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Kickboxing 1-2 Combinations : Kickboxing 1-2 Combo: Punch & Lead Front Kick

Kickboxing 1-2 Combinations : Kickboxing 1-2 Combo: Punch & Lead Front Kick

Hello I’m Sifu Mallon with the Clearwater
Kung Fu Center. This is my assistant Melissa and this is Kickboxing. We’re working on combinations.
The combination that we’re going to start with is 1, 2 Punch, Lead Front Kick. So 1,
2 Punch is if my left foot is in front, I’m going to throw a left jab, right reverse punch.
As my right hand comes up, my right foot follows up, I sink, putting my guard up, lift the
knee and throw the foot out on a front kick. I’ll demonstrate it for you at normal speed
going this once this way and once this way, so you can see left and right side. So I start
from my fighting stance. And now as once I feel the technique and I’m good at, I want
to do it’s called “exploding into your moves”, right. So from here I’m going to explode into
the punches. Now as this hand comes back, my rear foot comes up, front kick, land. Turning
this way, same thing, one normal fast pace, go. Okay, I’ll have Melissa come forward and
demonstrate it for you. So she starts in a fighting stance, looking off to the left.
Okay, now first punch is going to be our jab punch. So she throws her off jab. Now left
jab, you want to line the left jab up, so that if my foot is here, I want the jab to
be inside the foot. Okay. Now, she fires a reverse punch. Okay. Now reverse punch is
thrown, elbows slightly bent and the rear hand coming up to side of the face. Back foot
comes up as this hand pulls in. Good. Throw the front kick, land. Face the other way,
same thing. Jab right hand, good. Now my foot is here, the hand is little bit in, that’s
it. Now fire the reverse punch. Good. Now, hand position is good, good, elbows slightly
bent, thats’ what we want. Bring the hand in, bring the foot up, throw the kick, land.
Good job. This is how we throw a 1, 2 Punch, Lead Front Kick, Kickboxing Combination.

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