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KENTA left night one of Wrestle Kingdom with a plan in mind… #njwk14

KENTA left night one of Wrestle Kingdom with a plan in mind… #njwk14

Let’s all sit down and talk.
You’re already sitting. What the hell… I’ve said this before, but tonight
doesn’t matter. Our match is tomorrow. However, GOTO HIRO was plenty fired up tonight.
How very, very cute. One year ago, I couldn’t imagine
fighting here at the Dome. One year later, I’m truly happy
that I got to compete here. So if I’ve gone beyond my expectations,
I should do even more than that. Or else what’s the point of coming here? Tomorrow, GOTO HIRO… I’ll smash him to smithereens…
What the hell does that even mean? Smash him to smithereens. Although he says that I’ll be finished,
or that I’m not needed in New Japan, Go ahead and show me. Tomorrow, I’ll beat you down.
I’ll finish you, for good. I’ll take all of your worth. Smash him to smither…
Smither… I’ll smash him to smithereens.
That’s what I’m trying to say! We have to settle it tomorrow in that ring.
That’s all. No matter what he says backstage or on Twitter,
everything will be settled in that ring. Tomorrow, you’ll see.
That’s all. To make a fresh start, I have to get what I couldn’t get last year.
This year, I will. That’s it.

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26 thoughts on “KENTA left night one of Wrestle Kingdom with a plan in mind… #njwk14

  1. KENTA is having the time of his life in New Japan. He has to be happy and share the ring with the best. Can't wait what he'll do next.

  2. What i like about Kenta is even though hes a great heel, He always fight seriously at big events unlike Jay who is super talented but is holding himself back with interference and gedo

  3. Kenta is the best yet perfect choice for joining the Bullet Club! Too Sweet 🤘🏽
    Can’t wait to see what he does next or that’s right, Kenta is going to take that title from Naito.

  4. KENTA is such a great heel. You love to hate him and he is so damn charismatic and funny as well. Its amazimg how WWE was not able to book him properly like the legend he is.

    So glad he is having a renaissance and helping make Bullet Club incredible again

  5. KENTA showing how to have 3 Dimensional Character. Being a Heel, but also having quirks and even little flashes of his real feelings (being happy to be at the DOME). I love what he's been doing. We talk about Moxley being free from WWE prison, but KENTA is just as much of a free man having a great time.

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