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Kansas City Week in Review – October 26, 2018

Kansas City Week in Review – October 26, 2018

coming up it was mega millions
mania and millions if you spend two Bucks on a ticket but where
does your money actually go Hawley and
Macaskill trade barbs in their final debate will Yoder and
Davids ever get together before election day and how much is the
public willing to look past failings in the candidates
biography mayoral candidate Quintin Lucas testing the
public’s appetite for forgiveness this week
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you thank you hello Nick Haines those stories
and more straight ahead as we connect the dots on the news
of the week in this place we call home pouring through the
metros most impactful headlines from KMBC nine news chief
political reporter Micheal Mahoney and from 41
action news reporters Steven dial and cat Reid and
completing the cozy confines of our week in review table Kansas
city star columnist and editorial writer Dave Helling
it was one of the largest jackpots in lottery history is
it possible that more people in our metro bought a million
ticket than will ever set foot inside a polling station on
election day according to the Kansas lottery more than two and
a quarter million tickets were sold for Tuesday’s drawing as
the price had more than a billion dollars that means there
were twice as many lottery tickets sold in the state than
ballots cast at the last presidential election in Kansas
what does that tell us cat Reid people want to win money and
retire more than they want to vote
but I think one thing that is interesting is not everyone
knows exactly where that money is going absolutely which is
exactly what I wanted to get into and I want to do a little
pop question for you at home and for our panelist how much if
you’re putting down two dollars
on a mega millions ticket how much
of it goes to the state I have none are small
percentage small percentage do
you have a sense how much of that two
dollars none no no there there is some money that
goes to the state for the lottery both the mega
millions and Powerball which Kansas and Missouri both have
I think I read somewhere that the state of Missouri took in
about thirteen million dollars in revenue from all the tickets
that were sold in the mega millions drawing the just passed
so that’s not insignificant money but it is not a huge part
of the state budgets in either state it does provide money in
Missouri for education people misunderstand this absolutly and
it frees up education money to be spent on let’s let’s go into
that a bit because in Kansas when you throw down that two
Bucks for a mega millions ticket actually fifty seven
cents of it goes to the state in Missouri it’s exactly less
forty six cents going into the coffers that but for what do
people really know where the money goes You know off the top
of your head where that money
goes No I don’t I’d like to know
I think there’s lottery fever is fantastic remember the
lotteries for the kids in school please make sure
somebody check make sure the
kids get their money well we did check and actually
if you’re in Kansas nothing goes to schools zero so where does
the money go according to the Kansas lottery it goes to
juvenile detention facilities the construction of prisons and
economic development projects aimed at retaining or creating
jobs in Kansas a small amount does go to a problem gambler
funded if the state rakes in more than fifty million
dollars a year the excess does go into the state general fund
in Missouri all of the state’s share is earmarked for schools
but that includes universities too the cash now amounts to
four percent of the entire state budget devoted to
education but is that really extra money or does the state
just take the cash they would have spent on schools and put
it elsewhere Micheal the answer
to that is yes and one of the big
fables especially in the state of Missouri is the fact that
well everybody in the lottery tickets are providing
all those millions of dollars for education and they are
providing millions for education but the school funds
in the state of Missouri and Kansas the budget is billions
of dollars and relatively speaking it is a small amount
that goes into schools and
doesn’t come anywhere close to funding
public education well this week Claire McCaskill and Josh
Hawley debated for the final time before was only voters
will decide who they want to represent them in the United
States Senate for the next five years that exchange hosted by
Channel9 I have never attacked my opponent personally
I’m not going to but I have to say when you hear leaders of
the Democrat party like Hillary Clinton saying that you can’t
be civil with people that you disagree with when you have
Eric holder another Democrat leader saying that the New
Democratic Party kicks people who they disagree with when
you see these mobs popping up in the wake of the Kavanaugh
hearings the screaming the shouting driving people out of
restaurants confronting them this is terrible you know it’s
really interesting to listen to his answer because did you
notice he blamed it all on the Democrats and I really got to
disagree with you he has spent his entire campaign trying to
trash me personally just a snapshot of that debate that
you produced Micheal Mahoney over to channel nine this week
did we learn anything new from this exchange I think
we learned or confirmed just how widely apart both these
candidates are and their world views are yeah I thought there
were some interesting exchanges over the tone of the campaign
which that clip came from interesting perspective on
Donald Trump McCaskill came out and said I
get tired of his lies his lies
his lies she used the phrase
three times and then in the citizan session really sort of
spun off into unexpected areas one
the project veritas video and then now Hawley role in
a human trafficking raid down in Springfield I was
looking at a recent poll in this race Steven dial it said
two percent of Missourians were undicided in this race
and that was with a plus or minus of three percent
are there any minds left to change when it comes to a
debate like I think a lot of the people who tune in
to see Micheal Mahoney in all of his glory yesterday probably
already know what they want to do but I think it is the five
Bucks now thank you I think the difference in the
debate yesterday was from the Saint Louis debate to yesterday
you saw Claire McCaskill really just giving her all you could
tell that she got tired of holding her tongue and called
Josh Hawley a liar multiple times
it’s a matter of will that
boldness and her just saying it all yesterday will that hurt her
I excuse me for a second just amplifier Steve’s point here I
think if you would talk to the McCaskill campaign and you talk
to Democrats who are plugged in they would the say McCaskill
had a much better much better performance Thursday night in
that debate than she did in Saint Louis the week before and
that was all public television a fome public television
production that I watched with great enthusiasm
the first goal in any debate is to not do something that is so
bad that it becomes the focus of stores across the state
neither candidate made that kind of mistake in this debate
it was actually a pretty good exchange on substance thanks to
Mike and Kris and the other people over at channel 9 and I
agree that Claire McCaskill by the way has really
picked up her game in the second debate compared to the first
but it’s also very clear that she has really tacking to the
Center as hard as she possibly can for example on the
questions involving the caravan that’s a coming up through
Mexico she was full throated in support of the president doing
whatever he needs to do to protect the borders and that’s
a calculated decision that you know she has pursued
throughout this campaign but has really grown in the last
week crazy Democrats that kind of thing
and it’s a gamble because she has to do well in Kansas city
and Saint Louis if she doesn’t she’ll lose and she appears to
be giving them a secondary place in her strategies as
opposed to more rural Part of a
part of that Dave and I agree we
agree with you I think the calculation there is
those folks that you just
worried about that may be in
jeopardy by have no place else to go they’re certainly
not going to Hawley correct and
that’s her gamble that those votes can
still be gotten turnout will be
incredibly important we’ll see what happens Cat I was gonna
echo that I don’t think that she’s likely to lose those
democratic voters because they’re not going to vote for
Hawley so there’s a Green Party candidate in that race there’s a
Libertarian Party candidate in the race and an independent
party candidate in the race but Yes just briefly
yeah just briefly African American votes in Saint Louis
and Kansas city are critical for any Democrat Claire
McCaskill has struggled with that for a year and again
instead of making sort of an overt attempt to get more
urban votes she really turned more rural in the last couple
weeks it’s a gamble it may work if you can get that kind of
turnout in country areas with a little more than a week before
election day with tens of thousands of Kansans already
casting ballots in early voting is the only race where you won’t
see a debate this year in the
Kansas third congressional district
after lots of public squabbling over the issue will Kevin Yoder
and Sharice Davids ever share a stage together at any
point before election day I know you’ve been working on
this dave well we’re still working on it and we worked on
it this morning and visited with Sharice Davids and we are
making every attempt to try and put them together before the
election on November sixth but it’s extraordinarily
difficult it’s like negotiating the end of World
War one and the reality is that this debate could have happened
and should have happened weeks ago but because of political
calculations from both sides it hasn’t I hope something happens
but does it really matter though
Cat reid this is something I’ve been
talking a lot about with some colleagues you know who
really cares who’s most impacted by this and I think at this
point Davids is leading in all the polls that we’ve seen I
just don’t think at this point she has that much of a
motivation to do it because you know that’s just where
things stand I think she has nothing to lose
by not debating I don’t think they’ll debate I know they’re
working hard I think the only way you’ll see them on stage
together is put some cut outs on stage I’m disagree on this I
think not privy to the inside of the star I
would not be surprised if this comes together at the last
minute I think the Yoder campaign may decide they want
to do this enough Davids has already agreed to the star and
WDAF to debate this might happen there are lots of
reasons why Sharice Davids does not want to debate including
the one that she is not very good on thinking on our feet
yeah let me just say that we’ve been talking with both
campaigns for some time we think we have agreement to do
something next week and dates proposed the question is what
is the format how late in the cycle and whether frankly
we can get it on television whether television reporters
will be allowed in those details are still in flux yes to
both and on all of those things
well here’s the important thing on all of
those things the negotiations could collapse and so the
likelihood of it happening I you know twenty five thirty
percent but we’re trying we’re trying While lots of attention
has been paid to the Missouri Senate race the governor’s race
in Kansas and yes this Yoder Davids race every member of
Congress from our area is up for reelection when Kansas
second district congresswoman Lynn Jenkins announced in
January she wouldn’t seek reelection it set off a
political scramble to fill her shoes it’s now down to three
candidates including Paul Davis who took on Sam Brownback four
years ago and former army ranger Steve Watkins I
traveled to Topeka to moderate the first televised debate this
week fellow Republicans have called my opponent Steve
Watkins a liar a fraud and a
rank opportunist he hasn’t lived in
Kansas for over twenty years he doesn’t own a home here he
hasn’t paid taxes here Together
let’s pause to remember that although
we have our differences we are Americans first what divides us
is not as great as what unites us America is the greatest
country in the world I just
wanna keep it that way The problem we
have today is that current representatives choose to
represent their party instead of their constituents it is
time to clean the muck out of the swamp and get rid of the
ones who represent themselves all right you can see that
debate Sunday at five here on KCPT the Kansas second
congressional district really covers a lot about broadcast
area if you’re in Kansas and you don’t live in Johnson or
Wyandotte or Miami county just to the south who wins this seat
will be your congressman what’s at stake in this race Micheal
control of Republican control of the district that
they think ought to be in their pocket and because of
the geography that you just mentioned Nick this thing does
stretch from Nebraska down to Oklahoma it’s got Topeka in it
that sort of thing this is a district that
they feel that they ought to keep and they’re very concerned
about we see all these ads all the time but not everybody
understands what this district is
and what it means Cat yeah well it’s
extremely important district but one thing that I wanted to
point out about it is that the GOP has been very lukewarm
about Watkins he does not have full hearted support
there they want a Republican in that seat but it’s
not a candidate that the infrastructure that the
establishment is very excited about but he was galvanized by
having the President come to town just
recently in support of him along with Kris Kobach it
was and it was a much needed shot in the arm for his
campaign but again you know talking to people depending on
what county you’re in people still are on the fence about him
especially Republicans who want a Republican to be in that seat
yeah just briefly I checked this morning independent
spending in the second district race is about eleven point one
million dollars those are the third party ads congressional
leadership fund and others that greatly exceeds the
independent spending in the third district Yoder Davids
race that’s in part because I think national Republicans think
control of the house may depend on races not just the Davids
Yoder race but really the
Watkins Davis race because it is
a seat as Mike suggests that Republicans kind
of count on if they lose it they may be in jeopardy of
losing their majority in Washington and that’s why all
of that money is pouring into the district and ending up on
their television screens just just amplify on that point
eleven million dollars in that district in the
television markets of that district which are Topeka
Saint Joseph err Topeka and Saint Joseph to some
degree Pittsburgh Joplin are relatively small
markets eleven million Bucks is a huge amount of money
and that’s outside spending that doesn’t count what the 2
candidates are spending at all why is it that we don’t
also hear about Emanuel cleaver he’s running for reelection
Vicky Hartzler on the Missouri side running for
reelection Sam Graves running for reelection I don’t see their
ads on forty one action news and KMBC nine news when I’m in
the commercial break actually Graves is now up on on TV
this is a function of the fact that the races are not that
competitive and that incumbents on this Hartzler
cleaver and graves are considered heavy favorites
for several years now there’s been a debate over showing
picture ID at the polls opponents say it blocks
vulnerable populations from voting advocates say it’s about
maintaining the integrity of the system and if you need a
photo ID to board a plane or cash a check shouldn’t you
expect to do the same when you
cast a ballot while that remains a
divisive issue the state of
Kansas making national news for so
limiting the number of places residents can vote they made it
almost impossible at the heart of this latest dispute is Dodge
city Kansas which has just moved its one and only polling
station outside the city limits and at a facility more than a
mile from the nearest bus stop the fact that the town is sixty
percent Hispanic is adding to the indignation County
officials though say there’s no malice here a road construction
project forced the temporary moving of the polling place so
is the city being unfairly targeted for being insensitive
in all of these national stories Dave Helling No
they should make it easier to vote not harder if there is a
construction project that interferes with the traditional
polling place move it to a place that’s much
more convenient the idea you have to move out of town to
cast a ballot in a community is ridiculous But they say
there’s advanced voting you can
cast a mail in ballot and they’re
also offering free bus service now for anyone who wants
to vote and can’t get there it
is still too hard to vote in this
country and Dodge city is making it harder to vote for
some people and they should be ashamed for doing so the optics
of this are horrific are just absolutely horrific and when
the school superintendent out there offers up some of our
buildings and it doesn’t happen the optics are awful and you
did point out the free transportation to the polls but
you have to schedule your ride in advance so that adds just
another layer of complication there are some other groups
coming in trying to help with this there is a heavily
Hispanic group that’s partnering with a lyft to
provide transportation to the polls but the optics are
just really bad regardless of what the intention was there
aren’t many places in this
country where there is only one polling
place where you get to vote in some reasonably decent sized
towns that’s right and photo ID is a whole nother discussion
and Cat and I could probably talk to you after about just us
being new people here and registered to vote and I know
myself I experienced a hurdle with my photo ID and I think
when it comes to that it’s also education with poll workers and
knowing what the actual law is and how it’s inforced how much
is the public willing to look past failings in the
candidate’s biography Kansas city councilman and mayoral
candidate Quintin Lucas is testing the public’s appetite
for forgiveness this week and then once I saw that I
needed to get out of the situation that I was in wanted
to separate myself from it and I continue to believe that
alternately made responsible choice and made legal
Lucas was arrested in Lawrence on suspicion of operating a
vehicle under the influence and booked into the county jail in
Douglas county along with serving on the city council he
is a lecturer at KU law school he says he was at an
event and drank alcohol but decided to wait in his car
until it was safe for him to drive he claims he didn’t move
the car never shifted a gear
never released the parking brake is
this going to cost him in his race for mayor or is the nature
of this incident such he likely get a pass from voters you
actually spoke with him and that
was part of your interview with him
this week Cat yes I did he seemed very calm during the
interview he very much believes that this is going to be
dismissed that’s related to a couple of Supreme Court
and court of appeals decisions that kind of debate what is
operating a vehicle does the car actually have to move for
that to be operating under the influence I think
that even though even if this is dismissed you still
have the matter of that mug shot out there which is just
not great for any candidate so I think that that makes it
challenging for him moving forward I think that already
though we’ve seen a lot of support between councilman
Jolie Justus we still have a lot of time left to go in this race
but I don’t know necessarily he is the favorite currently in
the mayoral race Some people are asking if he was trying to stay
in the car because he’d drunk so much alcohol how long was he
willing to stay in that car it takes about five
and a half hours I think from health experts to go from a
blood alcohol level that is at
the legal limit to be safe to
drive was he really be willing to sit in that car for
five and a half hours Well a lot
of people are are just questioning
it all together and I talked to multiple law enforcement
agencies just on a on a personal an official
capacity multiple counties and they told me that if you’re
sitting behind the wheel in the driver’s seat that is operating
it is how officers perceive the law and I
talked to one officer who said a person who sitting in the car
to sober up they were in the passenger seat and they couldn’t
ticket them so it’s an intent
thing isn’t Steve in the eyes of the
law a law enforcement officials intend to drive right they’re
saying and this is just from what officers have told me if
you’re sitting behind the vehicle that’s operating even
if the car’s not on which on the scanner that we heard it
said that the vehicle was running if you’re sitting
behind the driver’s seat that’s operating and that’s how
officers are perceiving the law this is America Dave Helling
the land of second chances don’t people like
people who are flawed and then come back from that yeah I mean
it knocks a Quintin Lucas off his stride a little bit but
I think by election day next year this will be baked into
whatever calculation we make had it happened two weeks
before election day the calculus is completely
different even the exact same incident the distance from
election day I think again gives people a chance in Kansas
city to absorb it and deal with it but you know if you ask
quintin Lucas today would you have preferred this not have
happened he would’ve said of course it does knock him off his
stride and and for that reason it’s important
Paseo Boulevard is one step closer to becoming Martin
Luther king junior Boulevard the city planning committee
unanimously passing a measure this week to approve the change
after months of lobbying by a coalition of black religious
and political leaders the mayor wanted other ideas his own task
force recommended that the new KCI terminal be named after
doctor king does this decision this week close the door on
that Steven dial I think the council members passed
unanimously I’ve been talking to them they’re dead
set on the Paseo sixty third street was also a proposal this
is has been interesting it’s
been going back and forth I think
they just need to just do a vote deal with it if it’s going to
happen or not is not going to be the airport terminal I don’t
think it’s going to be a road but a lot of people out there
talking to in this community are saying why don’t you name it
after a numbered street name it after street that goes through
both parts of town but it’s not already having an established
name Cat and there was some controversy with the mayor’s
group that recommended the terminal because if you ask the
people as part of that group they said we want the airport
named after MLK and so there’s this back and forth
where then the mayor said well no they’re just talking about
the terminal and those people kind of contested that so how
big of a symbolic gesture that would be then became a source
of debate so that’s why I think that the Paseo has
gathered so much support I’m just real quickly I would
not rule out sixty third street I mean it’s a it’s the horse on
the outside of the race this point but I wouldn’t
rule that out as a compromise I don’t like going through the
same issue over and over again on this program so I was hoping
with this vote this week this would now put an end to it but
you don’t see that Micheal I think the sixty third
street is viable option I wouldn’t I don’t think it’s dead
yet There was also the question the fact this was gonna cost
fifty thousand dollars plus you needed to have a seventy five
percent of homeowners living along a street actually approve
it before a name change could take place right couple things
first of all much more than
fifty thousand dollars it’s closer to
seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars was the amount
of money set aside in the ordinance on the east side it’s
a pretty expensive because the street lights need or street
signs need to be lit some other things and the people on the
street aren’t real enthusiastic about it there is a seventy
five percent approval requirement and city codes that
is been waived in the ordinance that’s now before the council I
think Mike is right some of the other options are still on
the table but I get a sense from the council members that
they really want to put this
behind them that that it’s been going
on for a year it’s more divisive than it needs to be I
think in the end particular the unanimous vote
in committee suggests that the votes are there to do do the
Paseo while we’ve been concentrating on the latest
political stories on this program so much else happening
in the news this week Kansas city police department
facing tough questions as a police man kills a Shawnee
mission south high school student on his way to the
chiefs game messages of support pouring in from around the
world for an independence thirteen year old a viral video
captures him being bullied and a gun pointed to his head
is it the end or the latest
chapter in an ongoing smelly saga the
state of Missouri temporarily halts expansion of a cattle
feed lot near Powell Gardens and just weeks after Shake Shack
opens on the plaza get ready for
more long lines to get in this time
in Johnson County as the super hyped New York burger chain
plans a second location at town
center plaza in Leawood
was one of these you most significant non election story
of the week or was it something else Cat I think absolutely
the bulling video I had people journalists from
other cities reaching out to me saying Hey did you see this
have you guys covered it it was huge on social media at the
comments that we got I think that that really was the story
of the week kids are
bullied all of the time everywhere including in Kansas
and Missouri this made it different because you actually
saw it in a visual face right and it was so violence I mean
having having a gun in a bulling situation I think it
was how extreme it was that really stood out Steven the
bulling video as well he was on
one of the local radio station this
morning they gave him tickets to wrestling and things like
that seeing it on social media is a
a different realm and actually seeing get up front and close
and then also we can’t forget about the price chopper
shooting off of banister road an eight year
old went home Thursday with two bullets still in her stomach
and we don’t know who the
shooter was reconciling why we’re still the
fifth most violent city in America Micheal Mahoney Nick I
offer up something that wasn’t on that list and that is the
the reaction in Kansas city
Kansas to the guilty plea that came this week
to the fatal shooting of an officer
over there the police department the mayor the
family of officer Melton and others are irate about this
Dave Helling I was I attended this week a meeting of the
committee that’s deciding how to spend the east side sales
tax that was passed by voters in twenty seventeen twenty four
million dollars worth of requests were revealed for an
eight million dollar fund it’s astonashing the optimism
the entrepreneurial spirit on the east side people really
want to fix the community that’s an under reported story
this week Thank you for allowing
us to end on a positive note that is our
Week in Review I’m Nick Haines from all of us at KCPT thanks
for spending part of your weekend with us

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