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Judo Throws & Moves : The Escape From The Guard Judo Move

Judo Throws & Moves : The Escape From The Guard Judo Move

On behalf of Expert Village this is John Anderson
we are going to show you what is commonly known escape from the guard and in doing so
we will obtain a arm lock this is a little bit different then you see in the television
so forth. Will you lay down please. I will show this in a different angle. Okay now I would explain what I’m doing. Make
your head go up that way. A little bit more. If you notice I turn my body in a right angle
to his legs and I will rotate my right chin like so to intersect his calf to his chin
it is very painful. At the same time I will take both hands and push his knee down and
with my forearm then I will put this knee on that before I let go of this one and as
I do that I’m going to shot this hand up and wrap it around his arm. I’m going to have
my right elbow in his side, then I’m going to switch feet, put this foot here and spend
on my knee. Thank you.

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9 thoughts on “Judo Throws & Moves : The Escape From The Guard Judo Move

  1. Exactly…this could work in most street fights that go the ground since most don't even know what "closed guard" is….lol Some of these yahoos think the whole world studies MMA.

  2. you guy are moking him but that guy is like 7th level after black belt. you can think of him a Ph. D in JUDO
    he knows what he is talking about

  3. I spent several months at the Kodokan (Japan) in the 60'swhere I learned about the rich tradition of Judo & the "respect" for the masters who devote most of their lives teaching this wonderful art. These gentleman are to be admired&respected much like Kuyzo Mifune who I had the good fortune to see teaching at the Kodokan,, his "Canon of Judo" is a must for every serious judoka. I beleave respect is something were taught in our youth, some imbrace it others will look for other avenues.

  4. As with all expert village videos, this is a poor showing of the technique. Its demonstrates the basics (VERY basics), but misses some very important elements. For instance, tori's body weight is FAR too high up. He should be staying much lower to uke, to allow more control as he transitions into the arm bar. There are MANY more suble elements to this movement that I would expect to see demonstrated. The base move has some merit, but overall, very disappointing.

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