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Judge Faith – Dodging Grandma; Horrible Neighbors (Season 1: Episode #6)

Judge Faith – Dodging Grandma; Horrible Neighbors (Season 1: Episode #6)

Judge Faith…She says the grandmother
of her children
got her fired
and stole her car.
The reason why
I was terminated
was because Crystal lied,
talking trash
behind my back. NARRATOR:
But, then, this tale
takes a twisted turn.
She’s a schemestress,
a scam artist. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) That is not
my signature. You can stick
with the story as long as you want to. That jig is up.
It’s over. NARRATOR:And later,how did these two go
from playful pooches,
to ferocious fighters?My dog had begun to…
I’m… Squirting blood
out of his head. He bit through the skull… That’s a lie. That’s a lie. That is a straight-up lie. Right.
You think that this is all
one big conspiracy against you
and your dog, right? (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) NARRATOR:Faith Jenkins.Her distinguished
legal career
began when she graduated first
in her law school class.
She quickly became a tough
New York City prosecutor,
and then,
a pre-eminent legal analyst
on cable news.
And now, she’s the judge
in her own courtroom.
Her cases are realand her rulings are final.She is Judge Faith.Plaintiff
Crystal Batiste says,
the mother
of her grandchildren
sold her a car,
and is now trying
to take it back.
She is suing
for money paid
toward the purchase
of the vehicle.
Joining her in court
is her daughter,
Tiffany Johnson.
But defendant
Tatia Remo says,
Crystal stole the car,and is counter-suing
for money she lost
while Crystal was
in possession
of the vehicle.
BAILIFF: Remain seated
and come to order. Court is now
in session. The Honorable
Judge Faith Jenkins
presiding. Your Honor,
this case isBatiste v. Remo.Thank you, Barbara. Okay, Crystal Batiste? Yes, ma’am. You are suing
the defendant, Tatia Remo, for $3,740. You said you paid that money
toward the purchase
of a vehicle and the defendant
changed her mind and took the vehicle back
from you. That’s correct, Your Honor. You are counter-suing, ma’am, for $3,540 for car rental fees,
car retrieval costs, changed locks
and a carnival cruise ticket. Yes. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) We’ll start with you,
Ms. Batiste.
What happened here? How do you know
the defendant? I know the defendant…
She’s my grandkids’ mom. Okay. Okay? We had a pretty
good relationship,
Tatia and I, over the years, we’ve,
you know, bumped heads
a few times. But, overall, you know… (SCOFFS) We’ve managed to,
kind of, smooth out
our differences, and… And have a civil,
pretty good relationship. I began purchasing
a vehicle from Tatia,
a year ago. The Dodge Magnum. My husband and I
test-drove the vehicle. We decided
that we liked the car. I gave her the $450 down, we wrote up
a bill of sale, and we took the car. Me and Tatia
agreed on the payments of $175 on the third
and the seventeenth
of every month. I made the payments
timely, on time,
Your Honor, and I also took
a second job to make these payments
to Tatia. Okay.
Do you have a copy
of the bill of sale? Yes, ma’am, I do. May I see it, please? And, so, was that
the agreement about the car? TATIA: No. Crystal and I
never had any type
of agreement. Originally,
I let them borrow the car, because her husband
needed a way,
back and forth to work. However, when I… Okay, was there
and agreement that she would pay you? No, she didn’t… Only…
Only think I asked of them, is that they will pay
the insurance. So, she never paid you
a $175… Twice a month? My car note is not even
a $175. It’s $350 a month, Tatia. JUDGE FAITH:
Just answer the question. My car note
is not $350. JUDGE FAITH: Excuse me, ma’am. JUDGE FAITH: Excuse me. (JUDGE FAITH BANGS GAVEL) 19 payments of a $175,
you liar! Okay. (AUDIENCE MURMURS) TATIA: Judge Faith,
my car note… Is it your testimony? Is it your
testimony that
she never paid you… Make sure you address
your comments to the Judge. JUDGE FAITH: She said
she paid you 19 payments… (MURMURING) JUDGE FAITH:
…of a $175. No, she didn’t. She never paid you one single payment of a $175. TATIA:
No, I never asked her to. Because I never had no plans
on selling my car to Crystal. Oh, my God. So, no. JUDGE FAITH:
What is on the back of this? So, I’m looking at
the original…
You say it’s the bill of sale. CRYSTAL: That’s the original
bill of sale that was written up
at the time. Who’d write
the bill of sale on a note? JUDGE FAITH: Excuse me. Nobody. I did. JUDGE FAITH: Did you sign
a bill of sale? Because I knew I was dealing with a snake. Don’t talk to her.
Talk to the Judge. JUDGE FAITH: Did you sign
a bill of sale? No. Okay, take a look
at this document. BAILIFF: Stay there. Okay. I want you to look at
the signature… …on the bottom. CRYSTAL:
She’s familiar with it. She’s seen it before. Is it your testimony that that is not
your signature? That is not
my signature. Have you seen
this document before? I’ve seen it.
The police showed me… The police
showed this to me. This is not even
my handwriting. Is your testimony
that that’s a forged document? That is correct. That is not correct. What’s on the back
of this document, ma’am? (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) What’s on the back
of this bill of sale? On the back
of that bill of sale,
is scheduled payments that I made to Tatia. She and I
worked together. I helped her get a job
because she’s on probation for food-stamp fraud. TATIA: Okay. CRYSTAL: And stealing,
and shoplifting… (AUDIENCE WOOS) Whoa. CRYSTAL: …at Target. CRYSTAL: So, she cannot… Okay. CRYSTAL: Once she get a job,
she can’t keep it, because they find out
about her background. Sit down, okay? JUDGE FAITH: Is that true?
Excuse me. (TATIA YELLING) CRYSTAL: That’s what it is.
That’s what is. Excuse me. Excuse me. Is it true that you’re
on probation for fraud? TATIA: I… I…
No, I am on probation. But it is not
for fraud, however. I have proof, black and white,
where Crystal just got out
on probation. No, no, no, no, no.
I’m asking you a question. CRYSTAL: For whopping
somebody’s tail. TATIA: Yeah. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Yeah, you’re right. Mmm. So, if she’s…
I’m not… Yeah. I don’t need you ladies… TATIA: No, I’m not
on probation… TATIA: …for fraud. No. …dishing dirt
on who’s on probation. She is. JUDGE FAITH:
Let’s just stick… (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Let’s just stick
to the case. Quiet. JUDGE FAITH:
What’s on the back
of this document? The original…
You say it’s the bill of sale. Yes, ma’am. JUDGE FAITH:
There are a lot of dates and initials. What…
What is this? Okay, the initials are me, giving her
a $175 in cash. She would initial,
and I would initial
the payments. ‘Cause we worked together. Who pays a car note cash? CRYSTAL: I did.
We worked together. Stop interrupting. TATIA: Okay. I’m sorry. Go ahead. CRYSTAL: We worked together. I’m a care-giver.
I take care of people. JUDGE FAITH: Okay. I’ve done it
for over 20 years. Okay, I helped her
get a job. She got the job.
She was doing fine
on the job. I said, “Tatia,
keep your mouth closed.” ‘Cause I know
she’d flip at the lip. She’s loved to talk.
She’s a schemestress. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) A scam artist. This is where all of this
is stemming from. She got fired
off of the job. But, back to
the bill of sale… Okay, wait a second. The reason why
I was terminated, was because Crystal lied, talking trash
behind my back. However, when I got
terminated from
the care-giver’s position, the boss offered me
a position in his office. JUDGE FAITH:
Do you have any proof
that you gave her a $175 in payments? I do. I have a… JUDGE FAITH: Let me see it. Because someone, clearly,
is not telling the truth here. NARRATOR:Coming up…Judge Faith busts
one of these stories
in a truth test.
I don’t tolerate people
who come into my courtroom, and try to lie,
and deceive,
and manipulate me. So, I actually asked
a handwriting expert to examine the documents
and come into court, and testify today. NARRATOR:And later…Judge Faith must decide,
who let the dogs out.
I started screaming, “Please get your dog.
Please help me.
Please get your dog.” What were you
witnessing at the time? That their dog had,
had a grip
on my dog’s face, and wasn’t letting go. Ms. Darling, according to
the property owner, you told Mr. Thomas that you accidentally
left the gate
open that day. NARRATOR:Plaintiff
Crystal Batiste says,
the mother of
her grandchildren
sold her a car
and is now trying
to take it back.
She is suing
for money paid
towards the purchase
of the vehicle.
Defendant Tatia Remo
is counter-suing
for the money she lost
while the plaintiff was
in possession of the vehicle.
I am not
a handwriting expert. So, I cannot
look at this document and make
a determination that this is, indeed,
your signature. So, I actually asked
a handwriting expert to examine the documents
and come in the court
and testify today. So I’d like to bring out
Beth Chrisman. She is a forensic
document examiner. She has eight years
of experience. She has testified, and been
qualified as an expert in court over 35 times. She has helped solve
650 cases and examined
over 13,000 documents. So let’s pull up
the bill of sale. Did you have
an opportunity
to view this document before you came in
to court today? I did. Okay. Okay. You can approach
the screen, if you want. JUDGE FAITH:
Describe for the court what’s on the left
and what’s on
the right hand side. So this document
is the bill of sale,
that’s in question. And this center signature
is the one in question. These are samples
of known signatures that were used
in comparison. We have additional samples
of known signatures as well. So we have
a date range of 2011 all the way through,
I believe, this year, 2014, of known signature samples. From the defendant,
Tatia Remo? BETH: Correct. JUDGE FAITH:
And based on your analysis of these known signatures
of the defendant that you viewed,
did you come up
with a conclusion? The conclusion is that this signature
of Tatia’s does fall within
the range of variation of the known signatures, and is an
authentic signature, and was written
by Tatia. So you did sign
the bill of sale? CRYSTAL: Yes, she did. TATIA: I didn’t sign… TATIA: …the bill of sale. Yes, you did. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Yes, you did. TATIA: Okay. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Boo-yeah. It don’t matter.
I got my car, boo! CRYSTAL: Yeah, you sure did.
You stole it. So, it don’t matter… …what you say. Ladies, stop. Stop. It’s mine! I made
the payments. You don’t even know
what the payments are! All right, quiet. Who’s your witness, ma’am? CRYSTAL: My daughter,
Tiffany Johnson. Hi. how are you? Step up
to the lectern, please. TIFFANY: Hi. Fine. JUDGE FAITH:
What do you have to
add about this case? Um… Just that it’s unfair… JUDGE FAITH: Can you
speak up for me? …and it’s not right. And Tatia knows
that my mom was buying
this car from her. How do you know? I know, because I…
I’ve witnessed them
in-hand cash payments. And I’ve witnessed one time,
one Saturday morning, we put $175
into her account,
for the car note. So, you’ve witnessed
your mom pay a $175
to the defendant on multiple occasions? Yes, ma’am.
And it is just
what’s fair. You know,
we’re supposed to be family. And, you know,
have a good relationship. But, that’s not what
family do to each other. Thank you. What’s your
counter-claim about? The repo fee
that I have, um… Repoing a car
that you sold to her? But, I didn’t sell
the car to her. Yes, she did! I submitted the document.
Every… Every payment… Listen, you can stick
with the story… TATIA: Okay. …as long as
you want to. That jig is up. It’s over. CRYSTAL: Thank you. You sold the car to her. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) The bill of sale
is authentic. It is an authentic
bill of sale. So, what else
is your counter-claim about? She owed me because
I took her daughter with my…
Along with my children,
and her son, on a carnival cruise. She agreed to pay me
the $500 back. I have a… She paid me a $150. Okay, your counter-claim
is dismissed. TATIA: Okay. (CRYSTAL LAUGHING) Because you
came to court, and you lied to me,
to my face. Your counter-claim
is dismissed. Okay. And I paid you in full
for Tiffany’s Cruise. I still have my car. You can have
that jalopy. Okay, thank you. JUDGE FAITH: No,
you have to understand.
I don’t tolerate… Excuse me. (BANGS GAVEL) CRYSTAL: You witch. TATIA: I’ll bitch if I want. JUDGE FAITH:
I don’t tolerate people who come into
my courtroom, and try to lie,
and deceive
and manipulate me. Okay. But, everything I have
is in black and white. That’s what you did today. I’m… I’m fine with it.
I still have my car.
I’m good. You have to be fine.
That’s the decision.
That’s the ruling. You don’t have
a choice here. Okay. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) (APPLAUSE) I’m actually,
you know what, you… You took the car back,
it was illegal, first of all,
unlawful for you to do that, but it perhaps
worked out for the best because now
you don’t have to have anything else
to do with this individual. We don’t anyway. You don’t have
to continue… I don’t wanna hear
another word from you. TATIA: Okay. Not another word. Okay. Are we done?
This… This… No, we’re not done. (FAINT CATCALL) BAILIFF: Stop talking. TATIA: Okay. You understand? Put the bracelets
on her. (GIGGLES) How much,
in payments, were you… Did you make
over the course of the time
you had the car? I made $3,775
in payments, and I made a $125 payments
in insurance for, at least, I don’t know,
eight or nine months, I… In good condition, the blue book value
of the car is $5,509. Now, you…
I understand you say that you paid
for the insurance on the car
while you were driving it? Well, you were driving it,
you were using it. So, I’m not gonna
reimburse you for insurance that you needed
during that time period. That’s understandable. JUDGE FAITH: However… You’re so happy
you have the car back, I am so glad,
because now you can
repay her the remainder
of the value of the car, $1,734,
judgment for the plaintiff, pay her the money. TATIA: Okay. Thank you. (AUDIENCE CLAPS) Thank you. Thank you. Okay. BAILIFF: Where have you kept
the documents? You and your daughter,
step out this way, please. NARRATOR:The plaintiff
Claire Lopacki claims
she witnessed her
neighbor’s dog
viciously attack her
sweet pit-bull Petey.
She’s suing for
veterinary bills.
But the co-defendants,Judy Darling and
Bruce Baer say
their friendly retriever Floydwas only defending
himself from an attack
by the plaintiff’s pit-bull.They’re counter-suing
for veterinary bills.
Okay, Claire Lopacki… Yes. You’re suing the defendants,
Bruce Baer and Judith Darling for $1,000. You say that their dog
attacked your dog and they should be responsible
for the vet bills? Correct. And defendants, you are
counter-suing for $280. You said that it was your dog
that was actually attacked and that the plaintiff
should be responsible for your vet bills. Yes. Okay. We’ll start with
you Miss Lopacki. Did you know the defendants
prior to this day? Yes. On a friendly basis, I think I saw Judith maybe
once but me and Bruce had a respected relationship.
Friendly when we
saw each other. JUDGE FAITH: Okay and do you
have a photo of the area? I do. I actually had um… JUDGE FAITH: Okay, so let’s
pull it up on the flat screen. Okay, you can approach
the flat screen… Yeah. …and just point to the area. So, I was coming from this area. From behind
this Toyota truck here and coming across the alley… This gate is where their, their property is, where
their dog is behind and their side-door
is right there. Okay, so, you were
in the alley with your dog? I would… I had yeah,
I had just entered the alley, just
turned on to the alley, our dumpsters are on this,
on this side, when I had noticed that on the same parallel the, uh, the gate to their…
The gate to their, um, closed in area and their door into their
house was left open. Before I had a time to like,
a chance to react their dog had ran out and instantly started
viciously attacking my dog. JUDGE FAITH: Was your
dog on a leash? No, he was not. Your Honor, no. And… JUDGE FAITH: Excuse me. …with 120… You didn’t see the… You didn’t see the
dogs fighting, correct? No, I did not. Okay, so I’d like to hear her version of what
she witnessed for herself. NARRATOR:Coming up…
One of these pet owners gets
put in the pound.It does not. Her dog was a bait, he was a pit-bull bait dog
and we were told, “Don’t come near my dog
’cause I don’t know how
Petey’s gonna react.” This is from the
property owner? He does not have
a dog in this fight and he’s saying that your dog has
caused problems in the past and that you have
been warned in the past. NARRATOR:Plaintiff,
Claire Lopacki says
her dog was viciously
She’s suing for
veterinary bills.
Co-defendants Judy Darling
and Bruce Baer say
their dog was
defending himself.
They are countersuing
for veterinary bills.
What kind of dog do you have? Here. He’s a pit-bull mix that I’d rescued
five years ago. So… And what kind of
dog do you have? A mutt. Er… Retriever whatever. Okay. Go ahead. (AUDIENCE CHUCKLING) The dog, the dog was a lot…
At least twice the size of
Pete. So, when it had begun
to happen… That’s your dog, Pete? Yeah, my dog is Pete. To begin with,
their door was open so, I had began to scream, like my life was depending
on it, for help. I started screaming “Please get your dog.
Please help me.
Please get your dog.” What were you witnessing
at that time? That their dog had, had
a grip on my dogs face… Hmm-mmm. …and wasn’t letting go. A man down the alleyway had
come over with a bucket of
water. The most he could carry. And he had dumped it on their
dog’s head to get him off. Hmm-mmm. My dog had begun to… Squirting blood
out of his head (AUDIENCE GROANING) He bit through the skull… JUDGE FAITH: Hmm-mmm. …and through the back,
and so I had taken him… I… Honestly,
this is like my child. I was in a one track mind
to get him to the vet. Okay. So, I rushed him there. I don’t have the financial
abilities to just throw thousands
of dollars around. So, I had asked the vet if
there was a way for me to do something at home. He said I needed to have
emergency surgery done on his back, head,
and neck immediately. Okay. I’ll hear from
the defendant’s now. What… How does
your dog get out? I have no idea, Your Honor. Okay, that’s a problem. I do not know. Have you had problems
with your dog… BRUCE: Absolutely not. …attacking other dogs
or being involved in… No way. …fights before? No. What’s your defense as to
why you’re not responsible
for paying vet bills? This dog is a very
friendly dog. I have a letter here from
people that have come with
me to the doggy park. JUDGE FAITH: You’re
speaking of your dog? This dog does not attack. You’re dog doesn’t
attack people? BRUCE: No. It does not. Her dog was a bait…
He was a pit-bull bait dog, and we were told that
by one of the tenants. It’s… JUDY: To stay away
from this, my dog. “Don’t come near my dog
’cause I don’t know how
Petey’s gonna react.” Well, let’s look at the
photos of the injuries
to the plaintiff’s dog. Since your dog is so friendly
I’d like to see what the
injuries look like. Well, it was the defensive… CLAIRE: This is him… This is him taken less
than a month before
this has happened. JUDGE FAITH: Okay. CLAIRE:As you can see,
he’s a sweet dog.
I also have a photo of the tubes that were
placed in his back and the gouges in his back from teeth. Okay, I saw those. BRUCE: Your Honor… He was defending himself. JUDGE FAITH: Hold on a second. I’d like to add something. How do you know he was
defending himself? Were you there? Because the pit-bull had his his leg… JUDGE FAITH: Oh, you know
the dog’s intentions? Did he tell you he
was defending himself? (AUDIENCE CHUCKLING) He had his head…
He had his leg and the dog said,
enough is enough then went for his head
and started shaking it. Oh, so you weren’t there,
so, how do you know all this? I can see the hole in his leg. JUDGE FAITH:This is
Floyd before. What
were his injuries?
Under here on a dog’s part, the whole thing is
ripped open. He had athree inch hole by
a two inch hole
that would… No skin
whatsoever. The vet
had to bandage it.
Just ripped his leg open.
And that’s why he
grabbed his head. JUDGE FAITH: It’s interesting,
because I’ve never seen… Usually when I have
these cases it’s always the pit-bull that
does the attacking and this
time it’s, it’s the other way around where the other dog, the pit-bull has the
significant injuries. Floyd is 100 pounds. CLAIRE: Uh, and I also,
I actually have paperwork saying this is not the first
time either. Their landlord,
their homeowner, um… JUDGE FAITH: Hold on.
Have you had… Have you been warned
by your landlord about your dog
and problems? He wants to raise the rent. Right, you think that this
is all one big conspiracy against you and
your dog right? BRUCE: No, no, no, Your Honor. NARRATOR:And now,
Judge Faith rules.
This is from the
property owner. He does not have
a dog in this fight. And he’s saying that your dog has
caused problems in the past and that you have
been warned in the past. That’s a lie. BRUCE: That is
a straight up lie. The only thing we’re hearing
after the fact of the fight of a previous event. JUDGE FAITH: This dog… My dog… And I know what she’s talking about… I’m gonna quote
him from this letter. “Your dog has no control “and follows no orders.” Floyd is very playful Ms. Darling, according to the property
owner you told Mr. Thomas that you
accidentally left the
gate open that day. Uh, we didn’t leave
the gate open… We did not intentionally… JUDGE FAITH: Your counterclaim
is dismissed. Judgment for the plaintiff.
You owe her $1,000 in vet bills. It’s
your responsibility to keep your dog in your yard especially when you know
it has vicious tendencies. People should not have to live
in fear in your neighborhood that your dog is going
to get out because you
have no control over it. Judgment for the plaintiff. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING)

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  18. 1st case, I'm sorry Judge Faith you are not in control of your court room. You should tell the plaintiff, "If you speak to the defendant again, I'm going to dismissed your case. If Judge Judy is the one, we will see different action.
    Edit: @6:42 "How let the dog out" He reminded me of the song "Who let the dog out, Woof..Woof..Woof..Woof" by Baha Men

  19. Out of all the shows I’ve watched, I love judge Lynn Toler the best. Judge faith seems rude, overly serious and impatient. It’s okay to be a little nice and not so serious during the time you are dealing with people, especially when you first start talking to them. These cases are NOT that crucial and this is a TV SHOW. I can tell that some people come on the show for promotion and it’s a joke to them. The cases she takes on are entertaining but I wouldn’t ever wanna be in her court because I would get arrested. Too rude for me.

  20. The first girl (defendant) would of had to meet me around back she lovessss making lil stupid comments and when she held her hand up to stop the plaintiff from talkings is discussing and disrespectful

  21. I checked my local shelters adoption site, they only have pit bulls listed as of right now, probably 15-20 of them. These assholes are the reason why. I want to adopt one so bad and my grandma won’t let me because of people like this who try to incriminate dogs for no reason.

  22. These comments are too sensitive she's a judge, watch more of her show shes a good judge but there ain't no reason for her to be nice she's judging these cases are real this shit really happened. When someone is lying and playing games she gotta check them period. I think people that see her as mean are saying that because shes a black judge. Nobody ever says that about judge Judy…come on leave Judge Faith alone she's a good judge

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