55 thoughts on “KHABIB VS POIRIER full fight ufc Hd version

  1. Khabib's technique of fighting is boring. Jst keeping urself away is not the option as many have had tried but attacking him by going close before falling down is i feel can make a difference,

  2. Diaz brothers are the best… Nick best stand up fighter ever in ufc n nate stand up n ground fighter, while dis pussy khabib just like to ride on a horse to da hotel room… All in all he a bitch cant stand up n take punches he knows he got a weak jaw… Diaz brothers all da way fuck khabib

  3. Poirier guillotine with the use of the left leg to prevent Khabib to roll out was impressive but Khabib’s ability to roll forward to buy him a little air a couple times to eventually break free was mad skills.

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