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  1. My prayer to the Lord God Almighty that these people will see themselves as Sinners and call out upon your name to be saved. SALVATION is only in the Lord Jesus Christ!!!

  2. Loved flex for years and years, he was a huge inspiration to me for a long time pertaining to lifting but now after listening to this, he's become an inspiration for entirely new reasons. I've dealt with the same bullshit thoughts for decades but there are always reasons to not pull that trigger. Stay strong flex. Thank you.


  4. He really was in the top 5 leehaney was my favortie. But Hevlike all humans need to be knocked down a peg flex like all Bodybuilders do it . For self glory. To some level. We all fade like a leaf. Were a vapour. ONLY GOD DESERVES GLORY.. YAWAH ALL MIGHTY CREATER OF NOT ON EARTH BLUTO MARS THEVSUN. MOON Stars. Everything their isvHe wont share His Glory. Flex went in for a demonic sport. Greed idolitry lust. Self destruction. In the name of health and building your body you destroyed. Were all meatheads that think were somthing. Body build is all about I am so beautiful look at me . We are created to Glorify God. Reflect His Glory. We have GLORIFIED EVIL INSTEAD. FLEX FAILS TO REALIZE GOD LOVE HIM INFINTLY AND DESIRES A REAL GENUINE REALATIONSHIP WITH HIM. HE HAS PROVIDED SALVATION THROUGH HIS ONLY SON JESUS CHRIST IF FLEX WILL ONLY SEE JESUS DIDNT COME FOR THE RIGHTOUS BUT SINNERS TO REPENTANCE. JESUS PAID IN FULL MY DEBT AND FLEXS WHEN HE DIED ON THE CROSS. PROVED THE FATHER PROVED HE WAS SATISFIED BY RAISING HIM FROM. THE DEAD. JESUS IS INVHEAVEN A REAL GLORIFIED MAN WHO DESIRES A REAL RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM. EARTH IS CORRUPT HEAVEN WILL BE BEAUTIFUL BUT ONLY FOR BLOOD BOUGHT PEOPLE. FLEX HAS HOPE AS LONG AS HE HAS BREATH.

  5. Honesty at this level takes pure knowledge and strength with courage . Thanks flex for sharing. Your helping and guiding with truth .
    Stuff you just don’t hear on mainstream TV too often and why it’s worth so worth hearing . Real for people who like Real .

  6. Flex, please accept my most humble apology for looking at you only on the surface…God bless you brother thanks for your openness….!

  7. Ask him what happened to his Brachialis muscles in his forearms. Its the same thing that Branch warren has and alot of older bodybulders have this.

  8. I have so much respect for Flex for his Total honesty’ What an inspiration he is to get his life to where it is today “ A true champ

  9. Flex you are a man I look up too. I've been too prison and back and tried to kill myself and I'm glad I watched this. I'm still working out but I have good days and bad I'm trying to get over trt and it's tuff

  10. That was deep man! That was something I didn't know about you. Now I
    respect you five times more than an hour before! You're a tough guy!
    You've made it through the valley of the shadow of death! Keep helping
    others. Respect bro, respect!

  11. Great interview, Flex changed the way I used to see him, now he looks a very honest and humble human being, an example to follow.

  12. Hey Flex! You are a descendant of the African tribes of Yisrael, the True and Living YAH (GOD)! He wants you back! Come back brother! We love you brother and YAHSHUA (JESUS) loves you come back just confess and be baptized! Love you man! And for give me if you've already done it!

  13. I'm from Fresno ca.
    I use to see Flex at golds gym
    Just looking at him back on his prime it was unbelievable so perfect simetry, balance and huge,
    Like if an artist sculpted him to a perception best bodybuilder ever

  14. UK history is all diabolical. No virtue.
    If you look at their impact…..they're carcinogens. Cannot be denied.

  15. What is the process to make peace with the dark side and carry on to the light? i know i should but how?

  16. This episode got me to subscribe to you. I saw the episode with Dorian Yates, but this episode got me. I never knew Flex went through all this. Amazing thing you do here and I look forward to watching more. Flex Wheeler, you are very inspiring and I thank you for sharing. Thanks LondonReal for all that you do.

  17. World class body builder, what a inspiration, one of the very few that are authentic ,thanks for sharing your story FLEX

  18. wow,what an amazing guy,i relate alot to flex,im 6ft3 athletic older man now but often accused of being arrogant in my younger years even now but i had a similar upbringing to Flex,my older brother committed suicide just this year and i know he was in alot of pain at all levels and i understand why he had to let llife go,its really hard for me to see how bereft his children are now and my sister isnt coping very well,fortunately for me i saw the future when i was young so i prepared myself the best i could and feel the least affected of all of us,im not arrogant,inside im just a very badly affected kid who never got over everything,my rock really is my belief in GOD without GOD i know im nothing and neither is anyone else but to HIM we are everything and thats the power that always kepted me going,i tried my best to establish a strong foundation which i tried to impart to my brother and sister but they just couldnt go down that path,you also have to believe that HE teaches us and brings people and experiences into our lives at crucial moments but its upto us to be students of life and keep our hearts and minds open to whats in front of us


  20. minute 21:30 I was suicidal at 18 years old back int he 90's, Im 41 now though. Im very successful now. I had a hard upbringing though, not as bad Wheeler though. You're not born suicidal its a product of you're environment. I know now that it was the way I was brought up that caused me to be screwed up.

  21. You would be surprised what you don’t know about people, when your young you just don’t realize sometimes but when you get older you go dam now I understand

  22. Flex Wheeler. You asked what type of pain do you have to be in to call it quits? a fractured soul my friend but instincts says to keep fighting and I read you well Flex. Stay strong brother.

  23. Mr. Wheeler. Guilt and regret have killed many a man before their time. Get off the ride and turn the page because you are the author of your book, turn the page. Matthew McConaughey!

  24. Great video, great interviewer, great subject, but salvation only "lies within each of us", insofar as it depends on us to invite the Lord into our lives, so that He actually gives us the salvation. Thank you for indulging me.

  25. "Spiral effect from the decision of an 11 Year old little boy"???? Flex…we are not what we did as children. When you know better, you do better. So many neurological studies have been done now on the teenage brain. It is simply not fully formed. Decision making is curbed at that age. Not only is our brain immature but we have no life experiences to draw from at that age. We are naive, stupid and ignorant, arrogant and myopic. So don't beat yourself for actions take by a little 11 year old boy. We are not our PAST. You are not the same person your were even five years ago. We grow. To forgive and love our selves is the most important lesson in life. We can't deeply love others until we love our selves.

  26. Such a wise man,most of people think bodybuilders are just bag of muscles while they can be the wisest and the most mature

  27. Heard joke once: Man goes to doctor. Says he's depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says, "Treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up." Man bursts into tears. Says, "But doctor…I am Pagliacci"

    This is the joke Flex was referring to. Flex is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. And he's also one of the most vulnerable and honest men I've ever seen. Keep fighting, Flex.

  28. There is not a strong KKK presence in the black, gangbanging ghettos of Fresno, Ca. And the N word he constantly heard wasn't from white supremicists. Come on Brian, he didn't grow up in 1930's Alabama. Its called London REAL. You've got to stop the interview and say "Flex, you've got an amazing, inspiring story. You don't have to say that." You nodded when Dan Pena told you about confronting people. You should have called him out on dealing with the KKK in Fresno and went on with a great interview.

  29. One of my childhood's road to lose many kgs hero.
    The uncrowned mr O
    Still flex gives hope to that day
    Thank you

  30. Very deep and insightful interview!
    It was great to listening his life story.
    Most symmetrical and aesthetic physique ever!


  32. As much as I like Dorian and Ronnie is a great character but this bloke should have taken Olympia trophies, the greatest ever.

  33. I'm not familiar with this show, seems legitimate!

    But I'm familiar with Flex & Dorian, I can tell you these 2 athletes are special, with great personalities and amazing stories to tell.

  34. Daniel, Job, Noah, Joseph, Enoch, Elijah. Etc. God had his faithful men and faithful men who fell. Not all great men did great sins.

  35. Wow. I think very much the same way as Flex. So many similarities. You can never know what is going on in one's life by looking through the keyhole of his/her life. Try to make someone smile. Blessings to you Flex. Helpful.

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