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Jose Aldo Talks Fight With Max Holloway, Conor McGregor ‘Running’ And More

Jose Aldo Talks Fight With Max Holloway, Conor McGregor ‘Running’ And More

Aldo, have you watched Saturday’s fight,
that defined your next opponent? No, and people told me that the Combate signal cut out,
so there was no way to watch the fight. But the important is that my coaches
are watching, we’re already studying. First of all, I would like to say one thing about fights today. (Holloway) was saying ‘where’s Aldo?’ and
stuff like that. First of all, he has to talk to the UFC. Since the beginning, when I lost, a year ago,
I think, I said I’d definitely fight him because he was a guy that I saw back
then that had the chance to fight me, because I knew Conor wouldn’t
come back to the division anymore. I don’t know what he’s talking about, ‘where’s Aldo?’, if I’m
going to fight or not, because I always thought I’d fight him. I even told Dana at the meeting we had that I’d fight him.
And about the February fight, I already knew that. I just didn’t know who I was going to fight. It was between Pettis and him, whoever won would
be my next opponent. Everybody knew that. It’s not something new that he went there and said. No, this fight was supposed to happen already,
and will happen on February 11th. That’s it. – Is this a done deal?
– Yes. It was a done deal a while ago. We just couldn’t announce it, which is normal with the UFC.
But before this Saturday fight even happened, everybody, both of them already knew that the winner was
going to fight me February 11th in Brooklyn. I don’t know why he’s talking so
much crap when it’s already set. Do you think he’s already running? I don’t know, right? We’ll see. He said after the
fight that we’re fighting on February 11th so I believe that, brother, there’s nowhere to run. We already have a runaway in Conor, who hasn’t
stepped a foot in the division in a year. Were you surprised with the result of the fight? Did you think Pettis would win, or did you
already expect Holloway to win? No, I thought it would be a really tough fight. And it was.
Like I said, not many people saw this fight. But I was already talking to ‘Dede’ this morning.
It was a tough fight. It wasn’t easy at all. But I think Pettis is declining, so I already expected
that Holloway had a bigger chance to win the fight. One year after the loss to Conor McGregor.
Can you sum up how was this year for you? Great. I became champion again, like I was. A champion is the one who wins and defends his belt,
not a lucky shot that you throw and beat the champion. I had already seen that with Georges St-Pierre, when he lost the title and
when he went for the rematch, which was normal, the champion won. I’m still the champion. To me, it’s a great year. I beat Frankie Edgar really well, and I’m where I always wanted to be,
where I deserve to be, which is being champion. What’s the biggest challenge you see in a fight with Holloway? I haven’t studied his game yet, so a fight is a fight. Of course, we defend hard in there,
but he tries to keep it standing, but I don’t see any problem with it because I don’t see where
he can beat me. Standing, on the ground, wrestling, nothing. He’s just coming off a big winning streak,
but against guys that are not at the top. He fought Pettis now, who was fighting for the
second time in the featherweight division, and I don’t know why he thinks he’s that big of a deal. To me, he’s just another normal fighter that I knew had a big
chance of fighting me in the future. And it will happen. He mentioned this Brooklyn date, but later on the
press conference he said it wasn’t set yet, because he didn’t want to skip Christmas and his
son’s birthday and you don’t show up to fight. Is that any reason why this date won’t work? No, the date is set. I will fight at this day, with him or another. This is certain. If he shows up or not, that’s his problem. Everybody has a family, everybody has kids, holidays and all that,
so who wants to be a champion can’t think about holidays. I’ve fought at many events like the Super Bowl weekend
and trained during Christmas and New Years Eve, and that was never a problem for me. It’s easy for
you to analyze and see who won’t show up. One thing is certain: like I said, it was already a done deal. The UFC knew about the date, Dana and everybody else, but we didn’t
announce it before because we had to wait for the fight first. You always talked about better pay, fair things for fighters, and there’s the MMA Athletes’ Association now
with GSP, Tim Kennedy, Donald Cerrone. Did they reach out to you? What are your thoughts
on this association? Do you intend to join them? I was. They invited me to be a part of this association,
but I don’t think everything is clear with this association. There are others going on, laws in the Senate as well,
so there’s a lot going on to help athletes. When it’s possible for me to be present and be a part of
things that will benefit the athletes, I will always fight for us. This association was created by a former Bellator president, so I don’t
know what’s the real function behind it, if it’s something for the fighters. I’m part of one, too, with Randy Couture, Cung Le, that has an
open mind to help athletes, not only the ones in the UFC. Our world isn’t focused only in the UFC. We have millions of fighters,
trillions of fighters that need help. We won’t fight with a promotion just because we’re exclusive there. I fight for everybody, national and international, no matter
where they are. I want to help those athletes. Not only those in the UFC, those that are in the
big league and can have a better future, but those in the small promotions and need our help. As a commentator, how do you see
Rousey’s fight against Amanda going? Who gets the better in which área, and who wins? First of all, I think it’s a great fight.
Of course, I’m a Brazilian and I will cheer for Amanda. I see a great potential in Amanda, too. She proved in her last fight that she wants to
continue as champion. She has a sharp boxing. If she’s able to neutralize Ronda’s judo, her takedowns, which for
me is not that hard to stop, she has big chances at winning. Ronda is an athlete that we don’t know how she
will behave because she’s coming off a loss. You can be sure that if she has a chance to get a takedown and grapple,
she has a great chance at winning the fight as well. Depends on who can impose their game in the fight.
Whoever does your game better, will win the fight. I think women’s MMA is based on this. I don’t see many
well-rounded female athletes today, dominating all areas. You see one great boxer, one with great judo,
one with great grappling skills. One athlete that I think is really complete is Joanna,
but I don’t see one in Ronda’s division yet. I knew that when she fought someone with great boxing,
even if they don’t know how to stop takedowns, but had a good movement standing, they could beat her. Or someone with great wrestling to stop
her judo, they could beat her, too. Women’s MMA, this division, is still pretty much
at the same level. It’s too new, right?

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100 thoughts on “Jose Aldo Talks Fight With Max Holloway, Conor McGregor ‘Running’ And More

  1. Doesn matter the firt fight. Dana white it obviously avoiding this fight becouse connor generates much more money as a champion than connor. This is happening with a lot of fighters, specially with connor. UFC is less and less close to a sport this days than the early mma champioships.

  2. is it bad of me to not care what aldo has to say since he does not speak english and i am too lazy to turn on the subtitles?

  3. Not really sure what to make of what Aldo says some seems legit other times total BS. Like, he didn't beat Franke "really well" both fighters looked reluctant and Aldo just did enough to win that fight.

  4. For all u idiots who are just watching the sport bcuz of Conor… he means conor is running from the division. I mean he isn't wrong for saying that… conor won the belt and hasn't defended it but instead gets another title shot. It's the favouritism u idiots.

  5. Aldo said he'll be fighting in February whether it's Max or someone else. Would be pretty damn funny if Conor stepped up with Max looking like he doesn't want that date.

  6. it is absolutely impossible for aldo and mcgregor to EVER go all five rnds. i can't blame aldo for tryin to get that big money rematch tho…

  7. Let's keep it simple. Aldo won the belt nearly a decade ago and defended multiple times. McGregor knocked him out, never defended, took three fights in other weight classes and got stripped for not defending. McGregor will likely never defend the lightweight belt either. You can speculate about who is better but you won't know until they fight again. McGregor got rocked with a left hand and choked out by a guy that was sipping tequila the weekend before. McGregor looked terrible and got his chance for redemption. Aldo should get his too.

  8. i don't understand how Aldo can talk trash against someone who KO'D him stiff in 13 seconds 😂😂 everything he says about conor is irrelevant at this point, we all saw you get knocked out.

  9. Why would you post this without sub titles. I REALLLLLY wanted to hear what he had to say about money McGregor lmfao thumbs down on the subtitles lmao

  10. conor knocked you out and moved on,,,hes not coming back to 145…just move up to 155, which is your walking around weight anyway

  11. Instead of disliking the video, turn on the subtitles, the little gear(settings) in bottom right of video, click subtitles, select english

  12. If his lover RDA hadn't pulled out and forced Conor out on that detour with Diaz Conor would had been back within 6 months after knocking Aldos ass out. Those new Brazilians really mess things up by constant pulling out of fights the week before fight night.
    Look at the older brazilians like Wanderlai and the Minotaurs. They were more like Conor and showed up what ever.

  13. Here's a funny scenario/fantasy/dream. Imagin Holloway doing an Aldo and pulling out a few days before fightnight and they throw in Conor as replacement. What would Aldo do? Lol!!!

  14. where was jose before this pettis fight ducking. saying he would rather fight pettis max been calling him out for a year the only reason he took the fight now is cause he has to jose waldo

  15. These dislikes are a disgrace. I too do not like everything about Aldo, hes definitely made some wrong choices. But respect this great YouTube Channel and one of the greatest Champions in the history of the sport. Causal idiots who only look for drama

  16. A second fight with Aldo sells nothing for Conor compared to a third fight with Diaz, or a fight with Khabib or Tony. Aldo can't speak english well enough, and he will forever be known for 13 seconds. He has no reason to fight you a second time bud.

  17. True champ f*ck you haters, he was champ for 10 years, he deserves insta rematch. why did conor fight diaz at ufc 196, why did he got butthurt and fight him in 202 instead of fighting interim champ aldo? why he goes at ufc 205 fighting for 2nd belt instead fighting interim champ still? why he never showed interest of fighting interim champ? many answers to be answered fk you aldo is champ and hes gonna defend his belt unlike conor

  18. Jose Aldo is a good Fighter!, he proved that many years, just because he lost one fight with Conor doesn't make him wt y'all are saying he is. Conor Fans are scare of Aldo fighting Conor on Rematch. uhhhh…Don't worry We know how it works, See how Calm and Professional Aldo Talks. btw Aldo knows it 2 ,how it works, when is about Conor/ is like nooooo……haahaha funny

  19. haha btw have u guys seen Capoeira kicks of Conor haha thas a joke man, pls Fans of Conor tell him not to do it pls is totally wrong how he does it.

  20. José Aldo is kind of ridiculous. how does he figure he's the true champion when he got knocked out? he got handed a belt. he didn't beat a champion. he's really just a sore loser. he used to be the champ but he sure as hell isn't the champ now.

  21. Jose is a crybaby and it makes no sense that he gets the belt back because he lost it fair and square. They should have had a fight to determine the real champion. And the real champion is Conor McGregor he killed Aldo

  22. I am so sick of Mr. 13 seconds crying over his loss to Conor. Shut up already, Waldo. Besides, Max is going to destroy him.

  23. im worried for aldo, he was already starting to get old to begin with and after that loss to conor it must of took a toll on his mind considering the stress, aldo should be looking at retirement soon

  24. You can fool yourself Aldo into thinking you lost to a lucky shot but the fans know better. McGregor even told you beforehand how he would beat you and you still walked straight into it. If he ever goes back to 145 he'll beat you again easy, too big, too much reach and too much know out power

  25. i like aldo a lot and everything but the mcgregor fight killed him. He knew what was at stake, everything. And Mcgregor took his head that day.

  26. john kavanagh always said that Max is numer 1 featherweight after Mcgregor and it is 100%. Aldo is old man he is like vitor belfort triying to survive, that is it.

  27. look how he speaks. look how he behaves, look at his eyes. he has not so strong believe of himself like he had in the past. the eyes never lie.

  28. You haters CONOR got choked out fast and quit and he came back and beat Nate in the rematch so it can happen..split decision is still a Aldo who's been training with Robert Garcia in boxing the last 4 months is a better boxer..Garcia is one of the best trainers in the world…Aldo has to start kicking again..not be afraid of Max catching his kicks..


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