62 thoughts on “Judge Faith – Like Mike; Soggy Consignment Store (Season 1: Episode #93)

  1. You basically disowned him over some shoes??? Seriously? Parents need to get their priorities in order. He was irresponsible, but what is more important here?

  2. actually as I got further in the case the son was totally irresponsible with his step father's property and the reason he didn't want to call the police is a little iffy

  3. I believe they cut contact because the son knows more than he's saying. I believe he had the shoes stolen !

  4. Oh no, son, you owe for those shoes! And, Mama, shoes should never come between your son. Let the fellas figure it out in court!

  5. Dad is PISSED!! He was looking at that boy like he wants to tear his head off, shit down his neck, then put his head back on. I don't blame the guy, but I was waiting for him to pounce!

  6. and yhe value goes up on retros in excellent condition those shoes looked worn so the value would not go up on those esp when the white lool beige

  7. The plaintiff is only 12 years older than his "stepson". 😒 The defendant may have a hard time accepting him as a father figure.

  8. Lol yes it does cause those shoes coat alot and if u spending that kind of money one it's a waste u should be saving it for a just in case kind on day or your child college but since he seem like he didn't go yo college I guess he could spend his money on shoes and if u spending that much money on shoes and the person u lend them to is that irresponsible than they dony respect you and if they don't respect you cut them out your life. What if it was something like a item his father gave him before he now this irresponsible step child want to say even though you loaned them to me it's your fault you should have kept a eye on them. I would cute him off like a wounded foot in the 1400s

  9. Although, i am seeing a year old case by Miss Judge Faith and, i hardly disagree with her rulings, i find her to be rushing through both of these cases here, and i DO disagree in terms of all damages, that the water leaks and the horriable condition, overall, that left the tenants having to "move everything out of the way, where the water leaks n damage that. was there." The Danger and, fallen material, that she had to clean up from, frequently, as well as, the water in the florescent lighting, with OTHER WATER DAMGES NEXT TO THE DAMAGES INSIDE THE LIGHTING! Thus the Dangers she left because the work was NEVER done, the WHO YEAR SHE WAS THERE! WHICH SHOWS THE LANDLORD'S, IRRESPONSIBLE, NOT FORTHCOMING to the safety of her tenant! The tenant DID try to help find someone else, to move in, yet WHY WOULD ANYONE ELSE WANT TO RENT THERE IN THAT MUCH DAMAGES!!!!???? ITS REDICULOUS!!! FOR A YEAR!!!! SO THE DEFENTANT SHOULD BE REIMBURSED FOR THE YEARS SHES BEEN THERE, WHILE TRYING TO NOOT BREAK THE LEASE yet couldn't help but yet noone would wanted the headache of the complicatipns ANNND no repairs! …….need to say more! however, you get thee jist of what im say in m sure!! LOL

  10. This is why some black folk don’t have two nickels to rub together.. Buying things that don’t even matter. You doing all of this over some shoes… SMDH

  11. I never understood that whole "dont snitch " culture with the black community…you guys have the highest crime rate neigborhoods and you make it more extremely difficult on yourselves by listening to what "gang members" promote and tell you not to do….do you know how stupid that is? Why would you take life advise from a criminal to favor his life ….that shit doesnt benefit you that benefits the criminal. This is why the blacks have an IQ level of a toddler and dont understand why they have so many problems within their neighborhoods but then blame others for it like the white man….no why dont you stop doing stupid shit that no one else lives by and start living like the rest of the normal humans and you guys will end up lviing like the rest of the normal humans….Russian nighborhoods..korena nieghborhoods…indian neigbhorhoods..they dont go through all the stupid raciscm from cops the way you gusy do….they dont have large numbers of their youth behind bars like you guys do…they dont have large number of youths not graduating the way you guys do….Start chaning you dumb fucks…like how can you guys not figure out life? ITs so fuckin easy…dont do DUMB SHIT! duhhhh….

  12. This was an easy case. Judge Faith dont understand street life. The step son stole and sold the shoes. This was not an accidental theft. He is an up and coming thief

  13. Your man has every pair of Jordans….but you have on the cheap synthetic wig. I would never disconnect from my child over some sneakers. Pathetic.

  14. Very disappointed on this one Judge. The tenant was incompetent. This is a lease for business purposes – already a Fail-act to learn that these old people are handling the maintenance and not a "professional" in this area. (???) You've overlooked the danger of this building from collapsing, electric failure from water leaks, roof leakage on fluorescent lights as already stated. This is a business place, where the business place for their merchandise. This very highly unprofessional.

  15. First plaintiff teeth looks like Raymond off Princess & the Frog sorry not sorry this yank mouth bitch bought this over grown man 5000$ worth of Jordan's , but couldn't do it for her own son while he was younger SMDH

  16. This SAME WOMAN has been on Judge Faith twice, suing her son and her younger daughter, and then she sued her older daughter on Judge Joe. Does she have no hobbies, other than to sue her children?



  18. When you ca't earn a living in a decent way, when all else fails, become a wannabe rapper. Then later on, get yourself murdered cos you hang out with criminals. omg shoes… 🙄

  19. there is nothing wrong with a hard working man collecting shoes. It's his passion/hobby. It's not hurting any other grown folks. Most women love shoes as well so what's the big deal? Stepdad should not have allowed him to use his prized possessions…stepson should have borrowed some from his homeboys or been more creative. Mom should be shame of her behavior…

  20. First, the only reason you pay so much for "sneakers" is the name not the sneakers (i.e., sneakers that are made with same material to make Jordans that cost $19.95 are the exact materials that you pay $300.00). Moreover, Jordan sneakers are made from child labor overseas. I would never pay for Jordan sneakers – you are paying for the name not the sneakers. Shoe manufacturers, and this is important, only make a limited number of sneakers to charge you an exorbetant amount of money. But it's your money to waste.

  21. When trying to be someone you’re not & flaunt things that aren’t yours goes WRONG !
    Successful In His Area ⁉️ Atlanta ⁉️Known Rapper ⁉️
    LIES , NEVER Heard Of Him A Day In My Life‼️
    Typical case of “rappers/wannabe rappers” rapping about shit that they really don’t have or do , rapping about things they don’t have , & just lying all around in their “songs” !

  22. Collecting shoes is a real thing. I didn’t understand it until I heard the story of StockX. Too bad he didn’t know about StockX then to value his shoe collection.

  23. 2nd case;that place was definately not up for renting both sides have their faults in this case. nevertheless the defendant knew of all the issues before she decided to rent she still proceeded and now looking for every loop hole every excuse not to pay what she owes.i think twas a fair ruling.

  24. 1st case:
    You sue your stepson over FUCKING SNEAKERS. You even cut ties & contact. FUCK YOU ASSHOLE. Get a FUCKING LIFE. FAMILY should be MORE IMPORTANT THAN FUCKING SNEAKERS.

    2nd case:
    Should've been dismissed or the defendant should've won. The plaintiff deserves NOTHING.

  25. 1st Case: Shoes are shoes at the end of the day. He shouldn’t of never let him do that if they were so “valuable “ in collection. Like why buy shoes over $100 and then they increase in value and now they’re gone so you’re mad🙄.

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