77 thoughts on “John Laurinaitis reflects on the fallout of WCW’s buyout: WWE Network Pick of the Week

  1. I only remember him as johnny ace who invented cutter and had great matches at ajpw in their peak during early to late 90s

  2. WWE needs to hire a new YouTube video/audio editor team. You turn up the volume to hear what they are saying, at the end of the video the music level blasts through your speakers. Audio levels dont match. It's annoying.

  3. John Laurinatis was actually one of my favorite heels in the business, I wonder what he’s doing nowadays?


  4. For someone who is the innovator of Ace Crusher, also helped in innovating some finishers and also has 5 star matches in his portfolio, his post-CM Punk pipebomb, in-ring return matches are a let down 😑

    I expected him to show that he's still got it due to his past achievements. 😞

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