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Kenliero To Train 4 Beast Fitness Introduction (Vietnamese subs)

Kenliero To Train 4 Beast Fitness Introduction (Vietnamese subs)

alright guys this is a video about the
changes of the channel because for the last five years or so, something like
that…. I’ve been doing warship videos mostly about gaming and I’ve been at the
same time struggling with my other hobby which is combat sports and gym so I’m
changing this…. I’ve always struggled with finding enough time to play
warships so what I’m doing right now is I’m changing it, because I’m focusing
more on the gym side… I play the game every now and then so I’ll have the
friends that I have, but I’m mostly focusing on the on the gym part now….
Because I’m doing Muay Thai(Thaiboxing) I’m doing Brazilian Jiujitsu, I’m doing Submission Wrestling, and MMA and….. I’m doing gym and recently it’s been a lot
of gym, and gym for MMA… mixed martial arts, so I’m sort of building a
fighter body but I’ve been doing these gym things for last 35 years….. I started
when I was 15 years old and I first did mostly bodybuilding and but ever since I
turned more into combat sports I started to doing more strength training,
and recently it’s been even more strength training for fighter, so it’s a
little bit different than the general gym training. What this channel is going
to be is, this is going to be basic gym training most
for people as an instructional videos for the people who don’t know how to be
effective at gym or how to do things safely, so since I’ve been doing this for
35 years I haven’t been doing it for one way all the time
I’ve been constantly studying I’ve been constantly
trying to find better ways to build muscle, better ways to build strength, and
better ways to become faster, stronger everything like this…. and this is not a
channel to become massively huge, but…. I can help with that too, of course but
this is…. well, I am natural body builder I like to do things naturally. I like to
keep that as a…. as like a healthier way to do things. I understand
the benefits of steroids I understand how they work. I’ve studied
them a lot so I know how it works, but since they have certain downsides like
lowering testosterone in the long run, I’ve decided to maintain my natural
testosterone as high as possible by working out naturally and living a
healthy life, so that’s how it’s based on and at the same time I’m building a body
which is like very suitable for a fighter for a suitable for MMA
so basically have strong upper body you have certain strength in your lower body
as well, but you have to maintain speed in your body and manueverability
movements everything all that explosive explosiveness, so that’s what I’ve been
doing but I will make instructional videos here about about basic workouts,
how to build body, how to gain muscle fast, because nobody knows how to gain
muscle fast when they start. They think they know, but they really don’t know and
I didn’t know when I was younger. I was fifteen years old and I was lifting
weights every single day for a year, and today I understand how stupid that is
because I was just thinking that the more I work, the more muscle will come . It doesn’t work like that. You have to know how how to plan things, how to plan your
recovery times, and how to plan your meal plans and everything so…. it’s much
more complicated than people think, and that’s why I made this channel, because
every day I see people who have no idea what they are doing….. And even today I
heard a guy told me how a personal trainer told him to do this and that, and
I was like “oh my god” these are those twenty year old personal trainers, who
went to this course and they have basic knowledge but they lack all the
experience and all the yearly studies of how actually you should be
doing things in a safe way. There’s so much knowledge….
and that’s one of the reason I decided to do this channel because I have so
much knowledge over the years that I can share with people who have no idea what
they’re doing and they need help and that’s you people, and and that’s pretty
much it…. I’m changing channel and making training programs and all kind of
different workouts, how to do, how they affect what, what part of the muscle
you want to train, how to do it safely… and I will start doing those videos
quickly… rather soon, but later on… I will be moving to Vietnam, and there
are will focus it even more, so, this is how I start the channel and I start by putting few videos every now and then.. certain movements and I will explain how
they are done correctly, because even the simplest things… there’s a lot of little
details, that people don’t understand that how to do it correctly…. there can be
just a little change of wrist position or something that can make it
actually very unhealthy, so this is rather long video…. but I wanted to do
these just to you just to show so what the goal is going to be… This used to be
a channel where I was going with the named Kenliero…. What my actual
name is Marko Viitanen, and that’s what I will be using from now on and the
channel is… as you can see “Train 4 Beast Fitness”
and I will start popping up videos, and I will… This is not…. this won’t be only gym
this will also be like supermission wrestling and that kind of stuff also, so
especially people who are into Brazilian Jiujitsu… they can find a lot of benefits from here, because I’m
also going to explain my own current training methods how to train for MMA
how to train for fighter… but first I’m going to do basic videos for basic gym
training basic body transformations so that people get the
basic idea how to start working out and how to make… how to do the basic
things safely…. After that we can have all kind of alternative moves, extra moves
that you can mix with your workout, and stuff because…. you have to mix it every now and then, to be effective in it, because if you do the same thing all over again, all
the time…. your body will get used to it over time, and you don’t really have to work so hard anymore.. so this is just a quick description of how the channel will
change and very soon I will start uploading videos about that, but I wanted
to do this….. and all the all the old subscribers that I have, I really really
want you to stay, especially if you are working out you will find this channel
and all the tips that I have right here the very professional, because like I
said…. I’ll be doing these 35 years and haven’t been doing it with blinders in
my eyes. I actually have been studying more effective ways…. and at the moment I’m bulking so I’m not really lean 😉 and and muscular… but I still have some
muscle…. enough for (48yo) natural bodybuilder, because yeah men who take
steroids are this big, but it comes with the dark side, and dark side is not
being being criminal… it’s about losing something… some functions in your body.. but all the bodybuilders who use
steroids… are also welcome here, because I’m sure I have a lot to give for them
as well, so everybody is welcome, and wait up now…. it’s already a really long video….
alright thanks for watching and see you soon in the workouts.

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