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Josh Barnett – PreFight Interview for DREAM.13

Josh Barnett – PreFight Interview for DREAM.13

Josh Barnett Q: How do you feel about the upcoming fight? A: The same as always. I have had so many fights now, all I care about is eating and relaxing. Once the fight starts, I will be a violent psychopath. Q: What is your impression about your opponent? A: I am glad he signed, as no one else would. If he didn’t sign I’d be at home fighting insanity or sticking my head up my ass and fight for breath or something. I am the pro-wrestler vs. the world. Everyone has to die at some time. Q: Who do you think Mighty Mo is like as an anime character? A: He is kind of like Yamato Fudo, but that is more Mark Hunt. I can’t think of anything now. Q: You were supposed to fight Fedor in Affliction. It seems like he will face Yoshida next month. What do you think? A: It is a big match to go out as a retirement fight. They are both friends, so I wish them both luck. They’ll both be making lots of money so everyone will be happy. But I want to see Fedor in a Judo gi or sambo gi.

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