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Kickboxing Exercises : Kickboxing technique: defense

Kickboxing Exercises : Kickboxing technique: defense

Hi this is Tristan and Carmalit at the Austin
Martial Arts Academy. We’re online at We’re going to show you some defensive tactics.
When someone is boxing, we’re not trying to teach you boxing here today, but we do
want to show you that it’s not all about you throwing punches you’ve got to get a
good work out by moving as well. So I were punching at Carmalit she’s going to move
out of the way of the punch, she goes underneath the punches, she can move backwards so I can’t
get her and she can block. That’s a cover. She covers her head so I can’t hit her.
She covers her ribs. Notice how the elbows are in tight. We were talking about that earlier.
So you don’t get hit. If the punch comes straight in she can move away. So I’m going
to put the focus mitts on and I’m going to throw some punches at Carmalit and she’s
just going to move away and not get hit. I’m going to slow it down a little bit for you,
here’s a cover, there’s a bob and a weave, that’s a bob and a weave, here’s a cover,
here’s a low cover, here’s a parry, knocking the punches away, here’s an elbow parry
with a punch coming in at your belly, here’s a cover on the other side, here’s a low
cover, here’s a bob and a weave, and here’s getting out of a dodge. Get a work out –
try to hit your partner and have fun but don’t hurt them.

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