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Kickboxing Kick Combos : Kickboxing Combos: Side Kick, Spinning Side Kick

Kickboxing Kick Combos : Kickboxing Combos: Side Kick, Spinning Side Kick

Hello I’m Sifu Mallon with the Clearwater
Kung Fu Center. This is my assistant Melissa and this is Kickboxing. Okay, we’re working
on kick combinations. This next kick combination is using sidekick spin sidekick. So we’re
doing lead sidekick, follow up spin sidekick. I’ll demonstrate it for you slow then, I’ll
do with the pad a few times. To start just slide up and slide up, put the weight here,
lift the leg, throw the sidekick. Land, as this foot lands, it turns down heel pointing.
I twist the body, look, there’s the right leg, uhhmm, fire the sidekick. Reset myself.
“Alright Melissa come forward”. Good. Holding the pad, left hand, right hand through the
bottom open. Left hand on top close, pull into the body. This bottom hand should be
open against your belly. Top hand inch front by the shoulder. Okay. Then the body forward
slightly, Melissa, rounding up your pelvis. Okay. Now as you’re getting kick, you’re impacting
when someone’s kicking you. You don’t want to stand there like a solid board. So when
you get kicked, you want to kind of move with the idea a little bit, kind of absorbing the
technique and you want to exhale short, a little burst. Okay, so as I’m here, I slide
up and I throw the sidekick, lead sidekick, one. She moves with it, that’s exactly what
we want. I turn the foot, landing ball, push the heel down, look, size where my target
is as in fire the right sidekick, boom. Okay, again, a little bit quicker for you. Now,
my goal as a kicker, right, is I’m working to drill and I’m learning, it’s not to kick
as hard as I can. A lot of times people kick and they put all their tension on their kicks,
where, uhh, okay, and it makes a noise and it makes them feel good, but there’s no power
in the technique. You want to have your body or legs loose, okay. The, loose as you kick,
the only time is you tighten your leg is on impact. Boom. Put the foot down, she moves,
I twist, look, boom, fire too. Okay. This is Sidekick, Spin Sidekick, Kickboxing combination.

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16 thoughts on “Kickboxing Kick Combos : Kickboxing Combos: Side Kick, Spinning Side Kick

  1. Obviously, no one does this at this speed. If this is done fast, we can't even react when he turns his back. Sometimes the spinning side kick is done while jumping.
    This is not difficult to do, but it's hard to land this combination on your opponent effectively.

  2. Its AMAZING that .. even though its ridiculously off statistically … every single person on youtube has some sort of black belt and would do better than EVERY coach in EVERY video … but for some weeeeeeiiiiiird reason ….. very few load their OWN videos .. *just a thought*

  3. I'm putting down the video or anything but does anybody else notice the something in the corner at 0:00 ? 0:07 OH GEEZ! you scared me…That was a very ninja like walk…

  4. i looked for this combination today as i was practicing home alone some ideas i wanted to work on. what i had in mind was a side kick feint to close the distance, perhaps make him think about the body/legs and then throw a fast spin kick to body/head… is that a good idea?

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