42 thoughts on “Jose Aldo Still Open To ‘Big’ Lightweight fight [With Captions] – MMA Fighting

  1. Sad that he is stupid brazilian, if only he would have brain he would be great fighter, every other word he were saying in the last 5 years was kampion, he is too stupid to understand that he was tkoed 3 times

  2. Subtitles would help…… considering the title is in English,nothing against the beautiful Portuguese language,I just can't speak it 🤓🤐🤐

  3. Please retire and it would be the best for you. Dont fight anymore or it would be bad for your legacy..I dont see Jose Aldo beating anyone at lightweight,not even in fatherweight tòp4.

  4. This is a lot better from Jose. One of my favorite fighters but lost a lot of respect for him after the way he handled losing the belt. Seeing him like this makes me happy. If Holloway is out for ages let Jose fight Ortega.

  5. I'm open to Jose Aldo stealing the soul of another opponent after watching Jeremy Stephens' spirit unwillingly leave his body.

  6. I think Jose should go to light weight and fight. He did pretty much everything in featherweight besides beating Holloway & Conor. Jose Aldo is my favorite fighter ever but I feel like he should go to a different gym & get different looks. I’m not saying leave his gym completely, I’m saying train at his gym for half a training camp & then finish the camp with an other gym. When he fought Jeremy he was beginning to fade (Cardio wise). I always root for Jose, but I feel like his biggest hole in his game is cardio. If he can match the same gas tank as Holloway he can beat him. But I’m no professional fighter or I’m no Joe Rogan this is just me option on my favorite fighter. I would also love for Jose to get that rematch with Conor, but that fight probably won’t ever happen again.

  7. Im not really an aldo fan but he seems like a humble dude and I can see he has his confidence back that conor took away. I mean just like that the dude was at the bottom. Now in a position to maybe get it all back. I am happy for him.

  8. No matter what…. Jose Aldo best 155 of all time . Great run CHAMP. Everyone seems to play in you decision but cant hold nor defend belt.

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