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KICKBOXER RETALIATION Official Trailer # 2 (2018) Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mike Tyson, Action Movie HD

KICKBOXER RETALIATION Official Trailer # 2 (2018) Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mike Tyson, Action Movie HD

Ladies and gentlemen! The one, the only, Kurt Sloane! Welcome back. It is time for you to defend your title. In another fight to the death. Or you’ll spend the rest of your life in prison. Meet Mongkut. Superior human specimen. Bigger… Stronger than any human being on the planet. Never again. We have to find a way to match this up. They kidnapped your wife. You have to start to train. The strongest man doesn’t always win. But the smartest one does. Your strengths against his weakness. What’s his weakness?
– That’s a good question. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Bring it. You interrupted my meditation. Really? Does that help you stay calm? I guess not.

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100 thoughts on “KICKBOXER RETALIATION Official Trailer # 2 (2018) Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mike Tyson, Action Movie HD

  1. no offense… woulldnt it be better off with Tony Ja in the kickboxer movie?? Tony Ja has more genuine and stylish kickboxer in any other actor.

  2. Scott Adkins should have done these kickboxer reboots. And I liked Batista in the 1st one.. idk.. maybe they should have got Brock lesnar for this one lol.

  3. Just saw it , this movie is a joke ….seriously I'm fan of JCVD and tyson and the original kickboxer ,but this senario have no sense … The first movie remake wasn't that bad ,they must remake "bloodsport" now…

  4. However strong and big a man, his weakness are still the same. The groin area, neck where the voice box are, temples, eyes…  Israeli soldiers are train to gouge out people's eyes, tear out their voice box at the throat area etc etc…

  5. The first movie of kickboxer in 1989 was very good movie with a intresting plot but the last 2 kickboxer movies is just so bad, so sad

  6. as long as they don't take out the 80s and late 90s lameness that was van damn movies back then ill watch it 15 times sober 60 drunk

  7. While I'm happy with another Kickboxer movie, what about a Bloodsport remake? I'd love to see an old Bolo Yeung as a mentor in the new Bloodsport or even his son David as the new Chong Li

  8. This is a bad movie, putting top class people doesn't make it any good. Who would kidnap someone and pay them, like really? wtf lol. Through out it was a one person part, like no one was talking or do some action until someone finishes, like they were using one camera

  9. This movie was Horrible. the beginning didn't make any since what's so ever… WOW. Can't believe they were doing the tango with KUNG-FU sound effects.. HAha.. And the dancing and acting was terrible.. I will never have little kids pick a movie to watch ever again…

  10. Movie just made a total gross of only 4000 $ 😂….
    I suppose to feel sorry for the film makers but i cant stop laughing…😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣…

  11. As a guilt pleasure this actually looks pretty entertaining…..bad but good at the same time.

  12. Even if the acting is a bit bad it needs good fights scenes to still make me interested. It does jump around from scene to scene which is frustrating

  13. What kind of a movie is this?? What a complete joke… I just laughed my ass off at every screen play.. complete shit show of a movie.. how is this in Netflix is beyond me

  14. Worst things about this movie

    1. It's sopose to be a kickboxer remake, yet there's Sword fighting

    2. Though Hafthor Bjornsson did a great job playing the villain, mongkut was nothing more than pure brute strength, no martial arts what so ever

  15. Is Van Damme blind or not in these films? He keeps saying it and so do others, but then moves like he can see. Confusing af. Fights are cool.

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