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Kickboxing Germany Erlangen MEGASTRIKE 2017

Kickboxing Germany Erlangen MEGASTRIKE 2017

“Fighting Distance – we go forward” – away .. and again forward!” and then attack!” I was asked about Kickboxing i was there at the beginning (in Germany) the real beginning in Germany it started in America Hello Karate Tube Friends today i take part in a Kickboxing lesson i am right now in the City Erlangen (in Bavaria) the training starts at 18:30 h at a thursday evening at the “SPIELVEREINIGUNG” Erlangen in charge is Roland Brodkorb a KICKBOXING LEGEND here in Germany where is the Gymnastic hall? Where the training takes place? back there —- the white building! And then into the cellar! Hello – where is the gymnastic hall? maybe downstairs …?! where is the entree? The value is neutral its not Newton/ Quadratcentimeter It’s just a comparative … hit precisely the middle 95 are offered from the yougster “not only the arm, you need to push the whole body in …!” please shut the car door, because i am sitting beside the driver in the front The restaurant is on the right now, but we have to go one time in the circle … yes, i know this area, the Roethelheim area sometimes i visit the japanese restaurant Hiroo Sakao … this was the training with Roland and his team in Erlangen and now we are at an italien Restaurant Fantastic ambience

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