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Kickboxing Exercises : Kickboxing: safety

Kickboxing Exercises : Kickboxing: safety

Hi this is Tristan and Carmalit at the Austin
Martial Arts Academy. We’re online at Alright, we’re going to be putting it all
together now the boxing, punching techniques – the jab, the cross the hook and the uppercut.
She’s got some boxing gloves on, now we’re going to just take these off for a second
and show you the importance of holding your wrist in the right way. If you have a bag
or are going to a gym with a bag you’ve got to be real careful throwing your punches.
If you punch and buckle your wrist, stretch out all the tendons in your hand it doesn’t
feel good especially on hook punches. It’s got to stay aligned. You’ll see boxers wrap
their hands with wrist wraps. It’s not a bad idea to go down to Academy or somewhere
or get online or get yourself some wrist wraps if you’ve got weak wrists or are new to
this. There’s usually instructions in there on how to put them on. However, if you’re
got strong wrists or you feel that you’ll be ok with this, get yourself a good pair
of boxing gloves if you’re going to work on a bag. If you’re going to work on a leather
bag it has a tendency to chaff the skin on your knuckles and you’ll end up with bloody
hands. So boxing gloves are a must.

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