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Kickboxing 1-2 Combinations : Kickboxing 1-2 Combo: Punch & Rear Knee

Kickboxing 1-2 Combinations : Kickboxing 1-2 Combo: Punch & Rear Knee

Hello I’m Shefu Mallon with the Clearwater
Kung Fu Center and this is my assistant, Melissa and this is kick boxing. The kick boxing technique
that we are working is a combination punch using your lead straight, reverse punch and
using your rear knee strike. Now I’ll talk you through it, I’ll demonstrate it and then
I’ll have Melissa show you so I can point out some of the finer points. The hand position,
I will just switch them up a little bit for you right now and I’ll start from the low
guard position. Now I’m going to fire my left jab, right reverse punch. I’ll go 1, 2. Now
my rear hand pulls in this way and my shoulder goes back and my rear knee thrusts forward,
knee strike, land. I’ll go this way so you can see and I’ll go at normal speed so from
here I start from the low guard and I fire my jab in reverse, one, two now the hand comes
up, knee lifts, knee, land. Going this way so you can see. I start from here I fire the
one, two from the low guard position, one, two, knee. Melissa let’s step forward and
we’ll go through it slow for everybody. So she is in her fighting stance and the body
is loose. Now Melissa is in regular high guard, high guard, low guard, mid guard, cross guard
it doesn’t matter. She fires her jab one, reverse two, now this hand comes in, your
rear knee lifts as you push your hip forward, throw the knee strike Melissa, land. Good
same thing going the opposite way. She fires her jab, reverse now back hand pulls in, back
knee, lift, knee, good. Now there is another way of doing this. You can stay stationary
with it so that means you can fire a one, two boom and land. You can also do a small
skip with the action, so that means I fire one, two, boom and I throw the knee kind of
hopping forward. Either way is fine. This is how you perform one, two punch, rear knee,
kick boxing combination.

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