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Judo Lessons for Beginners : How to Do a Hook to the Side Throw

Judo Lessons for Beginners : How to Do a Hook to the Side Throw

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Richard
Acuna from Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida, today we are showing you beginners
judo. Okay on this next clip we are going to also show you a sweep throw and it’s called
kosoto gake which is a hook to the side and it looks like this. I grab my opponent sleeves
and lapel and this is when he goes to the back, if he tries to step to the back, right
there what I do is I come forward do the kuzushi cause he has motion to the back and I hook
on to his leg. Again, the back, and I hook on to his leg, sweep. One more time hook on
to his leg and sweep. Again don’t forget usually when he pushes to the back I use that motion
and I over here hook onto his leg and keep pushing preventing him from taking that step.

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64 thoughts on “Judo Lessons for Beginners : How to Do a Hook to the Side Throw

  1. SMACK, looks like hard floor lol,
    ive tested this on many unsuspecting friends, but that guy was going down far too easily, you have to realy swipe with your leg

  2. yeah and it works so well in theory, and not in practice, its obvious when somebody steps behind your leg and most people realize and jump or step, you go woosh and hook their leg as you push and theirs no time to react

  3. This was just stupid, no judoplayer attack with a ko soto gake like that.. Get your leg all around ukes leg, then its much harder to step out of

  4. i heard this is also called a Marine Reap (from US Marine Corps). but what i've always wondered about in these kinds of throws is what happens if your opponent keeps his grip on you. won't he just pull you down with him? how can you prevent that from happening?

  5. If that really happens just straightaway fall together with him, pin him down firmly on the ground and use a submission move on the opponent.

  6. that isnt true at all in my first tournement i actually won useing that same move it allowed me to put him in a scarf hold down and won

  7. 0:00 heey! the guy in blue actually smiles? he always looks like he wants to kill someone since hes always on the receiving end 😛

  8. Hi, i am a 1st dan in judo.

    if they do keep there grip and pull you down you will find yourself inbetween there legs from there reach forward grab both lapel's and put all of your wieght on your arms, from doing that you would choke them and cut of there blood sulply giving them 25 sec's to live

  9. {Bro??}
    He's probably perfectly fine with being thrown XD Unless it's a hard fall like yoko wakari can be, it's not that bad.

  10. I want to practice these moves on an opponent to see if they really work. Should I just try them on random people on the street?

  11. its theory, hes not trying to resist, he knows what the guy is going to do soo therefore he could prepare for it and counter, but what would that show us? its not always a fight to the death, its training.

  12. anyone interested in judo dont take no notice of this, these guys are shit! lool watch some of the competetive judo stuff

  13. Where is the gake-part in this ko-soto-gake? Ko-soto-gake means "small outer hook". OK, he is outside and it's the small one, but where is the hook? He only puts his foot behind the foot of uke. That can't work! You have to hook uke's leg that he can't move. And also you push forward and not sideward!
    This can't be black belts! That are dumbasses!

  14. Well no. Because Judo wasnt created for shitty MMA entertainment and money thats all MMA is. MMA gives real martial arts like Aikido a bad name, people say after watching a guy fight in UFC "Aikido doesnt work in a fight" its not supposed to work in a full contact fight thats the whole point, Aikido is for self defence on the average person, the same applies with Judo when talking about do's martial side. Many Judo throws do require clothing to grab onto and its going to stay that way,

  15. one throw on concrete will hurt anyone, even a Judoka and we know how to land properly without breaking anything, the average person dont. Usually a throw on concrete will be enough but if its not you can just go into an armbar or a choke hold easily so yes you could restrain an attack easily, you dont have to throw them you could get them in a standing choke hold.

  16. @tuvaluman

    No, it doesn't require a gi, although the guys in the video are using a normal judo grip which possibly makes it easier. All you need to do is to successfully disrupt your opponent's balance via kuzushi and hook their leg away. It may work well with a hand on their shoulder or neck, similar to a Greco-Roman style grip if the opponent's not got a gi/jacket on.

  17. My friend who is the bellt before black and came 3 in international judo competion once and he always beats me at takedowns so im learning judo to try to take him down:)

  18. why do all these idiots say to try this on random people? its called "judo lessons for beginners" not "how to use judo on streets"

  19. OK, this conversation is just ignorant. Judo is a SPORT, this throw is a strategy for scoring a point in the SPORT. It has nothing to do with street fighting. This move can be effective but it is not hard to counter. The devil is in the details. If the player is off balance (the first part of any throw) based on the initial push back and to the left, his weight goes to the leg you are hooking, push him over it, keep your own balance and control, Ippon ( Japanese for game over)

  20. @sracsrer you have no idea on the psychological effects of grappling or obtaining full control of your opponent. Yes, Judo is a sport but it's also a Self-Defense form. It has been proven by the Kodokan that a pin (on the streets) is 1 of hundreds of ways to "control" your opponent. It's known that holding your opponent for more than 30 seconds has a massive impact on them. Plus, a pin is a "gateway" to any number of submissions and a Judoka is well informed of that "gateway".

  21. @4ALECS If you do not know anything about Judo, why speak about it? Have you trained in Judo? How long (if yes)? What is your best grappling achievement? Based on what you mentioned, you have 0 grappling experience, but that's OK. Let me educate you about Judo. There are dozens upon dozens of techniques in Judo (both throws and submissions) that DO NOT require the use of clothing or gi (e.g. triangle choke, arm triangle choke, read naked choke, firemans carry, uchimata, arm bar, kimura lock)….

  22. @pcjudosambo whoa there bud. It was a joke. Yes, I have studied Judo. I studied judo for about four years. I was simply stating that it IS easier to do MOST of THESE moves with a Gi on. Correct? MMA has really distrorted the sport ok Martial Arts. I, contrary to most other people on youtube dont act like Im a bad ass online. My apologies…

  23. @pcjudosambo I studied from a Mr. & Mrs. Goode privately. I was taught that Judo is a form of using your opponents inbalance against him. A form of pinning your opponent. I do understand the psychological effect of grappling AND maintaing control under stressful & sudden situations. Once again, my apologies. (Mr. & Mrs. Goode also taught me respect for the sport)

  24. @4ALECS Sorry bro, maybe I wasn't myself when commenting on your post. I think I was getting off a heated debate so I was a bit angry, my apologies. Yes, for a Judo guy it is much easier to do the techniques with the gi. That's 100% true. The MMA scene and the no-gi grappling has actually evolved Judo (since Judo is an ever evolving art). More Judo players now practice Gi and no Gi thanks to MMA and submission grappling. Back in the day maybe 10%-15% practiced no gi judo, now more like 30%-40%

  25. tip1: look to where you wanna throw your opponent
    tip2:this technique works much better when you fall with your opponent because you can use your weight to get your opponent down.

  26. @pcjudosambo No need to defend Judo as self-defense to me. My comment was not to discredit Judo as a martial art, my comment was to silence the ignorant comments on here about the benefit of this particular move in a street fight, not Judo as a whole. I completely agree with your assessment that "pinning" someone in a street-fight has a massive impact. Judo also provides extremely valuable technique and experience for the eventuality that a fight ends up on the ground.

  27. However, in an attack situation in an uncontrolled environment, with the potential for multiple attackers, ground work is ill-advised.

  28. With the proper training, it doesn't hurt very much.My instructors insisted I learn how to fall and roll properly before letting me work with partners at all.Mr Acuna's videos on falls are good-you should watch them. 🙂

  29. not really. you can take someone down before they can throw a good punch. if you get a wrist, or an arm with a neck, body or a lapel of a coat, you can control their body and unbalance em and keep em from punching you, especially if they don't know grappling. since you are talking street fighting you can also punch em in the face as a distraction or set up for a take down or throw, like kosoto gake.

  30. foot sweeps and hooks are awesome for fights, and that includes kosoto gake O: a lot of people don't know how to break their falls properly, even a good majority of martial artists. a simple foot technique can be quite nasty if you happen to fall just a bit wrong, especially on concrete 😛 landing on your back or your side on concrete can be really bad for you if you dont protect your head since it's much easier to smack the back of your head(which can cause an easy concussion) against the floor

  31. than if you land face first(though they are still not fun at all) xP on the streets, ippon worthy throws can fuck people up, but that's just my opinion xD

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