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Judo – The Gentle Way

Judo – The Gentle Way

My mother, my sister and I live together in our home. My father died; it has already been 4 years since he passed away. My father was a big fan of me and the only thing I regret is that he could not see my victory in 2013. European champion in Judo, 17 year-old Mzia Beboshvili, has lived in this house since her childhood, but spends most of her time at the gym, where she is preparing for the championships. Trainings are not always safe for Beboshvili, as the young sportsman has many injuries. I have many injuries, the first was when I broke my collar-bone. The cicatrize of that bone was a difficult process and my parents thought that I would give up Judo, but as I have overcome many barriers in my career, my wish to overcome this was strong. Her family supports the young champion. Her younger sister Elene joined the Judo club 2 years ago, to help her sister with the trainings, as Beboshvili does not have a partner to train with her. My family has a big role in my successes, because I was a child and needed a grownup standing beside me. The road from my house to the training place was too far away and I was not able to go there alone. That’s why my mother was always with me and helped me to reach the goals I had. The young Judo player is the first woman in the history of Georgia, who has taken an official medal in championships of Judo. Since then she has reached two other historical points in her career: in 2015 Beboshvili became the Champion of Europe in Judo and a Champion of the European Youth Olympic Games. Back to these medals, there is lot of sweat and work, A sportsman has to overcome lots of things, like the correction of weight for example. Also I have to think about how the competition will be held, how I have to work out, how I have to get ready and I am so anxious because all of all this. I don’t sleep at nights, even in my dreams I am on the ring and always have competitions. The 17 year-old champion likes to spend her free time at the beauty salon. Another passion of hers is water and swimming, so Beboshvili tries to get free time for the pool as well. As a young woman with large ambitions in such a masculine sport, she says that her motivation stems from every victory that she has made throughout her 5 year career. When you look at the results of what she is doing and the success that she has had, it feels like a miracle, you have to feel that, otherwise you can’t describe it; probably this is the only feeling you have to try on your own. Now it is a dream but I want it to become a reality; I want to become the European Champion in the eldest category. I will get ready for this. I know that I will need 10 times more work to win that competition, but I will do everything possible. I want to be on the top of the competition and stay there for a long time. I don’t want anyone to be in front of me, so I train harder and get ready better, not to have many competitors and to always be in the best shape. I will be happy if many girls will be in judo and I will have many opponents, but I still train and work hard, so as not to have a competitor who will be able to even resist me in the ring.

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