Kickboxer 2 – Karatazos y Balazos #PHK

Did you know that kick boxer has a sequel? What is kick boxer? Kick boxer, the movie where Jean-Clade Van Damme Takes revenge after a Thai breaks his brother’s back Who is Jean Claude Katan(???) Mothe***cker Kickboxer 2 it’s a 1999 movie written by David S. Goyer That’s right! The one that wrote Nick Fury Staring by Dave Hasselholff and directed by Albert Pyun That he didn’t do anything else David is the youngest brother from the Sloane family The other brothers were Kurt and Eric Nobody remembers him because he was temporary adopted by Lambert family David has a gym where he bullies and trains kids who practice kick boxing Meanwhile his training this kids the villain movie’s visits him He tells him If he wants to participate in the American association of kick boxing He declines. Starts to check the accounts and he realizes that the kids don’t pay to much or technically don’t pay anything at all Has to save money to pay all the debts We don’t know where those debts come from, but we know he has them Then, David fights Wins the fight and is been interviewed by the media When he talks to the media he says That the association is evil and the shouldn’t trust on them Then the association gets angry and hires Xian Chow as an adviser What does Xian Chow thinks To try to convince David That the association isn’t bad Shot him in his leg and burn his gym Because obviously If I get offended That’s what I would do Go to the gym, shot someone in the leg and burn the place with the kid included Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you, David Adopted a child and this kid teaches him about friendship and all this crap The point is, the gym is burned David is depressed He can’t go out of it, not even with a power balad Then, what is the solution? Xian! What is a Xian? Really, this relationship ain’t going to work If you don’t watch more movies. Anyway… What does Xian do? Take off his depression Punches him and obligates him to do a montage After this montage, David can almost go out of his depression but what is happening? The oldest David’s students joins to the association David tries to convince him to not to, but he wants money And he decides to keep fighting He make a progress after each fighting until he needs to fight agains the champion and the night that he’s going to fight agains the champion They changed the fighter and put Tong Po Ok, if you didn’t know who was Xian, then you don’t even know who is Tong Po Tong Po is the villain from the first movie And breaks Eric’s back and then Curt takes revenge That’s the synopsis from the first movie, I ain’t going to explain it again! What happened? Tong Po kills David’s student But that’s not just the problem We realized that Xian was hired to come back to the US and convince David to return to fight So, imagine that the person who obligates you to do a montage and punches you to take you off the depression… betrays you That’s the worst thing than can happen to you, do you all agree? I think, if you are a kick boxer, that’s one of the worst things that can happen to you. Anyway… So, this makes David angry and decides to fight against Tong Po But he’s very angry and happens something very dramatic sadly, Tong Po defeats David Nah, that’s not true. David kick his ass But what really happens is that Tong Po shoots David… Nah, that didn’t happen either. What really happens is that David dodges the bullet and takes him off the gun Like, obviously would happen. Punches him Sends him off of the quadrilateral and Tong Po is defeated. David rebuilds his gym and becomes best friend of Xian Something interesting about this movie is a sequel that nobody wanted to watch… not only this one, the other 3 too. But, we are going to talk about them later.

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