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Jose Aldo UFC 190 Media Scrum

Jose Aldo UFC 190 Media Scrum

– Jose Aldo, so you’re back to training?
– We will be back to training 100 percent on Monday. We already did some things and didn’t feel anything, so I believe
we will train harder on Monday to find out if we’re ready or not. Are you bothered by the way things happened?
The things that were said about the tests? Yes, of course. We get a little upset for the things that were said,
but we showed the images, how it happened, x-rays and everything. We had everything covered. It happened in training
like it could have happened to any other athlete. Now we move on, it’s in the past. What people
said or not, it doesn’t matter to me. What really matters is that I’m fine, that I’m okay.
I will go back to the gym and train hard. Did you watch the Chad Mendes fight?
If so, what are your thoughts on it? I did not. I don’t watch fights when my teammates aren’t fighting.
I try to escape from it a little bit because I live fighting 24 hours a day. I don’t need to watch it because my team
works hard and does a great job. I don’t worry about watching the fight, I believe
my team and they bring good stuff for me. The UFC mentioned booking your fight for December
or January. Which date is better for you? They are talking about dates, but
the sooner the better for me. Like I said, there was a lot of buzz for this fight
and I want to put an end in this story. I’m confident that I will be able to come back to hard training
next week and will give them the green light to book the fight. December or January, it doesn’t matter to me.
The important (thing) is that I can fight sooner. People say Dallas Cowboys stadium, Ireland,
Las Vegas, Brazil. Where do you prefer to fight? They are talking about it. It doesn’t really matter to me.
Wherever they put this fight, I have to be ready to fight. Of course if it was up to me, I would be fighting here.
Nothing better than fighting with Brazilians supporting us. Did you feel any pain when you returned
to training? What can’t you do yet? I didn’t feel anything yet. Like I said,
I did some things and didn’t feel anything. But we will start training hard next week, to work
really, really hard. But I hope I won’t feel anything. I didn’t train for the time doctors asked me, so now I will
be able to train. God willing, I won’t have any problem. T.J. Dillashaw mentioned a super fight with you?
What are your thoughts on this? The super fight will happen now, between the champion and
the interim champion. What T.J. said, will happen now. Conor and I will fight and, if God wants,
I will continue to be the champion. About T.J., congrats to him, he defended his title one more
time against Barao, but he has no right to demand anything. This kid is just starting, and his division isn’t talked about yet, so he
has to try to make his name first before trying to hit someone. Many people said Barao should move up to featherweight. Do you think
this could be the final push for you to go to lightweight? Or to come down, right? We have to see what’s best for Barao. He suffers a lot
to make weight. He’s kind of strong for the division. I hope me moves up, yes. I will root for him no
matter what, no matter where he is, at 145 of 135. I hope he can fight well at featherweight,
that he moves up well. About me moving up, we were really close in the past.
Now I’ll just stay here. We’re fine at featherweight, so we’ll keep it. Do you think it was a hasty decision to
create an interim title for your division? I don’t think it was needed, but for the organization, they
promoted this a lot, so they needed it because of it. They had to create this to keep Conor in the main event. That’s why they came up with the interim title,
so I also understand their side. I couldn’t fight because of the injury, so they had to
continue and came up with the interim title. As a champion, I’ve always defended my title,
but it’s normal. It’s normal. – It doesn’t change anything, right?
– For sure, it doesn’t change anything for me. I think it only made it twice as big. Financially,
we were good, and we’re two times bigger. – Title unification is more expensive, right?
– Thanks God, especially now with them saying where
the fight could happen, at the Dallas Cowboys stadium. I hope that happens. It’s going to be a
big show, and my pocket thanks it. After everything that happened,
are you hungrier for this fight? I will always be hungry, no matter what people
say or not. I will always be hungry. I think my personal and professional goals are the things that
motivate me. What people say or don’t say, I try not to listen. I just try to be there, train every day, and my hunger and
appetite will always be the biggest possible. I’m the champion and I want to retire being the champion. Dana White said fighters should train using protection when they
are weeks away from the fight. Did you discuss this at Nova Uniao? That never happened at Nova Uniao.
Our protection is God. God always has something good for us, and
now the fight is going to be two times bigger. The fan expectation, him being the
champion, everything will be bigger. About the protection, we always trained like this. Not only me, but other athletes already pulled
out from fights with rib injuries, ankle injuries. That’s part of the job. It’s a contact sport. – Do you consider using protection in training?
– Not for me. I ask for God’s protection and I’m protected. The closer to reality, the better for me. Protection
is for weak. We have to be closer to reality. Many people said I was training with heavier guys,
but we always trained like this, and I will continue to. I’m the champion and I will continue to be the champion because of this
and because of those guys that are in the gym with me every day You spent a lot of time traveling to
promote this fight, seeing Conor every day. – F—ing hell.
– Exactly. Will you do it all over again? I will escape from it. I will escape. We just had a meeting
with Lorenzo and he wants us to go to Vegas… – So you will have to see Conor again.
– It’s going to be good, it will be good. We will have some surprises, some new things. It’s going
to be different. We already had that experience. We have to make this the biggest fight in the
history, like it would have been already. About the trip, I don’t know. I hide
really well. I will be at home, hiding. In the UFC 190 main event, a fighter said trash talk made
the fight something personal. Does it make it personal to you? When it happens, it makes you agitated, angry,
but when I’m inside the Octagon I’m calm. I try to think about the training, what ‘Dede’ is saying.
If I’m mad I snap, and I’ve learned this lesson in the past. I have to keep my focus and stay calm to go there and
do an excellent fight, defend my title and keep winning. – How many times a day you think about this fight?
– I don’t think about it today, I’m actually thinking about my Tuesday soccer. I’ve thought a lot about the fight already. When I was injured,
I woke up hungry, said I would be able to fight, but I always slept bummed because ‘Dede’ came and said he
wouldn’t let me fight if we didn’t have a good answer from the doctors. It was frustrating, but now I try to forget this.
We will think about it soon… and then I will sleep and wake up thinking about this fight,
but it will take some time, probably December. Meanwhile, I have to rest my body and
my mind, and slowly return to training. When we have three months before the fight, we will
rush things and then think about the fight every day. – Is it time to tell McGregor the party is over?
– Of course, Aldo is here. The party is over, Aldo is here. I want to be back strong, I want to keep this title here, continue
to be the champion. But now we relax, live the life a bit. I’ll travel with my wife and daughter on Thursday
to Orlando, go to Disneyland, to relax. I will live my family now, and when I return ‘Dede’ will
be waiting for me with a whip to get back in the gym. Did everything that happen damage
your relationship with the UFC? Never, never. Everything Dana said, they
translated it differently here, and vice-versa. We can’t say something because they will translate it
differently. Nothing is damaged for me. I like Dana and Lorenzo a lot, everyone in the UFC.
They have always treated me well. Everything I asked them, for me or my teammates, they always helped
me, so it won’t be a thing they say or not that would make me angry. And if he does say, he’s the president and he has to sell the fight.
I don’t take this right away from him, and I won’t get pissed for anything. Did you root for McGregor because of the
money you’re going to make with this fight? Of course. Chad wins and we have to fight for a
third time, a tough war, and my pocket kind of empty. We will get McGregor, which is an easy fight,
and also brings us some good money. Dana White said you would have made R$ 14 million (four million dollars)
at UFC 189. What would you do with all that money? The first thing would be come back to Brazil and do a
big barbeque, to celebrate my entire family. But if it were 14 million reais, I think I would
have fought even with a broken rib. I don’t know if it would be all that, but it’s a good money to
make and make my family’s life better, and my daughter’s. I fight for my daughter, and I hope I can make her future better.
The things I didn’t have when I was a kid, I want her to have double. Renan Barao is one of the best fighters in the world, but
was dominated twice by Dillashaw. Is this a bad matchup? For sure. There are things we
see and simply don’t work. This time Barao trained hard, we were confident
he would do a completely different fight. He tried to fight the way he was training in the gym,
but he couldn’t. T.J. was happy that night. He was able to impose his
game and got another win. Have you spoken with him since
that fight? How is he? I only spoke with him over the phone.
He’s a close friend, I like him a lot. I hope he comes back and we can talk
next week, but I know he has a good head and will bounce back, at my weight or at bantamweight,
and that he’s able to do an excellent job. Sonnen said on his podcast that you threatened to sue him over
the things he’s said about your injury, and sue the UFC. Is it true? We had nothing with the UFC, but with his statements. It wasn’t me, my
team felt offended by the things he said about the team, especially ‘Dede’. We were upset. He was always a talker. You can’t write the things he says.
They were upset, but I was cool about it. I didn’t care much about it.

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93 thoughts on “Jose Aldo UFC 190 Media Scrum

  1. hard to take jose seriously when he's so full of sh-t. Now he's saying he didn't watch the fight, yesterday he was saying he wasn't impressed with Conor's performance

  2. He won't watch the fight because he's terrified of witnessing what Conor did in 10 minutes to Chad what Aldo couldn't even do in 25 minutes.

  3. course he was watching the fight, i wonder did he plan to pull out because of the war he was in with chad mendes the previous october and thought hmm im  not ready for another war. Quiet possible, thought to himself let conor fight chad i will watch the fight and see what he does. To me that is the likely scenario. Conor will annihilate him in the fight, hopefully first round knock out, conor deserves this as he is the one who sells these fights, the rest just show up

  4. You watch this tool pull out yet again at the last minute then hopefully the UFC will finally strip him of the belt he's desperately trying to keep hold of.

  5. Now aldo is happy about his pocket getting paid big.if he would've fought the first time he would had lots of money on both fights double the money.

  6. I take his word for it when he said he didn't watch the Conor/Mendes fight. It's understandable why. It was him that was supposed to take that fight and take home $4 million win or lose. And it's an interim belt. Probably didn't feel so good to turn on the PPV to watch people continuously refer to your falling out of the fight.

    With that said, if he doesn't watch the fight during his training camp while he's prepping for Conor, him and his team are being silly bitches. He is a beast, but I legitimately think Chad Mendes on a full camp is more dangerous for Conor than Aldo on a full camp.

  7. idk, i feel that he is trying to overcome that hype fear that's y he has been going to stadium shows to adapt it. it will be a stupid move and lie to say he didnt watched it. he confirm watched it. so many people doubted him of course he will watched it. he is period lose before the war has started. his mental game is break . with that said, of course i feel that the more we talk about dec, dallas , stadium show the more it will happen. i feel he could beat conor . but who knows. one thing is confirm. ireland invade dallas. that is confirm.

  8. Some people need to show Aldo more respect. Most of the people saying shit about Aldo didn't even know what the ufc or mma was before McGregor came along because if you did you would know what he is capable off. Having said that I still want to see Conor kick his ass #fightingIrish

  9. Its going to be lights out for Aldo,, once Conor starts landing those powerful leg kicks and nasty boxing combos Aldo is going to wish he had somewhere to hide..

  10. because conor is so good at self promotion people have i guess simply forgotten as amazing as that is, that this is JOSE ALDO. jose stormed onto the scene in his early twenties and has dominated the sport like no other fighter ever since. the only reason he's not the biggest draw and the most popular fighter is what you're seeing right now. he doesnt speak english, and even if he did he's not a magnetic personality, at least not on camera. lets face it, the chad mendes that fought aldo in their 2nd fight would have obviously destroyed conor, and jose beat that chad definitively. those of us who've been following the sport from the early days and watched all the WEC shows (glory days of mma imo) have no delusions about jose. he's obviously one of the greatest of all time and still relatively young. if he doesnt get rattled by the mental stuff conor's doing i seriously think he destroys conor.

  11. It's funny that McGregor fans get so butthurt cuz Aldo didn't watch the conor fight lol. McGregor fans cannot fathom the fact that Aldo didn't watch the McGregor fight LOL……cracks me up.

  12. Jose Aldo :"Im not impressed by Conor's performance…" [….] "I have never watched this fight"

    This guy is ridicule and so frustrated by an Amazing Conor's performance….

  13. God is his protection? Well then it's no wonder he is always pulling out of fights if he's putting his well being in the hands of fairy tales, so stupid.

  14. all you fan boys drink the koolaid of zuffa and that's all you know is zuffa mma. brainwashing bums open your eyes.

  15. He will run through Conor like a truck without a brakes…Conor will left his smelly  beard n stinky shit inside that Octagon when he meet the KING..Jose ain't Mednes,he is different beast that's gonna hunt Conor for long time after Jose knock his big fake balls out into the parking lot at the stadium in Dallas.

  16. How to tell the streetsmart Conor fans from the munters …

    Smart Conor fans: Recognize Aldo as a great, meaning that when Conor beats him it marks Conor as a great.

    Dumb Conor fans: Act like Aldo is a bum, meaning that when Conor beats him Conor will be marked only as King of the Bums.

    Think about what it means that Ali beat Frazier and Foreman – greats of the sport.
    Think about what it means that Jon Bones Jones went on a run where he beat legend after legend.

    It should be obvious that it's better for Team Conor if Aldo is held in extremely high regard. I guess the hate on Aldo just proves the world is full of clueless dipshits.

  17. Hey remember when Anderson was undefeated in the UFC and everyone said he was going to retire undefeated? This is no different than the Anderson situation a young good lookin stud just like Weidman is comin up and gonna knock aldo the fuck out 1st round

  18. Aldo has his excuse for losing to conor already, did you hear the rodent at 3:14 " if god wants I will be the champion" LOL conor is still in his head YESSSSSSSSSSS The bitch is even saying CONOR lol never said that before! little Brazilian….

  19. This is Aldo's last fight…. enjoy Aldo nut-huggers!   But wouldn't be surprised if he pulls out again!  pull n pray that the next fighter that they put in against Connor beats him.  #chickenshit

  20. You're a little bitch, Hosay. A scared little bitch who will crumble at the feet of the King. Another man killed. Sent back to the favelas headless and humbled.

  21. " Chad 3rd fight would be a tough war, pockets kinda empty
    Conor easy fight, some good money"


  22. Aldo did not watch the fight of Conor and Mendes?  Sun Tzu: "If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat." Watch the fight and study him…dont let your pride get in the way…

  23. These idiots dont even know that aldo knocked chad out in seconds on the first fight the second fight aldo chilled out abit .and if chad had full camp he would of won he only lost cz he ran out of breathe he didnt have enough time to train . Before he got tired he dominated the fight made conor bleed and was throwing conor on the floor like a little baby even conor dad faced it in a recent interview dat the whole family was crying when watchin the chad vs conor fight lol. Aldo is a different beast champ for years he will smash conor easy .

  24. I've always loved Jose but Conor has this in the bag. The shit that went on during the world tour really did piss Aldo off it was so blatently obvious he was emotionally invested.. Then exactly like Conor said he went and trained like a madman and got injured. THEN after the Mendes fight (which he clearly did watch) he starts saying stuff like "if god wants me continue being the champion I will".. That's a clear sign he doesn't know himself if he can win, doubting himself already. And when you break this down technically, Conor really does have every advantage. JOSE IS DONE FOR.

  25. He's full of shit. He saw the fight and will probably watch it quite a few more times. He just tried to dodge the question in order to curb the talking about Conor.

  26. Great of my favourite fighters.can't wait until McGregor vs Aldo. I like both fighters…people need to respect both fighters. people have to realise that MMA and boxing are the hardest sports in the world yet the fans criticize them the most. both fighters are great fighters people need to respect them more and enjoy the fights.

  27. There's a difference between talking shit and being careful/smart with your wording when speaking with media. I wouldn't count him out either he looks well rested and focused, I'm irish and I have to say I respect this man as much as conor if not more. At the end of the day alot was said and blah blah but this man is a fucking animal and still young.

  28. what a pussy, I cant wait till the day that little midget stands across the cage from me, nothing will save him then

  29. LOL!! He's clearly afraid of Conor and knew he was gonna lose that's why he pulled out of the fight. Enjoy your remaining days as a 'champ'.

  30. "Aldo couldn't do to Mendes what Connor did in 2 rounds" man these fucking casual fan boys are annoying. Are you forgetting Aldo knocking Mendes out inside 1 round the first time? Its almost a shame that mma/UFC is gone mainstream cause half of these fuck wits don't know anyone else on the UFC roster aside from 'The King' and the current champions if that.

  31. Does he ever wear a different suit? ? all tat 💵💵💲 & he wears tat shit lookn black 1 .ur reign is over king juice wen u do step in the ring with conor, he's gona tear u apart ,but as you said you will be making a lot of 💲💲💲💵💵.bitch going down

  32. Conor holds no technical advantages in this matchup, Aldo's stats speak for themselves, if you can't see that then you're just plain and simply deluded.

  33. conor will break in a submission and tap, this will be the gameplan if jose is taking too much damage on his feet. there is no way conor is beating jose once his back is flat on the ground. based on the mendes fight conor seems delusional in thinking his ground game is good. he has no ground game. he narrowly escaped the guillotine by mendes, mostly because they were sweaty. if jose is smart he will put conor on his back in the first round and go for a deep guillotine and it will be over. conor will tap, he talks a big game but since his ground game is vastly behind jose/mendes/edgar he will not know what his body is capable of withstanding in a deep submission, and he will tap due to fear of something snapping/dislocating.

  34. Aldo não é o campeão do marketing, ele é o campeão no octógono, ele está invicto ha anos. Conor é só um filhadaputa que vende suas lutas, é aquele garoto de escola que gosta de bater e ameaçar, mas Aldo é bem diferente dos garotos da Irlanda

  35. He did watch the fight. They interviewed him about it on fox lol says he wasnt impressed, expected it and that now he has a new gameplan to work on??. and judging by a few other statements he's made. He's looking to take this to the ground.. somebodys scared lol he said "this fight will end very quickly and i dont expect to take damage." Aldo.. You're too small to try and hold conor down long enough for a submission. Conor is to big to be controlled by someone who isnt a top notch wrestler.

  36. Aldo is going to murder Connors lead leg, then he is going to mop him up! Great fight but I don't see why everyone counts him out. I think Conor could get caught trying to do something flashy!

  37. Aldo is going to murder Connors lead leg, then he is going to mop him up! Great fight but I don't see why everyone counts him out. I think Conor could get caught trying to do something flashy!

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