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Judo Self-Defense Techniques : Judo Falling Tips

Judo Self-Defense Techniques : Judo Falling Tips

We’re going to go ahead and practise our Ukemi
Waza which is the art of falling. I want to go ahead and first demonstrate to you guys
how a good Ukemi full force impact fall will look like. Very quickly, but very safe. “Zorai”.
What Zorai’s going to do over here, she’s going to, first and foremost, tucking her
chin so that back of her head is covered. Second thing she’s going to do, she’s going
to set up her arms in front of her, just like this. She’s going to spread her legs a little
bit, slightly bend them and then she’s going to go ahead and bend them all the way and
fall back in a rolling way and then she’s going to slap her hands to the mat, just like
this. “Do it slowly Zorai”. You’re just going to go ahead and let those legs just flop up
like that and when she slams, she’s going to do a less than forty five degree angle
right here, bam, that’s nice and perfect. “Zorai can you show them one more time please”.
Okay again, tucking the chin, stick out the arms, bend your knees, roll back, just like
that. This is very good because a lot of people will be thrown in Judo competitions. When
they get thrown, they need to be aware that there’s a certain right way to do it. You
could fall without getting hurt or hurt that much. A lot of people reach for the ground.
Never reach for the ground, this is not reaching for the ground, this is slapping to have your
hands absorb the punishment, not the back. And the chin right here should be tucked in
at all times even as their laying down. Of course in competition you don’t willingly,
you don’t willingly get thrown, you resist it and you fight for it. But, you do not resist
during Kata and you do not resist while Randoring. Randoring is free practise with a partner.
When you’re doing a Randori with a partner, you go ahead and lay each other. You know,
you may resist a bit, but not that, not as much as you would in like a competition.

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3 thoughts on “Judo Self-Defense Techniques : Judo Falling Tips

  1. I am thinking in terms of slipping on ice.  How do you slap the ground with your hands without your elbows hitting first.  Could you explain please?  Maybe this could help some people from getting hurt when they slip on ice.  Thank you.

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