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Justin Bieber Says Tom Cruise Would ‘Whoop My A**’ in a Fight

Justin Bieber Says Tom Cruise Would ‘Whoop My A**’ in a Fight

this Justin Bieber lose his mind on social he said the story is right the Biebs is now backtracking on his Sunday night tweet challenging Tom Cruise to a UFC cage fight too bad because we were really looking forward to this to his credit the 25 year old singer kept it real about his chances against the 56 year old action star who still does his own stunts Bieber was in good spirits and we’re in a drew Barrymore t-shirt as he chatted with photog outside the LA office of his wife Hailey’s fashion line and while Tom Cruise never responded to Bieber’s mission impossible the singer flashed him a peace sign and all but apologized so why Justin challenged Tom to begin with this is my first time on stage in like two years publicity maybe just enjoined ariana grande at Coachella and tease new music coming soon the Biebs wants a piece of Tom Cruise this truly is the dumbest time to be alive it really and Jimmy Kimmel had his own theory wonder what I think is really going on I think Justin Bieber got drunk and well that’s it that’s what [Applause] [Music]

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31 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Says Tom Cruise Would ‘Whoop My A**’ in a Fight

  1. Okay, so if he knew that, why did he challenge him to a fight? At least challenge him to a boxing match – that's the only combat sport Bieber is good at. I doubt he was pretending when he did the tweet.

    Oh well, good for him. Nice report

  2. He must have sobered up. Tom Cruise would probably kick his ass yeah right Tom Cruise would definitely kick your ass

  3. Justin you are full of life . Young. Handsome , good heart , who believes in God. Why should you fight with this old scientology. 😂

  4. Please Mr Cruise accept this challenge you do your stunt work, you have been trained by special forces, Please accept this challenge and beat his ass, he has it coming. it would go viral

  5. Tom would kick bieber so hard and so bad. That it actually turns bieber smart and he becomes a good singer.

  6. Justin has always been a prankster he was just getting back in touch with his looney tune pranks! He wants his normalcy back! He needs to have lighthearted fun! People are taking him way too serious since his mental health problem.

  7. Tom played MI 1 in 1996 biber just 1 years old !!! Dont challenge Tom because he's more experience to fight more than you thinks

  8. There is no reason for them to fight. Both men are already very rich and they made their fortune in the entertainment business, not fighting.

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