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KARATE NERD vs. UFC FIGHTER | Jesse Enkamp Destroys Brother

KARATE NERD vs. UFC FIGHTER | Jesse Enkamp Destroys Brother

– So I’m sitting here, looking
at some YouTube comments, drinking some coffee, and somebody says “Could you film a sparring match “between you and your brother?” Of course! Because everyone on
the internet are always right. So, let me just call up Oliver and see if he wants to spar me. (phone beeping) – [Oliver] Hi. – Yo, bro. – [Oliver] Yo. – Where are you? Alright, um, people on the
internet want me to fight you so I’m challenging you to a fight. You need to come to the dojo, like now. Uh yeah, yeah we’re filming. – [Oliver] Okay, okay.
10, 15 minutes, maybe. – Okay, yeah, don’t be late,
otherwise I win automatically. – [Oliver] (laughs) (quirky music) – So I’ve been seriously waiting like, almost 10 minutes now. If he doesn’t arrive within
the next couple of minutes, I will automatically have
defeated a UFC fighter. Boom. – Pow. – He had one minute
left, saved by the bell. Alright so here’s the deal,
somebody on the internet says that we need to fight each other. And since I’m a “Karate Nerd”
and you’re a UFC fighter, that makes total sense. So, you need to get
changed, I already changed, because I’m always ready to go, because I’m a karate fighter, obviously. And then, oh, we need a referee. Mom. Sensei! We need a referee, for, me
and Oliver are gonna fight. – [Mom] (laughs) Okay. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, please
come down, thank you. Alright, we got the ref. So, I need to know the rules,
because in traditional karate, we don’t have any rules, right? It’s self defense based, right? But MMA is not – at least
to my understanding. So what are the rules? – (laughs) – Can I kick in the nuts? – No nut kicking. – No nut kicking? Okay, so we have the official
MMA rules right here. Now, please sit down, because the referee needs to know the rules. We cannot grab the fence,
we cannot hold the opponent’s shorts or gloves, no headbutting,
no biting or spitting at an opponent, no hair
pulling, no fish hooking. This would be fish hooking, right? No placing a finger into any,
and no eye gouging, okay? So basically, all my favorite
techniques are not allowed. So I’m already at a
disadvantage right here. Hey mom, you have to wear
this, the official referee cap. We’re ready for the fight (removes mouthpiece)
We’re ready for the fight! But first, I need a little bit of warm up, so I’m gonna go into the
traditional dojo right there, and then we’re gonna do the
fight in the ring, right here. Okay? You got five minutes to warm up. – I’m always warm. (quirky music) – Alright, I’m ready. Ahh! I hit my foot in this thing right here. Who’s first? (drum music) (grunting) – Oh shit, you can punch
on the ground, I forgot! (drum music) (bell dings) Okay, water break! – (laughs) – Water break! I think I heard a bell! That means it’s water break. I need to work on my cardio. Alright, so my tactic for the next round is to try to keep it standing up. Because the ground game is
one of Oliver’s strengths, and of course, being
a karate practitioner, I don’t practice a lot on the ground, so I’m gonna try to keep
it standing up this time and avoid those takedowns. – I feel comfortable everywhere, so I’m just gonna see
what he does and counter. That’s my tactic. – Ready? (drum music) – Oh, you okay? – Yeah. – I didn’t see his face. Third round, I got him right where I want him. So he thinks I’m really bad at fighting, and that’s what I want. So now, I can overwhelm him with my secret karate techniques. (drum music) Shhh… – Ready? (drum music) – (wild screams) – STOP, STOP, STOP!

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100 thoughts on “KARATE NERD vs. UFC FIGHTER | Jesse Enkamp Destroys Brother

  1. Thanks for your AWESOME comments! 🔥 Visit my website for more fun Karate stuff: 👍

  2. Honestly, Karate Isn’t made for grappling or ground attacks. Some people thought karate was mostly for kicking but I’ve seen how MMA Is useful for some street fights.

  3. Problem with this sparring is that none of the kicks or punches actually contact, so then there is no concern for being hit.
    But as soon as the grappling starts, there is a lot more intensity involved with winning.

  4. if you consider that mastering nunchakus is a part of old okinawan karate, then I'm afraid karate actually destroys mma hahaha ^^

  5. You lost the fight the moment it got to the ground that’s why my older sensi taught me a bit of BJJ since I don’t like fighting on the ground these were basics to defend myself just Incase I got to the ground like a armbar etc always prevent your opponent mounting you on top or mounting behind you those are the worst positions you could be in and can easily get KO

  6. 4:51 When an opponent drops his head he or she is intending to tackle u. U don't stand there and meet their tackle like ALL MMA fighters do. U immediately jump back with both feet while at the same time reaching out with both hands and grabbing them by their shirt or gi or head and push-press them down to the ground or floor with extreme force, the goal being to slam their head into the floor, asphalt or concrete. End of fight if executed right. If not, choose a wrestling hold or a jiu jitsu technique

  7. When you lose the first couple of rounds to lower your opponents guard and then to complete the illusion you lose the rest of them too

  8. Ok now i saw that you were telling me. Nice ✌😄. I love your kicks and the way you move whike fighting👊👍

  9. People talking like they live in the jungle where getting into fights is something to be proud of

  10. Yup, after 25 years of karate I moved (some wing chin & ninjutsu) into kickboxing, Kali , MMA, CSW and BJJ. Grappling with karate is like swimming with sharks, it ends badly…. Chucks, knives and sticks are great equalisers….

  11. I wish my family was that into martial arts. My parents put my brother and I in it as kids and we stuck with it (I’m still practicing) but my parents don’t know anything about it lol. So neither of them could referee our matches if we chose to fight.

  12. OMG!
    That was a crazy fight!
    Both you and your brother are talented!
    Especially with that stuff from the third round! XD

  13. His little brother is Oliver and he knows karate so that makes him the green arrow oliver queen cause oliver knows mma and the martial art mma fighters use

  14. U are GOLD as a sparring partner 4 ur brother Jesse if he ever comes up against a Karate based fighter in MMA✌🏻 And what a good family u have🙏 Love fra København😁

  15. Here is where I have a problem with this video. The karate guy wasn't going full speed, neither power on his kicks and hand techniques, but the MMA guy was doing all his take downs and submissions techniques 100 percent. I trained in both Karate and taijutsu and I can definitely kick and punch not only fast but hard in a way that a MMA fighter will have a lot of trouble trying to take me down.

  16. I love how Jesse was totally ok showing his brother ground and pound him (… so to speak). Show's how much respect he has for other fighting styles and his brother. ie. He's not afraid to look bad. Respect! ps. Love the mom, too!

  17. Thank you for sharing. Very much enjoyed. Nothing like sharing growing and having fun in never ending learning process. I am a karate and kenpo practitioner. Your kicks and your kata are awesome. Your brother certainly inspired me pay closer attention to my conditioning and spend more time on mat. Thank you

  18. Oliver's footwork looks a lot like Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson's! Guess the karate background still shines through.

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