line from your head to a star that’s 14
billion light years away. That’s insane, that’s one
of the things that hits you when you do mushrooms,
especially if you do a large dose, you start
realizing that there’s no ground, there’s no up and no down. You’re like in the middle of
this and there’s no edges. It just goes, it goes
forever and you’re like, you’re just like right
there, you’re right there swimming in this universal soup. (pleasant music)

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