Jose Aldo Open to No. 1 Contender Fight With Cub Swanson – MMA Fighting

How is the conversation going with the UFC about your next fight and possible opponents? We’re already talking with them, I asked to fight as soon as possible. I stayed sidelined for a long time and that messed me up a little bit. I think November or December we’ll be fighting again. What about the opponent? I heard that Cub Swanson might be an option for you. Yes, Cub is an option. I think the ranking continues the same, there’s nowhere to run. Cub is well ranked, especially to be a challenge for me. Frankie will probably fight Max, so we can fight and a new contender will emerge. If he’s your opponent, how do you see him now? You fought him years ago and won in eight seconds. How have both of you changed since that fight? Both athletes changed a lot. It will be a new fight, a new story. I respect everything he’s been doing in the UFC, and we have to train a lot to face a really tough opponent. Do you think that a win for you, regardless of the opponent, already puts you back in a title fight in the UFC? First of all, I still don’t think about fighting for the belt or not. I think it has restarted for me. It’s in the past. It’s like if I was entering the division again. I want to come back to fighting, come back to winning, and then we can sit down and talk to see where I am. Based on your interviews after the Max Holloway fight, the way you handled the loss is different than when you fought Conor. What’s the difference between these losses, the way the fight was and its importance? I think that now we had a fight, right? There was a fight, there was a guy that earned the right to fight for the belt. I won’t say (Max) is the champion yet because he has yet to defend the title for the first time… but staying in this position I can say Max is the champion. But Max is a warrior, he’s in the division, is fighting for years, so I respect the way he defeated me. He beat me, no problem. I congratulate him. That’s the big difference that I see in losing now and losing to Conor.

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