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Jorge Masvidal | Before They Were Famous | UFC 244 Street Jesus

Jorge Masvidal | Before They Were Famous | UFC 244 Street Jesus

Before Jorge Masvidal would seize the UFC
Welterweight Title… and be awarded a new belt titled BMF for Baddest Mother In The
Game… Before Jorge Masvidal would hold the record
for fastest knockout in UFC history clocking in at just 5 seconds with a flying knee. Before Jorge Masvidal would climb to 1 Million
instagram followers following his UFC 244 victory over Nate Diaz and spend some time
hanging with the rock and talking trash about Conor McGregor. The UFC has a new super star fighter who is
both bringing in the views and taking home the W’s. It actually makes me feel bad for Nate Diaz,
he’s just the guy they keep bringing out to fight their next big star – no shade to
Diaz, just saying. We’ve covered a lot of rags to riches stories
here on this channel but Jorge barely even had rags – the son of a Cuban immigrant
who spent much of time in the US behind prison bars on manslaughter and drug trafficking
charges. Jorge had little face time with his old man
but learned on the school yard pretty early on that he had an innate talent for fighting. Dedicating himself to the sport with no money
in his pocket was an incredibly huge gamble. He slept in cars, parking lots and under the
gym ring for years. Backyard brawls held by Kimbo Slice got him
a reputation in Miami sating back 15 years ago but now he’s set to dominate mixed martial
arts on a global scale. What’s going on guys? It’s your boy Michael McCrudden documenting
the life and career of Jorge Masvidal aka Street Jesus here for you on Before They Were
Famous. We’ve covered other famous fighters in the
past including Kimbo Slice, Nate Diaz and Kabib Numagomedov. Is it time for a Conor McGreggor after they
were famous? Doesn’t feel good going against my own Irish
men but if you guys say so – we will have to get done. Sound off in the comments down below. Smash that like button and now let’s get into
this video. Jorge Masvidal was born on November 12, 1984
in Miami Florida. He was literally bred to brawl with one uncle
back in Cuba having been a security guard for Fidel Castro and another who was part
of the rebellion. His father Jorge Masvidal Sr was a Cuban born
refugee who escaped the communist country at the age of 15 on a make shift raft. Him and two friends thought that it would
be a one day trip but found themselves lost at sea with no fresh drinking water for three
days. Out of desperation his dad bit into a bird
that landed on their paddle and drank it’s blood to quench his thirst. After 6 days they landed on in the Virgin
Islands and from there made it to the US. Only speaking Spanish, his dad didn’t last
long in school. He started working in construction before
finding himself in a California prison for 4 years on charges of Manslaughter. Then another 18 years for drug trafficking. Before he was behind bars, Jorge Sr would
keep a close eye on his boy alongside his Peruvian mother. Jorge Jr started fighting pretty early on
as a kid, as early as kindergarten. He grew up in poverty with his mom working
day and night to keep food on the table but still there were nights where there was little
to eat. Initially he didn’t know his dad had been
arrested when he was 4 and they told him his dad was in the army. Young Jorge felt envious of his pops traveling
the world making money while he went to bed hungry. While attending St. Brendan High School in
Miami Dade County he was enrolled on the wrestling team but during the summer after his first
year he was expelled. His mom was terrified that he was heading
down a similar path of that as his father and it was then she informed him that his
dad wasn’t in the army but locked up behind bars. At 14 or 15 he would go visit his dad and
prison, locked up Jorge Sr. Decided that he would do his best to mentor his son so that
he didn’t end up with a similar fate. Despite all this, Jorge would soon have his
own brush with the law and find himself in prison as a young teen. That seems to have been his wake up cal. From there Jorge began spending his time in
the gym and attending backyard Fight Clubs. One of his first matches was at the age of
14 where he took on a 19 year old and to a lot of people surprise – he won. At the time everyone refered to Jorge as Ponytail
– this includes fighting legend and OG Kimbo Slice. From there on out, footage of him fighting
on streets started appearing online. From there on out, Jorge forgot about school
and focused his mind on training. began to refine his fighting skills and stepped
in the professional ring when he was only 19. He participated in the Fast and Fearless kickboxing
event. He made his kickboxing debut in 2003 and a
month later he debuted in mixed martial arts which was at the time, still a relatively
obscure sport. The money, if any way extremely low. His backyard brawls might earn him $40 bucks. Speaking back on these days he stated: It didn’t matter where I slept or what I
was doing, as long as I could make it to the gym and space out for those three, four hours. I was like a kid all over again and I did
that my whole life and it’s happened to pay off now. When his father eventually got out, after
18 years and some time in a deportation centre Jorge and Jorge Sr finally got the opportunity
to play wrestle and he learned pretty quickly where he got
his skill set from. The fighter had barely turned 20 when he already
had 3 wins in his record. Back then his diet consisted mostly
of McDonald’s. His first fight outside of the home state
was his sixth fight when he faced Brazilian Raphael Assuncao. Then Masvidal returned back to Florida and
a week later he knocked out Joe Lauzon. After three more fights under the AFC banner,
Jorge signed with the Bodog Fight where he had three fights all
of which he won, with one of them being in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He had two fights in Strikeforce from 2007
to 2008 performing with varying degrees of success. He took some time off to compete in more local
competitions before returning to Strikeforce in 2011. In less than a year he managed to defeat Billi
Evangelista and KJ Noons. He headlined his first title shot against
Gilbert Melendez it ended with a loss for him by decision. One fight later the UFC acquired Strikeforce
and he became a UFC fighter in 2013. There were more wins than loses defeating
Tim Means and Michael Chiesa but lost to lightweight Russian Rustam Khabilov. He won his next three fights against Pat Healy,
Daron Cruickshank, and James Krause and then a split decision lost against Al Iaquinta. Following this he decided to go back to the
welterweight in July 2015 where he had been performing for more than 10 years. He knocked out Cezar Ferreira, but chalked
up two losses to Benson Henderson and Lorenz Larkin. He won his three next fights with two of them
being by TKO over Jake Ellenberger and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and the other against
Ross Pearson. His winning streak was short lived. Soon, he was honored with the title shot against
Demian Maia and lost by split decision and lost his next title shot against Stephen Thompson. From there Jorge fell off the radar for over
a year and a half. He was pared up against British star Darren
Till and it was supposed to be a cake walk win but Jorge had other plans. Jorge threw a monstrous left hook that knocked
Till out even before he fell on the floor. Next up was Ben Askren who he managed to knock
out 5 seconds into the fight, setting a new UFC record for the fastest knockout and from
there – well a star was born!

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100 thoughts on “Jorge Masvidal | Before They Were Famous | UFC 244 Street Jesus

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