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Kickboxer 1989 Full HD

Kickboxer 1989 Full HD

Punch out. Neutral corner.
One, two, three, four, five. – All right, all right, let’s go.
– You got him, champ. Let’s go. Get him again, yeah. Break. Take him to his corner. The champ is really awesome. No one has even lasted five rounds
in his last eight fights. – He’s definitely The Eliminator.
– Watch this, kid. He’s going down this round. You can do it, champ. Let’s fight. Yeah, that’s it. That’s it. It’s over. The winner
in 38 seconds of the fourth round… …and still heavyweight champion
of the world: Eric “The Eliminator” Sloane. Turn around. – Eric, come on over here.
– Champ, come over here. Champ, how come
you don’t use a trainer anymore? I got my kid brother in my corner for
now. He says he’s gonna be a vet. I say he’s gonna be a lawyer
or I’m gonna kick his butt. Now that you’ve beaten
everyone there is to beat, what’s next? Take on the world’s best.
Show them who’s boss. – What about Thailand?
– What about it? I understand kickboxing was invented
there and they’re the best at it. Oh, really?
Kid, book us a flight to Taiwan first. – Bangkok.
– Bangkok, Taiwan, Tokyo. Hey, what’s the difference?
I’m kicking ass wherever I go. See you, kid. Just don’t forget,
you’re fighting their champ next week. – I know. I’m ready, don’t worry.
– Watch your wallet. She doesn’t want my wallet.
She wants to make it with the champ. You sure had it easy with Mom
in Europe. Dad never let up. If I wasn’t the best in every sport
I played, he’d call me a loser. He was always on my case,
but he made me strong. You know, Eric,
Mom, she was a very special lady too. She wanted me to learn
three languages. To take ballet
before I learned karate. I really miss her. I wish they would have been there
to see me win the championship. Well, big brother,
they could never get along. But I’m glad we do. They’d be proud. Yeah. You’re right, kid. Kurt, come on. Damn it, kid. How many times do I have to tell you? You don’t win fights
with that tip-tap shit. Power. Power kicks. Now, take your gloves off
and let’s go hit the pads. Come on. That’s power, kid. Whoa, take it easy. Gotta learn, kid. Come on. – Hi, welcome to Bangkok.
– Thanks. Mr. Sloane, how do you feel
about fighting our champ, Tong Po? Piece of cake. Mr. Sloane.
You think you’re gonna win this time? Where’s the goddamn ice
in this dump? – Go get me some, huh?
– Okay. Hey, how much time we got? About 30 minutes. Eric, you’ve never fought
this style before. It’s so different. Hey, a punch is a punch.
A kick’s a kick. We came to fight. Get me some ice, will you? Let’s go. – Eric.
– Where the hell you been? Give me the ice. Eric, don’t do it. I saw the look in his eyes.
This guy’s crazy. He’s fucking crazy. Good, the crowd will love it.
Just like Rocco in Atlanta. – You don’t understand.
– No, you don’t understand, kid. I’m the best. This is just another chance
for me to prove it. So watch and learn.
It’s all in the legs. In the legs. Legs. This guy was kicking one of these
with his fucking legs. And the plaster was falling down. So what? Can he move like me? No. We got him. Eric, please. Don’t do this one.
I’ve got a bad feeling about this one. – Hey, hey.
– Trust me. – Don’t fight this guy. Trust me.
– Hey, hey. I brought you here to work my corner.
Now, what’s your problem? You’re either with me,
or go the fuck home. Hey. We’re family. Let’s kick some ass. Come on. Okay, let’s go, champ. Eric. No. – Fucking music’s driving me crazy.
– Let’s forget about the music right now. Did you see that?
He caught me with an elbow. That’s the way they fight here.
I told you. The motherfucker wants to street-fight.
I’ll show him. – Let’s cancel.
– No. – Let’s cancel, please.
– No! No! Yeah. Asshole! Asshole! You can’t do that. Jesus Christ, get off of me. You know
you can give Americans a bad rep? He’d just as soon kill you
as look at you, kid. That’s my brother. – Hey, I’m just trying to help you.
– Take us to a hospital. There’s two more fights. Hey, where you going? Hey, where’s the goddamn hospital? Hey, you hear me? Kurt. Don’t move. Taxi. Stop. Hospital. I want to go to a hospital. No, no, no. I wanna- Hospital. Hospital. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Asshole would have probably
taken you to a whorehouse. He looks bad. Let’s move it. It’s cool.
I’ll take him to a good hospital. All right, out, out. Go on, we’ll party
later. Go on, both of you, out. Bitches never get enough
of my stuff. By the way, my name’s Taylor.
Army, Special Forces. Retired, sort of. Hang on, my man. You’re riding
the fastest wheels in Bangkok. Can I see him now? I’m sorry, the doctor says
come back tomorrow. – Tomorrow?
– Yes, we are doing all we can. It’s going to be a long night.
You may as well get some sleep. Sleep? I can’t sleep. – Please try. It’s better for you.
– All right. Better for me. I’m sorry,
there’s nothing more I can do. Your brother is paralyzed. What do you mean, paralyzed? The spinal cord was damaged
around the 1 Oth vertebrae. I’m afraid he can never walk again. You’re going to make him walk again. – You’re going to make him walk again.
– Easy, easy, easy. Yeah, okay. – He’s going to make him walk again.
– Take it easy, take it easy. – Easy, easy, easy.
– He’s going to make him walk again. He’s fortunate even to survive. He’ll be in the hospital for at least
three months before he can be moved. I’m very sorry. I’m very sorry. I’m sorry. I want… I want Tong Po. Forget about it.
I’m not signing your death warrant too. Just tell me where he is. Goddamn it, no.
I don’t want any fucking part of it. Go home. Wait your three months,
and go home where you’re safe. I don’t want your blood on my hands.
I got enough already. He’s going to pay for this.
You hear me? I’ll find him. I don’t need your help. The only way you’ll find him
is inside the ring. And you are not good enough. No matter where, I’ll get him. You don’t understand. You go after him outside the ring
and we’re dead, all of us. He’s too valuable to them. The only way is inside the ring. And like I said,
you ain’t good enough. We’ll see, okay? We’ll see. We’ll see. Excuse me, sir, we have to go. Please, sir. Please. Hello. May I help you? Yes, I want to try Muay Thai. – Oh, really?
– Yes. I want him. I want Tong Po.
I want to fight him. – You?
– Yes. What do you want? You’re really serious
about this Muay Thai shit? – What do you think?
– I think you’re out of your mind. And if I can’t stop you, I might know
somebody who will train you. – Someone?
– Maybe. Who? There’s only one person crazy enough
to put you in a ring with the Tong Po. Name’s Xian. Lives out in the sticks. Will he do it? I don’t have any fucking idea.
That’s your problem. I just know how to find him. – Let’s go.
– And what if he doesn’t take you? – He will. Let’s go. Now.
– Now? Fuck now. We’re going drinking now. I don’t want to drink. If you want me to take you tomorrow,
we go drinking tonight. That’s the deal. Deal. So, what’s it gonna be? The Pink Pussy
or The Kitten Candy Club, huh? I don’t suppose
we can just go back to the hotel? Fuck, no. Hey, relax.
I know a nice mellow place close by. Oh, baby, baby, do it, do it.
Oh, hurt me, hurt me, hurt me. – Come on.
– This is your idea of a mellow place? Oh, yeah.
I don’t go to raunchy clubs anymore. You should see
how she opens a soda bottle. Move that thong, honey. Sit, sit, sit, come on. Bring me my usual.
What do you want to drink? – Just water.
– Bring him a Perrier. I just couldn’t see
no reason to go back. Wasn’t nothing there for me,
so I stayed. I’m better off here,
less of a danger to anybody. Why? What do you do? Guns, grenades, mines,
armored cars, tanks. Whatever I can get my hands on. Don’t worry, you’re safe with me.
I’m a survivor. A high-living, slick-talking,
fast-walking, cool-drinking dude. I just like to enjoy
life’s many good pleasures. Let me tell you about
Tong Po’s boss. Freddy Li,
that’s one bad motherfucker. It’s a different culture here.
A different world. You gotta come to terms with that
or you won’t last a heartbeat. Why are you helping me? I had a buddy in Nam… …like an older brother. He taught me everything. How to survive and come out alive. Well, he needed me once… …and I wasn’t there. I could have saved him. And I froze. Anyway, I saw a kid wanting
to help his brother. Here we are. Thanks. Here we are, my man. Shangri-la
meets Alice in Wonderland. – What is this?
– It’s Xian Land. I’m telling you, man,
he’s weirder than a three-headed cat. – Good luck.
– You’re leaving? Yeah, I got some business up the road.
You’re welcome to come along. – No, I’ll take my chances here.
– All right, I’ll be back in a few hours. And by the way,
don’t you provoke him, you hear? Don’t provoke him? – May I help you?
– Yes. Let me down. – No, I cannot.
– Why? Don’t know who you are,
what you want. I want down. And I want you
to teach me Muay Thai. Really? But you are American. – So?
– Americans have swelled heads. Especially when hanging upside down
for too long. Very funny.
Can you cut me down, please? Heard about American champion
last week. Oh, very swelled head.
Lost badly in fight. That was my brother.
And now he cannot walk. Wait. Wait. Yo, hey, wait. Revenge is a dangerous motive. It’s also a powerful one. Don’t step there. So why you think
I teach you Muay Thai? Taylor. He said you’re the only one
who might train me. Winston Taylor? – You know him?
– Yeah. Funny guy. Crazy. He said the same stuff about you. – You fight before?
– Yeah. You good? Yeah, I’m good. – Good defense?
– Yeah. Must train different in America.
Your defense stinks. Teach me. Don’t know who you are.
Maybe next year. No, I must train now. – Why?
– My brother, remember? Take this path. Go to village.
At Mylee’s store, get groceries. Groceries? Grocery. Rice, flour, honey. – What for?
– For lunch. Catching people in rope
make me hungry. What about training? Never make decision
on empty stomach. Ki Ki. Is this the Mylee store? Yes, I’m Mylee. May I help you? Yeah, I was sent by Mr. Xian
to get his groceries. – Uncle Xian sent you?
– He’s your uncle? Yes, but how do you know him? I asked him to teach me Muay Thai. And Uncle Xian
is going to teach you? My uncle does not teach
anyone anymore. Too many people come before.
Now he prefers to be alone. Let me get his things. Where are you from? I was born in Belgium.
But now I live in Los Angeles. Why you come to Thailand? My brother came here
to fight Tong Po. He got hurt. That’s why I’m here. You’re going to fight Tong Po? Yes, that’s why I went
to see your uncle. Tong Po very mean man. Very dangerous. – He runs this province for Freddy Li.
– What do you mean? We must all pay, or there is trouble. Get the police. Freddy Li pay police not to interfere. Please, you must say nothing. I cannot lose my store. It is all I have. Please, do not interfere. Hey, don’t let these jerks
take your money. – I must pay. It is all right.
– No, it’s not. Hey, give back the money. That was very stupid. What do you mean? – I get in big trouble now.
– But I did it. You didn’t do it. Freddy Li won’t care. And look what you did to my store. What am I supposed to do? – Let them take your money?
– Yes. I’m going to talk
to Uncle Xian about this. You don’t understand. Did you get my things? Yeah, I’ve got everything. Good. Hey, my man, what’s happening? You staying, coming, or what?
What’s the story, huh? You will stay a while.
We have many things to discuss. Taylor. I mean, who wants to stay here
anyway, huh? Listen, I’ll be back in a few days
to pick you up to see Eric. And you’re gonna live to regret this. – Mark my word.
– Not a chance. – Come inside.
– Bye. Change clothes. Breathe. Store here. Breathe out when hit. Breathe in. Protect. If you can do both at the same time,
it’s good. Ready to protect? Guess not. Kurt. This will make run faster. This? How? – He did that?
– Yes. Can you believe it? Good for him. Good? My store was a mess. I worked for days cleaning it up. But Freddy Li’s goons
are also a mess. Something I want to do for you
a long time ago. But if I do, then put you in danger. American can get away with it
so it’s good. Yes, but what if he doesn’t
get away with it? – I worry for him.
– He will learn my way. – You’re late for dinner.
– But I was supposed to get… Look, I’m sorry
if I caused you any trouble. It’s okay. Do you like the food? – Excellent.
– My niece has many talents. Good to help training too. You see. I’m sure. I can’t wait. Eat your food. So our parents divorced when Eric
and I were both in grade school. Mom raised me in Europe,
and Dad raised Eric in America. In some ways, we’re different.
But we’re brothers. And now it’s all the family we’ve got. You are very fortunate. At least, the both of you
had the love of one parent. I never knew mine. My entire family was taken
when I was just an infant. But fate has also provided me
with Uncle Xian… …so I am happy. Uncle Xian, he’s very different. Yes. And very wise. But if you stay with him,
he will make you the best you can be. And you’re going to help? I used to help my Uncle Xian. I’m going to need
all the help I can get. Must you fight him? I have to. You’re so beautiful. I have to go now. What is this? This is Stone City,
where many ancient warriors come. While you train here, listen. Listen to what? Just listen. With your mind,
your heart, your whole being. You must learn to be faster
than any punch or kick. That way, you won’t get hit. Low kick, move legs, okay? Okay. Is that enough? Winner: Palm tree. Tong Po. Kick the tree. That’s it. Take your bag, and leave my house. What? What’s going on? You don’t want training. Hey, you want me to break my leg? Your brother, remember? You want this? What about this? – Ready to protect?
– Yeah. I’m okay. No step there. Good timing. I go make lunch?
Then maybe we take a walk? – What did he say?
– Your training not finished today. After lunch,
he take you to a special place. A special place? – What am I supposed to learn here?
– Learn later. First, relax. Hot. It’s good stuff. What is this? Translated, “kiss of death. ” – You like?
– Oh, yeah, it’s good stuff, man. – You good dancer?
– Dancing? Yeah, American dancing. Disco. Oh, yeah, dancing. I’m good, why? I’d like to see you dance.
Observe your balance. Here? Really? Xian. Xian. Xian? – Brother lose very badly to Tong Po.
– But this brother different. You see how he embarrassed
your young fighters inside? Why not set up fight
with your good fighters? You will not be disappointed. Xian. What happened?
Why those guys try to hurt me? – Did they succeed?
– No. Good. Why did you leave,
and why they were so pissed at me? Because I tell them you say,
they no good fighters. And that their mother
have sex with mules. – You what?
– Oh, make them very angry. Fight hard, good training. And now you drive me in pedicab. Go. He looks pretty mean to me. – And tough.
– Thanks, Taylor. What about Xian?
What does he have to tell me? Roughly translated: “Kick the motherfucker’s ass. ” Yes. Nak Soo Khao. Nak Soo Khao. Nak Soo Khao. Nak Soo Khao. – Nak Soo Khao.
– Nak Soo Khao. Nak Soo Khao. Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao!
Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao!
Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! What are they saying? Nak Soo Khao. “White Warrior. ” Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao!
Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! I want Tong Po. Nak Soo Khao! Give me Tong Po! Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! Hey, Eric. They let you out early? I told them they’d be sorry
if they didn’t. I’d raise hell. Congratulations.
I heard about your fight last night. I wish you were there. They call me “Nak Soo Khao,”
the White Warrior. – Really?
– Yeah. Let’s talk more about that later.
Right now, I’m starved. Got breakfast out here
in the boonies? Are you kidding? The best. – I go make some right now.
– Wait, I’ll help. I ain’t cooked in ages. I’ll make my specialty.
Jungle Survivor Quiche. Come on. – What do you need for that quiche?
– It’s cobra heads. Morning, Xian. I’ll see you inside. Good morning, Eric. Hi. Is Kurt around? He’s training on his own.
Be back later. So, Ki Ki, what do you think?
I’m ready or what? – Yes, thanks. Thanks a lot.
– Kurt. Let’s talk. One day, that dog is going
to believe in me. What’s up? I don’t want you to fight him. – What?
– I don’t want you to fight Tong Po. You know what I’m saying. Eric, he put you
in that wheelchair for life. That’s right. And I don’t want
you in one alongside me. Give it up, let’s go home. I should have listened to you. And now it’s your turn to listen to me. – No, look at me. I can beat him.
– That’s what I thought. I trained Muay Thai with the old man. – It’s different.
– Tong Po is a killer, Kurt. Wake up. He’s not gonna let you
out of that ring alive. Eric, I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m a better fighter than I ever was
before. Than you ever were. I can beat Tong Po. I’ll win that fight for you and me. Kurt. Kurt, come quick. Let’s go. – What’s going on?
– A message from Freddy Li. Why is he dressed like that? He’s wearing the traditional robes
of a messenger… …sent to bring news of a fight,
the ancient way. Ancient way? He says, you will fight the old ways. Hands wrapped in hemp and resin
dipped in broken glass. Bullshit. – Kurt?
– I have to go. Wait a goddamn minute. You’re not
gonna fight that asshole like that. Kurt, listen to me.
I’ll kick your ass all over the place. Kurt, listen to me! Damn. This is Stone City,
where many ancient warriors come. While you train here, listen. Tao Liu. Master warlord,
I come with a good news and request. Speak. I have arranged a fight between
Tong Po and American challenger. He has been trained by Xian Chow. – Xian Chow?
– The American will not win. I promise you. They will fight the ancient way. In the old underground tomb. What is your request? I want to borrow $1 million
to bet on Tong Po. I trust you will not fail me. It’s all being arranged. No, no, no. No. No. No. No. Tong Po. Get him, Ki Ki. Eric, where are you, buddy?
We gotta get going. I got held up on some business, and- – What the hell happened?
– Freddy Li. – You were here?
– No. You think I would have
let them take him if I was? You’ve done it before. Taylor, Ki Ki’s still alive.
Take us to town. To the doctor. Please. I’ll get the van. They want to make sure you not win. You can find him. If you’re smart, do whatever
they tell you or they’ll kill both of you. Come on, Winston. Help me. I ain’t crossing Freddy Li. Okay, go. Be a chickenshit
all your life. Like I said before,
I don’t need your help. – You must help Kurt.
– I’m out of it. Listen to me. Tong Po… Tong Po raped me. But I did not tell Kurt.
His mind must be clear for the fight. So you see… …you must help him find Eric. Tong Po. Tong Po, Tong Po, Tong Po! Tong Po, Tong Po, Tong Po! Tong Po, Tong Po, Tong Po! Seven. – You going to go?
– Maybe. I’ll go in. Xian? Where is he? Hey, you want brother alive? My bro-? Make crowd happy. Let Tong Po punish you
all the rounds. You must last to the end. Or brother die very slowly. You understand, huh? Go on, kill him. I was waiting for you, Winston. – Why so late?
– Sorry I took so long. Traffic was a mess.
There’s a big fight in town. Thanks. Now we’re even. Now Ki Ki even too. You bleed like Mylee. Mylee good fuck. No! Tell me. Tell me the truth. Tell me. Kurt, Kurt- I love you. Nak Soo Khao. Nak Soo Khao. Nak Soo Khao. Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao!
Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! Get him, Kurt. Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! Mylee, cut these ropes. – What?
– Just cut them. Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! – He’s coming.
– Don’t worry. Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! Nak Soo Khao! Yeah. Yeah. Come on, get up. Get him. Yes. Get him. Yeah. Yeah. That’s the way, baby. Yeah. Good fight, my man. Yeah. Thank you.

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  1. Quelle scritte gialle che hai inserito (sottotitoli) oltre ad distrarre, ti impediscono di guardare e goderti realmente il film, il quale non essendo in lingua originale da fastidio.
    Ha un doppiaggio assurdo, in alcune scene e pure fuori sincro, i doppiatori hanno fatto un pessimo lavoro, cmq e sempre un bellissimo film.

  2. film completo italiano????????? FILM COMPLETO ITALIANO?????????????????? mmm, chiedo scusa ma chi c…..o ha scritto questa frase????????????????????????? il film kickboxer il nuovo guerriero non è in italiano, non è affatto in italiano.

  3. Kickboxer – Il nuovo guerriero

    Kickboxers – Vendetta personale

    Kickboxer 2 – Vendetta per un angelo

    Kickboxer 3 – Mani di pietra

    Kickboxer 4 – L’aggressore

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