John Kavanagh’s Vikings Training • Win or Learn • Episode 03

Win or Learn with John Kavanagh Víkingaþrek So when I used to go to Mjolnir I would
teach my classes but I always would do the Víkingaþrek while I was there I just
enjoyed it it is a boot camp style of class and in
terms of you have between 20 and 40 people in a room and they’re all doing
exercising so so that is generic enough there’s a bunch of them around Dublin
There’s a few things unique about the Vikingtrek. Certainly I haven’t seen
anywhere else it’s barefoot right away that’s different than most and I like that idea I think we’re all get the too much with
different shoes on our feet being formed, in set positions. Now we as martial
artists that are always on the mats barefoot anyway we’re a lot more tactile
and used to our feet grabbing and moving and bending in ways and that’s a very healthy thing. One there’s a strength element. I don’t like the idea
of just doing cardio I think there should be should be lifting heavy things
in there the health benefits for that are out the window
bone density muscle structure and prevent injury prevention and boosting
testosterone and all of these good things for women they always have a bit
of a fear I lift heavy weights I’m gonna I’m gonna get huge
if that was true every guy would be huge it’s not easy to get huge certainly won’t do that
to you but it will tone you up and make you strong the type of calories you burn
from a squatting session is far greater than any 45-minute run you can do so I
like there’s a strength element there to go along with that then is the technique
element so before you even do a Víkingaþrek class there’s actually weeks of
training you have to do to learn the proper swings the snatches cleans all
the techniques that we use with the kettlebells so you’re not just day one
you’re part of the class which you could do if you’re just going in and you’re
you’re on the treadmill or you’re a bike you’re on battling ropes you’re punching
in the air you’re doing all that don’t need a whole lot of training you just go
straight into it. But Víkingaþrek you actually do have to do a one-on-one
beginner course and then you’re on to the regular training so we’re on our way to
WellFest to show the Irish public Víkingaþrek
for the first time. Hopefully it’s gonna be a big hit Is everybody here for Víkingaþrek? Wow. Ok. So we only have twenty spaces. What we’re gonna do, we’re gonna do slightly shorter ones. We’re gonna take the first twenty and you’ll go to 25 past twelve. And then the second one you can do 25 past twelve, till five to one. So I like that it’s technique orientated I
like there’s a strength element I like that it’s barefoot. There’s a martial arts
element so we use techniques from kickboxing and from grappling and from
MMA so that makes it kind of fun sometimes I tell this to people and they go: oh it couldn’t be, but I am the laziest person in the world you will not get me
gone into a gym to go on a bike for half an hour cannot do it cannot do it. Bored out of my head I want to either do a sport that’s
training in football or rolling jiu-jitsu or doing Víkingaþrek it feels
like sport to me because there’s so many different activities on it you’re going
from one exercise to another. Sometimes you’re hitting the pads and next thing
you’re skipping rope and then you’re swinging the kettlebell it’s it’s
interesting, it keeps my mind occupied it’s one of those things that you’ve
done 45 minutes 15 minutes of class is over
you’re wringing out of your t-shirt I felt like it was two seconds
and there’s Kira to ruin my shot so for me to do some sort of fitness
program it’s gonna have to be interesting. So it’s either going to be sport
orientated like I’d rather go play game of tennis and football anything like
that and then at the end of it all realize my t-shirt is all wet. At the
end of it all feel a bit of a burn in my legs from lifting something rather than
thinking about going to the gym to do that, thinking – oh god I don’t want to do this. it was a bit of a shock because I’ve
trained with John before and the lads And I was so fit and then one of those
classes I don’t think it was even a full class. So hard cardio wise, it just
shows you where you’re at which is pretty damn bad. But I loved it, it’s just great fun. So I’m being a hundred-percent
honest, I’m bringing Víkingaþrek to Ireland for just myself I’m being
absolutely selfish about this I know if it’s in my gym I’ll do it
because I actually actually kind of like it. And it would be nice that a couple of couple of hundred people would join along and do it with me. And there’s a great buzz that goes along with as well. Mjolnir –
the gym in Iceland they’ve really captured this well. They’ve got
hundreds of people signed up to the program but you seem to all know each
other and they have their certain days they go and you see them arriving on
Tuesday at 7 p.m. and their buddy is there and they’re like okay that’s today
let’s push it a little bit more than last week a lot of cheering going on
during a session high-fiving and it’s it’s just a real good buzz
that’s what we’re trying to capture in next one. Hey guys! I guess that’s a good ending! ministry I’ll get some

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