15 thoughts on “Judo High School in South Korea (한국의 유도 고등학교)

  1. Nicely done. Interesting and great editing. Did you do this or let GrrlTraveler do a once over cause this is getting close to documentary quality. My daughter goes to an arts High School. While devoting so much time to craft on top of regular high school is really tough… all I've seen are benefits in both her enjoyment of school and fearless craving to challenge herself. I would love to see more specialty/professional High Schools here. 

  2. …great and interesting video. I taught English in Japan on a tiny isolated island at a "middle" school. The school was so well known for judo that some mainland Japanese students would make the 3-hour round-trip just to attend school there to be part of the judo program.

  3. damn i wish our program for judo was this good in canada. we are only starting to have judo in schools. here you can only start to commit yourself to judo in college

  4. Now if we could just get a seasonal style school like this in the US to incorporate bjj and judo. That would be a beautiful thing haha.

  5. In terms of adult level beginners, how easy is it for them to get into Judo in Korea? Do they have dojos for "average people" or are all dojos geared towards people with experiences?

  6. One of the things that I love most about the Judo life is the concept of mutual welfare and benefit. In such a competitive environment is this emphasized? I believe in competition for growth, but it has an ugly side too.

  7. I'm proud to say that I have a yellow belt in Judo. I was very much into it but then my old soccer knee injury came back to play and I'm just so afraid of injuring it more so I stopped.  Watching this video has made me miss grappling with the guys and throwing them around (and as a woman, it was fun to do so). Thanks for the video!

  8. Physical education in the U.S is a fucking joke. In highschool, there ideah of P.E is people do stupid lame ass jumping jacks, running, square dancing, swimming etc. We dress in these stupid clothes doing stupid activities. Some schools allow athletes such as wrestlers, football players and water polo players to so their respective sports as their P.E. Some didn't. Having Judo as an elective sport in highschool wouldve been cool.

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