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Khabib Won Conor Blown Away

Khabib Won Conor Blown Away

coming up next it’s a lightweight belt between copy bravado meta and Conor McGregor [Applause] with self-belief for days here is the notorious Conor McGregor simultaneous two division champion in the UFC nobody has done that before probably the best left hand in the game whether you’re a featherweight or a welterweight you did not want to get hit with that left from the notorious Conor McGregor Conor McGregor has that it factor along with a fantastic and creative striking game a very good ground game and extreme confidence themselves all these make for a fan favorite combination [Applause] [Applause] born in Dagestan Russia here is the UFC lightweight contender the undefeated khabib nurmagomedov at one point twenty four and Oh dominant every step of the way in his mixed martial arts career training at American Kickboxing Academy under the likes of Xavier Mendes this is a gym that has produced many a champion Joe all indications are that khabib nurmagomedov could be next this guy is taking shots to the jaw that would put many fighters unconscious and pressed forward as if nothing happened his chin is legendary [Applause] and now our tale of the tape for this lightweight foot both fighters 29 years of age nurmagomedov is one inch taller McGregor will have a four inch reach advantage now for the introductions here is Bruce Buffer ladies and gentlemen [Applause] [Music] this is the moment you above the have been waiting for the Soul [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] 20 wins real Oscars [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] this man is a mixed martial artist [Music] [Applause] you could give me your instruction in the dressing room protect yourself at all time follow my instructions I am very fired up for this fight it’s been a long time coming the fans have been anticipating this for a long time and it is gonna go down right well how about these Irish bands and their support of the superstars Conor McGregor better get in your seats early because McGregor is a notorious fast starter than to try to control the distance here in the early going has the major advantage tonight we’ll see if McGregor can get another early ko [Applause] so here we go with round one and you’ve gotta be mindful of those overhand punches if you’re his opponent you know it’s a big part of his game plan every time out it’s his go-to punch really cool a lot that uppercut but missed choke pretty well played there to avoid the clinch wow what a cake what a shaft Oh straight right those guys landed big shots [Applause] these are some bombs he is throwing and as he as he looks to improve position here nicely done reversal losing the full mouths awesome control from the top he’s doing a great job of moving and transitioning here on the ground and moves to north/south just over three minutes to go trying to take the back here let’s move back in the side control once more he’s now back in north/south again excellent movement on the ground here constantly moving constantly staying busy McGregor gets caught with that punch he’d be wise to get those hands up he lands an elbow here big punch from the top Wow to do that to such a durable guy and to do it with such composure the way he recognized he had him hurt relaxed kept his rhythm and just dropped bombs and then boom how about the ground-and-pound to finish the flight Joe that is as good an offensive execution as we have seen on the ground in recent memory one big shot after the next he wasn’t just trying to score or bide time before the referee stood them up he was trying to pound his opponent out of there and that is exactly what he did you wonder if some fighters will watch this footage and learn from that high-level offensive execution when it comes to the ground and pound so a strong candidate for some bonus money they’re a huge knockout for him here tonight near perfect execution they’ll be talking about this result for some time ladies and gentlemen referee Herb Dean two minutes 25 seconds to the very first round bring the winner [Applause] so the internationally-recognized samba master khabib nurmagomedov stays undefeated here tonight and the opposition may know what’s coming but more often than not in the UFC they have been unable to stop it khabib nurmagomedov remaining a major threat in this UFC lightweight division [Applause] like a topic her walk is like a rocket walk bucket I got talkie walkie fucking like that tuck it fuck it fuck it like I talk it woo walk it like that talk it walk it like that talking

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