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Khabib vs Conor Celebrities And MMA Reaction

Khabib vs Conor Celebrities And MMA Reaction

1. Выходки Хабиба против выходок Конора 2. Реакция из соц. сетей, звёзды и бойцы UFC о бое Конора и Хабиба 3. За что стоит уважать Конора и Хабиба 1. Выходки Хабиба против выходок Конора Конор: я беру 40 парней, и мы громим автобус Обязательное задание: бросить тележку что бы сорвать главный бой и сохранить у себя пояса Последствия: повреждены некоторые бойцы, 3 боя не состоятся Наказание: 5 дней общественных работ Сожаления о содеяном – нет Итог: самый важный бой в истории UFC Хабиб: прыгаю сам в толпу Конора, после боя с Конором Обязательное задание: красиво прыгнуть что бы никого не задеть,потрогать рукой и ногой парня с покрашенными волосами Последствия: ирландские фанаты пьяны от виски Конора, начинают горячиться, Дана переживает за Конора, Диллон за причёску а Хабиб за мужскую честь Сожалении о случившимся: да Наказание: удержание гонорара(4млн$) рассматриваются санкции ( запрет на въезд в США, штрафы, отстранение от боев) + скорее всего лишение титула Итог: никто не пострадал, лучший бой в истории

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100 thoughts on “Khabib vs Conor Celebrities And MMA Reaction

  1. It’s time someone says it this is about WHITE PRIVILEGE!! The stuff that Conor has been saying as part of promoting his fights have long passed the line.
    Calling Siver a "nazi", talking about RDA’s kids, making jokes about Nate being Mexican, and talking crap about Khabib’ father, religion and nation.
    This isn’t trash talk.
    We all hate Colby for trashing Brazil, why is Conor getting a pass ?

  2. does everyone remember about conor and nate's fight? conor was choke on first fight but on the rematch fight conor mcgregor win's. if ever conor will fight again khabib 100% conor will win

  3. connor had to shut up after the fight…lol…he just got smashed after all the talking…but he was not dignified…
    he was the one who started it inside the cage wit khabib's brother…thats why the guy in black shirt & the red guy was there….

  4. McGregor and his team are creating this no respect , arrogant trash talk culture and they got what they deserved , khabib was taunted and had his family and people insulted, well done khabib and by the way McGregor punched one of the other team first , khabib is no way or should be made the bad guy in all this .

  5. We should stop taking sides, both of them were wrong, but then again, I understand why each one of them did what they did. I guess fighters just have a different mentality than us normal people.

  6. If Conor was the one who jumped over and did that, Danna and the rest will just laugh it off and say oh well thats Conor. . . WTF

  7. Orang orang kafir liberalis itu dengan enteng mengatakan provokasi nya congor n the team hanya sekedar gimmick untuk melariskan dagangan tiket mereka, begitu rendahnya mereka menganggap nilai2 agama, keluarga dan kebangsaan demi segebok uang, betul2 menjijikkan!!! Sekarang mereka berhadapan dengan insan yang menganggap bahwa semua nilai itu bukan sesuatu yang remeh, dan mereka (mc gregor n team beserta fans2nya) harus membayarnya di dalam dan di luar ring!!!

  8. Mcgregor is (Dog) more trash talk but lessfight and defense . While Khabib Is a lion less talk(calm) and when the time come he showed who will be the winner and who will be the more Fighter and more strenght . Respect from khabib.☝️💪👏

  9. What disrespectful, rude people deserve.
    In the real world, this is what happens when you talk about someone’s culture, family and religion.
    I agree with Khabib. It’s a respect sport. And Connor has done nothing but water it down into cheap rude arrogant and obnoxious comments for pure publicity and money.

    UFC created this environment and allowed this kind of behaviour to happen.
    What does UFC and Dana expect when you humour and rejoice in the disrespect that Connor brings to the sport.

    Dana has opened his ass for Money
    (excuse the explicitness but that’s literally the translation).
    And let all sportsman like conduct and true respectful athleticism leave the sport.

  10. That's what you get for cheating talking about people religion family friends I like how they say khabib party was worse than Connor throwing a dolly through a bus nothing happened to Connor if something happened it khabib that goes to show you there's racism still to this day and for him to call him a terrorist it's going to be hard to like him¿¿¿☪️

  11. Khabib team and his fans want this fight as a fight with religion motive. Because they just wants to show how Muslims can do for anything. Good knock by khabib and realy humble person but his family, teams and fans they just take this fight as a fight for religion motive. Sucks all of them. Don't be sure that God gave him power and won by Muslim God. He won through his own capability to fight.

  12. Khabib is One of the most boring fighter in ufc. Khabib don't have any skills for stand up fight, his skills is only wrestling which is fucking boring.

  13. Please do not take religion, Islam , I slam, he is just another brawler, but he is good and he thx Allah for humping men. sad

  14. New King 👑 Khabib Khabib Khabib.. McGregor u are bullshit u can't fighter and u not fighter u can suck n fuck your dad.. Hahah

  15. We are men and trashtalk and I am sure one day Khabib, great warrior or Mohammed wil not take them selves that serious, Allah why did you leave me, boehoe? That day will come. A propper beating and when a man offers you good whisky, you drink it! Fucking hypocriet, again good fight.

  16. colby covington is a piece of shit …i dare him to talk like that in front of khabib ….khabib would eat him alive ….stupid attention whore

  17. Whatever you say fuckin shit but khabib you nail man
    You put fuckin big dick in that white ass 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. حبيب أنت شرفت الإسلام بأخلاقك وقتالك.كنت أدعو الله أن تنتصر،الله نصرك.الشديد القوي.تحياتي لك ولعاءلتك.

  19. "This is for me very important" Hey Monkey boy, trash talk is part of the game and part of the fun.
    Fuck you desire to change anything. You and your legacy is now forever tarnished and trashed. Expect to be stripped of the belt lol

  20. If conor did that same people will going to say that woow did u see that how conor jump like an eagle,woow I like this,and jury will give him 1million fine 2 days social work that's it,bcoz its khabib who did that that same people said this is disgusting, how can u jump from the cage,khabib must be fired from ufc,and jury 2 millions fine and ban him,this is called racist USA is a place of bastard and USA is a country who killed more peoples around the world ever,use nuclear weapon on Japan not on Germany bcoz German r white and Japanese r not white this is the main reason,fuck USA ,USA is worst then isis

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