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Kickboxing Martial Arts Lessons : Hook Punch in Kickboxing

Kickboxing Martial Arts Lessons : Hook Punch in Kickboxing

Hi, my name is Katie Bowers and you are watching
Expert Village. Today we are actually doing some kick boxing moves. These next moves that
I am going to show you are going to be hooks, hook punches. So I get my guard up, like we
talked about, one phone and the other one side and one on the other, one side and the
other. And you want to go ahead and make your fists. Hooks tend to be a very dramatic looking
punch, I see this with my students a lot and it looks like they are trying to fly out of
here because the elbows start going up like this. But you do not need to make it so big.
In fact, it is actually better if it is smaller. So in this hook I am almost just barely lifting
it. I am using that shoulder like we do with the shoulder warm up and that elbow just kind
of goes with it. So that shoulder lifts up and the elbows come with it. And you have
to imagine yourself about shoulder width a part that is about as far as a distance as
you want when you actually do your hook. So I kind of put my hand up here almost as an
imaginary wall for myself to know that I cannot go any further than that. You do not want
to go past that. Keep it nice and small and always remember to breath. Tighten your abs,
squeezes your glutes. And do that for thirty-two counts.

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8 thoughts on “Kickboxing Martial Arts Lessons : Hook Punch in Kickboxing

  1. Not a great tutorial. The guard's bad and there's no use of the hips. There are better videos on youtube.

  2. Students?! Who gives away there action? She throws her arm up then hooks. It should come all from one motion. Her gaurd is not up it is open.

  3. Actually her body does not turn appropriately. You can tell she is a personal trainer and not a kickboxer.

  4. Oh my god!! Worst boxing form I ever seen. Dont flare your arms out like that. A good hook goes straight forward and then comes around in the last second. Learn to do it right before you do videos about it!

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