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Jon Jones: Harcord – Find Your Fight

Jon Jones: Harcord – Find Your Fight

[Music] what’s up guys I’m Jon bones Jones this is junior as you can see he’s a really big and strong fighter could be the best in the world the only problem is is aging can’t quite put them in touch with a good promoter oh I’m sorry this is the promoter it’s not quite feeling that agent can you speak English please I can’t understand you don’t my guys not sure if you can tell but there’s a little bit of a language barrier there and that is why we came up with parkour parkour is a website that connects fighters from all over the world for example let’s say you’re from China and you want to work with an American agency what we do is we’d bring you guys together you guys can discuss the terms of your agreement [Music] my buddy jr. here has found his fight and he’s ready to become a champion hardcore find your fight [Music]

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21 thoughts on “Jon Jones: Harcord – Find Your Fight

  1. Поздравляю с открытием! Желаю успешного развития, идея отличная

  2. लाठी का घमासान युध्द ।🔥। Lathi se ladai kaise kare ।🔥। Maut ka tandav ।🔥। by R.S Martial Arts

  3. Please tell where in Africa this was filmed and where the electric socket for the laptop would be in A FUCKING STRAW HOUSE? you POS.

  4. اتمنا من العرب ان يشتركون بقناتي ويعلق (تم)بقناتي ومردود و(الله)

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