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[Kevin Park] 할로윈 특집! 케빈 언니와 쇼핑 브이로그 (feat. 진하진 & 달자킹) [한/EN/日]

[Kevin Park] 할로윈 특집! 케빈 언니와 쇼핑 브이로그 (feat. 진하진 & 달자킹)  [한/EN/日]

Gotta buy some women’s clothes Shall we try some leopard? I’ll shave my legs properly Wig.. Miss Kevin It’s been a while since I came to Lotte World Tower Came for design, Nope, not design, For purchase Gotta buy some women’s clothes (why) I know nothing My friends are on their way to help me We will go to H&M and THara? Yes this is the right pronunciation Zara It’s Spanish Korean accent, jara Probably will be done in there This is H&M man We should get some from H&M woman Anxious But I’ll try to enjoy Hello! Light is bright I should wear this kind of thing, right? What in the world will you make me wear? Shouldn’t be ordinary Shouldn’t be too fancy Let’s find some appropriate one Ok, let’s go You wanna try mom’s style? Oh God it’s awful I personally think it’s pretty I’ll try everything if you wanna see ☆Coming soon☆ Should we try?
I should wear this It seems small for your upper body Shoulder.. Will be like..(stoop) Kevin will be like this You will walk around with your shoulder folded Yeah It’s see through It has inner clothes inside Not this one This one Isn’t it too sexy? Look They have inner clothes Yes they do So wear this sleeveless strap first Won’t it be too co….ld..? (scary) Kevin, let’s try this on It’ll touch the ground Yeah too longKevin should we try this one? Your shoulder will touch this line Pacific Ocean shoulder Kevin Park You will be like this Try this anyway OK If you choose this dress then your heels should be like this My calf.. Come here This could be better Suddenly Selfie mode Let’s go try this Yeah Let’s go(whatev..) Oh my, sexy leopard Also see through (sexy leopard pattern dress) Shall we try some Leopard ? Do I have to buy this bag? Lol yes Miss Jin Ha Jin says I should Oh my god No Leopard, there’s no size No size? No size Sad.. I think full-donald(no pants) will be good You can wear coat over it My thigh.. Toned thigh ☆I’ll shave properly☆ But sometimes my veins show Lol Arm full of clothes Trying heels this time Trying coat as well Are you doing this to your shoulder? Don’t do it Not bad? My arms.. I don’t think you can lift your arms My arm muscle lines are showing How do I look? Lol Doesn’t it look girly Yes your muscle line is showing 2nd coat Lmao Looks like you’re wearing dad’s clothes.. Too itchy this material No 3. White checkered Oh 5:30 has passed Yes it’s 6:15 Then Macao Vlog #1 must be released Yes a little bit earlier Did you watch it? Really? I wanna watch it TT Challenge long boots Now I’m in the fitting room (Where are your pants?) I’ll try one by one Oh no(Japanese) Too small This one’s not bad lol This one is not even g..going into my body f.. How should I wear this? Fail What is this? Just like I thought We failed at ZARA my helper, racing model / ring girl Jin Ha Jin She passed away cuz of busy schedule I mean went away to work To shoot other videos Now we need a wig I’m gonna call my friend who is a Beauty expert Her name is Dalja King Hope I can successfully get it done this time when she comes She’s here Hello I’m Youtube cameo appearance specialist, Dalja King It’s not your first time in Youtube? I don’t do YouTube but Sometimes I get calls for cameo appearances Like scene Stiller I’ll use your help to get some clothes Miss Dalja is checking everything now What dress can make me look girly I’ll try this Yeah We are driving Someone looks very young here I Am young You are driving.. I Am young OK? Oh are you? When we first met, I thought you are older than me What the.. I’m twentyyy Threee(talks like baby) Will a missile firing if I press this? LOL We are going to a wig shop called pink age Watching Macao v-log Miss Dalja king, What are you watching? Kevin Park’s.. He looks familiar Who is this guy? This is a happy face? Let me make this clear, I didn’t edit the video What’s this subtitle lol (I like myself) We picked clothes Now we are here for the wig I don’t feel comfortable But I’ll try to enjoy it Excuse me, I’m doing drag next week Lol Innocent goddess style If I wear that style, it’ll be like ‘Yuk Ryong Ee Narsha’ (K-drama) Assemble this at the middle of forehead line to your hairline Can you hold the crown of your head? You can use both hands when you are putting it on alone Miss Kevin LOL (no words..just laughing) I like how I look little by little now..☆ 2nd wig Aw pretty Pure and Pretty You can get married now I look like a dog can’t say no lol 2nd one is long and thick You are pretty Definitely no.2 Yes ma’am How do you feel after you’ve tried the wigs? I thought she was going to make fun of me But she said it’s good. So I feel better It was quite a twist Yeah? Looked better than me What? Come on You are the Dalja King Nah seriously I’m not good at wig You are I’ll think about being a wig model Just kidding Are these words or farts 3rd wig Look like Welsh Corgi and Cocker Spaniel Previous one was better? Skin looks darker cuz of the wig color A different me inside… Covering my face Is better at least I picked 2nd wig It was pretty OK 2nd Yes I’ll purchase the 2nd wig that Miss Dalja King chose (She bought her wig) How was today? It was very tiring But Fun It would’ve taking days if I was alone Because of Jin Ha jin And Miss Dalja King Progression was fast at least I felt timid because he was lot prettier than I thought Me? Yes Pretty Miss Kevin Please look forward to it You bought your own wig Yeah I tried(shy) Plan was purchasing mine It’ll be fun to do Special Halloween video together if we have time We did a lot today We are going to get some good food Repeat after me Not bad? See you in next video

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  3. 캐빈박님 진짜로 뻘컵님 만나셨네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 만났으면 재밌겠다 했는데 진짜로 이뤄지다니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ👍💕

  4. 형 진짜 제 폰 배경화면이세요 너무 멋있어요 진짜로 ㅠㅠ 격투기 스타일이 철권인거에서 부터 경기 시작할때 인사하시는거랑 경기 끝나시고 백덤블링하시는것도 너무 좋아요.. mutant's diary 매일 듣고있어요.. 잘생기고 목소리 좋고 매력 넘치는 케빈박님 앞으로 꼭 흥하시길 바랄게요!!ㅠㅠ사랑해요 진짜

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